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Is there any way to migrate Wiki Server data from Leopard Server (i.e. 10.5 not 10.6) to Lion Server without upgrading to Snow Leopard first. I'm happy to set up everything else afresh but I've migrated wiki data before and it was a nightmare.


The situation we'll soon be in is needing to migrate wiki data on a PowerPC mac running Leopard Server to a new Power Mac pre-installed with Lion Server.

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    From: http://images.apple.com/macosx/server/docs/Upgrading_and_Migrating_v10.7.pdf


    Need to set up Lion Server first, then:


    Copy the wiki data located in /Library/Collaboration/ by default or in the location specified in Server Admin on the v10.5.8 or later server to a local volume Lion Server can access.


    Use the following steps to manually migrate your Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later server’s Wiki data to Lion Server.


    If you are migrating a v10.5.8 wiki server’s data, make sure Lion Server is bound to the same Open Directory master as the v10.5.8 server, so the ACLs for wikis can convert. If not, wikis are only readable or writeable by admins, and ACLs must be reset.

    To migrate wiki data:


    1 Start Wiki service in the Server app.

    2 Enter the following command.


    sudo wikiadmin migrate -r /path/to/collaboration/folder

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    Just to be awkward, we need to migrate our 10.5.8 wiki accounts and content over to a new Mountain Lion server with a different Open Directory master...


    Sure enough, everything copies over OK but the wikis are only readable and writeable by accounts with admin privileges.


    How do we reset the ACLs ?