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I've got iWork and MS Office installed. Two accounts on my machine. When logged in to one account, LaunchPad does not show any of the MS Office apps and when logged in to the other account, none of the iWork applications are seen. What gives? How can I fix this mess, if at all possible?

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    Hmm... so according to the article, the only way to have an application seen in LaunchPad (short of an AppStore purchase) is to move it to the /Applications directory at the top level, since it knows nothing of sub-directories. Wow, I expected something less kludgy from Apple, specially given that many widely sold applications (MS Office, Adobe etc) routinely install software in locations other than the top level /Applications directory.


    That still doesn't explain the weirdness with iWork. I can see it's sitting inside a sub-directory under /Applications/iWork '09/. I installed it through the DVD I got, not through AppStore, ergo, LaunchPad should not pick it up. Still, it shows up in LaunchPad. Uh...?

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    Just drag the app on top of launchpad in the dock

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    Just in case I am not the only idiot using Launchpad, make sure you check if there's a second page with your apps on it.


    For some reason, all my MS Office apps showed up on the second page, despite the first page not being full. It works just like iOS, click and swipe to switch pages and to move an app between pages, click and hold on an app until the apps start to jiggle, then drag the app to where you want it.

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    Turns out, you are not the only idiot who missed this. I did too. Thanks for your post. In my case, EyeTV software was on the second Launchpad screen even though the first one was not full. I don't have an iPhone, so maybe my ignorance of the iOS way of doing things contributed to by confusion (as a life-long Apple/Mac user, I look at that last sentence and notice it sounds a little like an abused wife taking the blame for the abuse she suffers; oh well).

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    Doesn't work for me. I understand that there are only 2 ways to get apps to show in Launchpad. The first is to obtain them from the AppStore and when downloaded they will automatically be added to Launchpad. The 2nd is to ensure that apps not bought from the AppStore are in the Applications folder and Launchpad will recognise them and they will appear in Launchpad.

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    - Launch the launchepad and fill at the top of the launchpad screen and type the name of the app you want to insert.

    - If app in the program map then it will show

    - Select the app and drag it to the desired place in the launchpad screen.


    Good luck

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    Neither way of adding an app to the Launchpad are working for me. I've a beta program that I'm testing and every version has loaded automatically until the most recent one.

    I added the program to the application folder it doesn't appear on any of the pages of the launchpad program.

    I dragged the program onto the Launchpad icon in the dock and launchpad just moves out of it's way!

    Type the apps name into launchpad and it doesn't see it.

    I've got a feeling it's a bug with 10.9.2 but don't know for sure.