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  • MarekBukal Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm totally agree with the opening this topic. MC is useless for advanced user if you need more than 4 virtual desktop. On SL with MacBook Air 11" no problem with 16 desktop, everything is perfectly clear and easy to use. Try it with MC :-) No way ! Like a road to ****. Sorry Lion i need back to SL.

  • Oliver Drummond Level 1 (0 points)

    Could not agree more with the first post! I really dislike "Mission Control". Expose + Spaces used to work a LOT better than that!

  • Nkit Level 1 (0 points)

    i never used spaces much but i am really missin' good old expose of SL. At least Apple should bring back the control of minimized windows in MC. I use my MBP for personal use so i never have tens of windows opened.

  • Starsk Level 1 (0 points)

    Exposé is a key to my workflow on Mac OS X.

    Please Apple bring back the good old Exposé or at least give us the option for it  in Mission Crontrol ! Meanwhile i stay on Snow Leopard

  • CT Level 6 (17,535 points)

    So sorry - I will change it back immediately!





  • woodmeister50 Level 5 (5,170 points)

    LOL CT!!!!


    No wait!!!!  Bring back all the features of OSX10.5.

    I loved them so much!!!


    No wait!!!!  Better still, bring back all the features of

    OS9.  I loved them so much!!!


    No wait!!!  Even better...................


    Bottom line, if you don't like Lion just because of features,

    go back to Snow Leopard.  JUST DO IT!!!!

  • Starsk Level 1 (0 points)

    We are ...

  • casarboleda Level 1 (0 points)

    Mission Impossible is the worst idea from Apple , I used all 9 of my Spaces, each ordered with it's windows, now it's impossible to Work decently on Lion.  Windows are too small, they appear over each other...Its an huge iPad menu and  It completely suckssss!!!   I never expected such an stupid decision by Apple and I expect them to give us an option to use old spaces back, just like old mail has an option.   God **** I'm ******.

  • Nioh Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe apple programmers should maintain mission control as it is but add another feature to expose all the opened windows of the same program when the mouse cursor is over it.

  • Stefanos Folias Level 2 (165 points)



    while you may have disliked spaces, two of its greatest features were allowing you to see a full screen grid view of the desktops (and what is on each space) and to give you a very efficient way of navigating the desktops using the grid view or using keystroke bindings. 


    (hyperspaces further improved  on this by allowing different types of movement with keystroke bindings, e.g. staying within one row or column and wrapping around rather than ONLY moving linearly through all the spaces --- notto mention getting rid of the absurdly limited keystroke choices applere stricts you to use in spaces).


    the grid structure allowed for organization of desktops along rows or columns which was helpful especially for those who form a mental spatial map of the location of the desktops in the grid with what is in that space.  (i only wish they allowed for more choices in row length or column height than a max of 4x4.)


    one thing mission control has done is eliminate the grid view of the desktops. i cannot fathom how apple thought 10-16 tiny desktops alinged in a straight line would be anything but a step backwards for people who use 10+ desktops. (yes, i use 16 desktops regularly.) 


    in spaces' grid view, the desktop images were large enough that you could easily see what is contained in each desktop. conversely, in mission control 16 tiny desktops aligned along the top of the screen  is nearly unusuable compared with spaces if you're trying to discern between similar looking windows on related desktops.


    i think mission control is a great idea and i imagine i would use it in a selective way, but it seems to me apple made a massive mistake in not making an effort to allow aspects of spaces to coexist with mission control--or,  to keep with innovation, incorporated spaces into mission control and allowed for different modes of operation which could be toggled with little buttons, e.g., in the finder window.


    it's interesting to me that apple jumped in late in the virtual desktops game with spaces (disrupting the existing virtual desktops third party software for OS X) only to be fickle and move on and leave behind the folks  who like what apple developed and use regularly for work or professional use. 


    i'm all for apple's wonderful innovation, but they seem to be neglecting some of their userbase as they innovate. 

  • MarekBukal Level 1 (0 points)

    I sign !!! with no comment !!!

  • stefano67 Level 1 (10 points)

    totally agree. MC is missing control

  • KickinCali Level 1 (0 points)

    And I thought it was just me! I tried not to be change averse and be open to something new, yet Mission Control is most definitely a step backward not forward innovation. I was so productive and efficient using spaces. I would also like to know why they reversed the scroll direction in Lion. I have to stop and think which way to run my fingers on the scroll pad each time now. Muscle memory is hard to break. I hope Apple support monitors this blog to see how dissatisfied we loyal users are with MC. Please bring back spaces!!!!

  • bitpuddle Level 1 (5 points)

    Funny -- I prefer Mission Control.  I find it cleaner and far less messy.  Particularly when using a multitouch device (MacBook Air / magic Trackpad).

  • scravy Level 1 (0 points)

    The fact that expose is missing and replaces by app expose makes my work at the mac much harder. I used to use a certain space for a certain task, but apps like safari or a text editor are part of many tasks. So now a window from another task creeps into my workflow.


    Expose which is now integrated into mission control on the other hand makes it harder to pick a certain window, especially across spaces. I no longer can dran and drop a window from one space to another (just from the currently active space to the spaces displayed above). The fact that the background is also shown makes much visual noise which again makes it harder to distinguish windows in the far too little thumbnails.


    PLEASE bring back spaces and expose as an option in mission control. I even tried to install SL on my new mac mini, unfortunately the thunderbolt drivers do not get my multiscreen setup right. (although multiscreen with Lion is also a night mare, especially since fullscreen apps are totally useless there ^^).



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