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Since i upgraded to Lion, I am experiencing bluetooth problems[ jittary audio] after a while of using ( 10-15 minutes)

First i thought it was the NOKIA head set, so i changed it to Sony Ericsson.

Same problem.

Then I changed to Jaybird bluetooth headset..  Same issue.


Has anyone else reported this problem?

Is there a solution?

  • artfromeast longmeadow Level 1 (0 points)

    Same situation here....I have bad audio out/audio in with a Jawbone Icon and also a LG HB210 on a 2007 iMac and a MBP 2010...spoke with Apple and they said they had not heard of any issues. Previously both machines on S/L had no BT issues.


    Also...even when I give up and no BT device is connected a nagging message repeatedly pops up saying "A Bluetooth audio error occurred. There was an error connecting to your audio device. Make sure it is turned on and with in range. The audio portion of the program you were using may have to be restarted.


    I have yet to find out how to stop this message from occurring.


    I hope that they address this in 10.7.1 as I'm not enamoured of my USB Headset.

  • R. R. Andrew Level 1 (20 points)

    Similar problem here.

    Not jittery though - just no sound or functionality of the microphone.


    Here is a thread with a couple of others that have had similar problems.


    I have also experienced the bluetooth audio error message...







  • BillF Level 3 (645 points)



    I think I found a fix. I went and deselected the choice of having the bluetooth device wake the computer up. I also have the choice about rejecting audio devices deselected.


    I then turned on bluetooth, went to add a device, then turned on the bluetooth device (JamBox speaker unit) and it connected and reconnected without incident and no garbled sound. I did select the choice in the bluetooth menu to use the JamBox as an audio device.


    In the sound control panel, stereo was selected automatically.


    Good luck!

  • KQJF Level 1 (0 points)

    I have plantronics voyager 510.  I follow BillF's method my bluetooth device. It DOES NOT WORK in my case.  I still get error message. Bad Luck!

    I have dual boot for 10.6. Bluetooth works perfect there. But not for LION.

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    Maybe not the exact same problem, but I fixed my Jambox problem by doing this :

    - Turn off WIFI

    - Connect Jambox

    - Turn on WIFI


    Before doing that I had been struggeling for 2 weeks to get the jambox to connect correctly. I was getting bluetooth errors on connect and/or really bad sound with skipping each 2 seconds). Now it works great.

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    Been having the same connection issues with JamBox to MacBook running Lion. Both jittery audio and dropped connection. I tried the "turn off WiFi then connect bluetooth" which seemed to work until a system sound would go off (like new mail) and then the connection would drop and not reconnect (divice error message). I went to Sound Preferences and changed the Sound Effects to use Internal Speakers and so far... all is ok. Good luck.


    Needless to say I hae to think the issues is on Apple at this point.

  • somewhereinasia Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Atchoooo, this was an easy solution and worked for me.