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When Lion became available I downloaded it immediately. I also extracted the install DMG and burnt it to a DVD and a bootable USB stick (thank God).


I have a new iMac 2.5GHz i5 base model (500GB HD 4GB RAM) and I was using Snow Leopard and my Mac shutdown quickly, booted up quickly, and I never had any glitches in the GUI. After upgrading to Lion my system took forever to bootup and shutdown. Even if I don't tick the box to "Reopen windows when logging back in". Sometimes it takes 2-3 minutes to boot, and 1-2 minutes to shutdown. I timed SL 10.6.8 before upgrading and bootup was about 40 seconds and shutdown was about 5 seconds to instant.


Also, after Lion was installed, all the page swipes in Safari and from full screen apps was extremely glitchy and sluggish. Sometimes the screen would get stuck between the apps or an app and desktop. Sometimes the iMac would just plain freeze with the beachball of death. So I thought I had something leftover from SL that was fudging my system. So I booted from the USB install image I made, re-partitioned the HD and reformatted it (I re-partitioned to get rid of the hidden recovery partition and the bootcamp partition). Then I re-installed Lion as a fresh copy. I re-installed all my apps but didn't use bootcamp or any VMs yet.


Now after a clean install, my GUI is no longer glitchy or sluggish. Transitions between fullscreen apps and the desktop is smooth. However, my shutdown and startup issues still remain (and are a little worse). If I tell the computer to shutdown, no matter I click "reopen windows" or uncheck "reopen" windows, it can take 1-2 minutes to shutdown. Also, after being off all night, when I boot my computer, sometimes it will come to the login screen and ask for my password (but I have set it up for automatic login and not to prompt for password on screensaver or wakeup also). I also did not encrypt my drive. So I cannot figure out why it asks me to login. After I give it my password and sign in, the menu bar is not translucent and the airport does not function. Then I must restart Lion and everything is okay again (except it takes 2-3 minutes to reboot again).


I already tried repairing permissions, I downloaded the beta for the latest Onyx last night and cleared out all the caches and told it to verify and rebuild all the scripts. Only about 10 things were repaired in the permissions list. The disk passed verification, and I am not getting any mysterious messages in console. So what is going on with booting and sometimes requiring me to login with a password and booting into a system with messed up menus and non functional airport? I don't want to start my iMac, login, and then restart every time I want to use it.


I have been working with Macs since OS 8 and I have currently have 2 PPC Macs running 10.5.8, and 2 Intel Macs (one is still on 10.6.8 until I solve this Lion problem). I have even played with hackintoshes on my netbooks and in VMware before. I am pretty versed in OS X, but I am at a loss to figure out what is going on with Lion. I don't see any unusual messages in the console or any error messages. When on the phone with Apple care they insist the shutdown issue is not a problem. But the startup concerns me most, since it asks me to login, the I must restart anyways to get it back. It acts like a Windows sytem waking up from hibernation and not loading all the proper drivers.


Sorry for the long post, just wanted to be concise about the issue. Anyone have any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), Mid 2011 Base Model 2.5GHz 4GB RAM
  • atgrazi Level 1 (45 points)



    Am I the only one with this long shutdown and strange statup issue?

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    I think most of people who used upgrade option have encountered slow/freeze during shutdown.  I tired to do a clean install but download froze.  So no luck so far.  The best way is to wait for apple to release patches...

  • atgrazi Level 1 (45 points)

    Well, I re-downloaded it and did a fresh install again. Everything was working fine except startup and shutdown still. I turned my iMac off last night at about 11pm. I turned it on today at lunchtime and it took about 5 minutes to come on, asked for my password, then the menu bar was not clear and the airport was not functioning. The mouse tracking was also very slow. Restarted then everything is working again. This is making me crazy. I might go back to Snow Leopard. Seems Lion was only made for the new Macbook Air and Mini. All the 2011 iMacs and Macbook Pros seemed to be messed up like mine.




    Please note my Mac is set to auto login, and also not require a password on wakeup. So it should technically never ask me for my password on startup.

  • atgrazi Level 1 (45 points)

    Well, just an update. I installed Lion on another iMac 2011 model, same problems... so it is not a hardware issue... definately a software issue. Seems I am the only person reporting the startup with password and crashing problem....


    I called Apple Care again today and they keep insisting the slow startup and shut down are somehow a feature and not a problem. They just tell me to repair permissions, reset the PRAM, blah blah, then same thing. They didn't directly say this, but it was implied that Macs with SSDs don't have this problem... because they said it has to do with caching the system to disk so apps can open faster on launch. They also tried to tell me perhaps my system is still indexing. Then they told me perhaps launchpad was still updating and still looking for installed apps.


    Either way, they just kept arguing that the slow startup and shutdown are some kind of caching feature and the random password issue is some kind of security feature. They told me just to be patient and keep an eye out for future updates to improve the speeds. Basically this is some kind of bug and I should just sit around and wait for 10.7.1 or something I guess.


    Seems like it's time to go back to Snow Leopard until they get the first patches out! 2-3 minutes to boot and 1-2 minute to shut down is not a feature to me!

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    I've been having some glitchy issues with the start up and shut down on my Macbook Pro since installing Lion.  Twice, I've shut down the computer only to come back to it and find out it was stuck in shut down mode and hot.  I had to force the shut down by holding down the power button.  My entire system was incredibly slow as well, but that seems to have improved.  I did a search for "Macbook failing to shut down properly since Lion install" and came up with your post.  There seems to be some clear issues with Lion, hopefully Apple will fix it soon.

  • atgrazi Level 1 (45 points)

    The funniest part of the whole situation, Apple Care explained it to me as some kind of feature. The told me how to adjust the time when my computer sleeps and recommend I don't shut it down, let it sleep and "instant wake". I would bet if you called them about your Macbook, they would suggest you just close the lid and let it sleep rather than shutting it down.


    Basically shutdown and restart have a problem and the solution is to not shutdown is how they explained it to me. They kept saying buzz words like "instant on" and "fast wakeup". My computer already could sleep and wakeup fast, but now shutdown and restart don't work right. I called them 3 times about it, but since they use these buzzwords, sounds like Lion is meant for a Macbook Air or a Mac with an SSD. If you have a normal hard disk, some of the saving/versions/resume features take too long to be written to the disk on shutdown. And when you start again, it takes a long time to reload the system to it's previous point.


    Even if I uncheck the box to reopen windows on next start, it reopens them anyways.


    If they can't give me a better explaination or some kind of fix, I will have to go back to Snow Leopard. I use my Mac in a production environment and depend on stability. They assured me before I upgraded that it would be stable and all the new saving and versions features could help my productivity. So far it's not helping me and downright annoying. You need to close all your windows before you close the program... if you have 5 windows open in terminal or textedit... every time you launch, they will launch all those windows. I just really want versions, not resume it seems.


    But I can deal with it opening a million windows, just can't take it getting stuck on booting or not shutting down properly. This is a "feature" that should be fixed. LOL

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    I'm sure I'll get the same explanation from Apple Care that you did.  After the first few times starting up and shutting down the computer that were so slow, I noticed the check box that had it relaunching windows on the start up and unchecked it, that sped up the process quite a bit.  I always shut down my Macbook when I'm going to be away from it for a while because it eats up the battery to just let it sleep.


    I'm with you that the most annoying problem is it not shutting down or rebooting properly.  It's not a good thing to pick up my Macbook after having been away from it for a few hours to find out it has been stuck trying to shut down and the processor has been running, the computer is hot and the battery is nearly dead. 


    I've not had this problem occur while on Snow Leapord, so I don't think it's something I've started doing differently. I am going to pay very close attention to it when I'm shutting it down, so that I know for sure when something strange has occurred. 


    I've heard of other people having issues with Lion slowing down their computer as well as the problem we're having and they've recommended wiping the hard drive and doing a clean install or as you're considering going back to Snow Leapord.  I'm a printing sales person, not a computer expert and don't think I should have to become one to get Lion to work. 

  • atgrazi Level 1 (45 points)

    Well I was in a better position when Snow Leopard came out. I held off on upgrading my other Macs until the 10.6.3 update was out and all the issues were fixed. But with this new iMac, you only have a small window of time to claim your free upgrade and then only have 30 days to download it. I didn't want to miss anything that was free, but it seems this kind of bug is enough to make me move back to Snow Leopard. At least until the issues are fixed in a future update.


    You can always go back to SL and download purchased apps like Lion again, then just keep the installer saved until most of the issues are reported to be fixed, then re-install at that future date.


    If I am not sastisfied in the next week or so, I will move back to SL and just wait for news of 10.7.1 or 2 to be released before I re-install Lion.


    I guess I will hold off on purchasing a Macbook Pro now, at least until they are shipping with Lion and have the bugs worked out. My cousin in Florida said he just got a new i5 Macbook Air and had no problems at all like ours.

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    I have a MacBook Air purchased last December with Windows and Mac OS's.  I upgraded to Lion.  All seems to work well expect I cannot shut down or reboot - both since Lion's installation.  When I do shut down or reboot, I get a white screen with a round cursor but it stays white forever.  I have waited up to 5 minutes and then must shut down using the computer's shut down button.  When I reboot, Parallels does not open.  Windows does and must be closed before I can open Parallels. 

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    That's exactly what's happening to my computer!  The white screen with the white cursor that won't shut off.  However, I'm not running Parallels or Windows on my MacBook Pro.  I've also held off installing Lion on my iMac until I can figure this out or Apple works out whatever bug is causing this issue.  I don't want to have to go back to Snow Leopard if I can avoid it.  My company uses Exchange 2010 on our email servers and Lion gave Mail the update to work with 2010.  Mail on SL was a bit sluggish on the Exchange server that's why I got Lion as soon as it was available.  Something told me to wait a while...but I didn't listen.  Ha!!

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    When it't stuck on the white screen, you can still move the mouse around. I am pretty familiar with OS X and using the console to check to error messages for the system and kernel events. Through all of these issues, there has been no out of the ordinary message. And no error or panic messages of any kind. When I first did the upgrade, I had a boot camp partition and it wouldn't shut down too.


    But now I only have the Lion partition and no VMware or Parallels installed at all. 9 times out of 10 my computer will not shut down in less than 2 minutes. Yesterday it took a whopping 11 minutes to get off that grey screen with the mouse. When I turned the system on today, it rebooted itself twice before getting to my desktop. Almost acts like I was installing updates, but I wasn't.


    I hope more people tell about the experience with this on my thread. Gives me more momentum if I need to call Apple again. If enough people complain, then they will listen... or release a press statement telling us this is a "feature" and not a bug.

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    I also have the "grey screen" problem with Lion, on my MBP 15,4" 2009 with an SSD.


    No problem with Snow Leopard, but very often it goes into "grey screen" when I shut down - or wanna switch account.


    I made an upgrade on my SL-installation, not a clean install.


    Startup is very quick, but shut down is not good.


    The only solution is to hold down the power button, and restart the system.


    It's very annoying inded...

  • humorzo Level 1 (15 points)

    Have you all cleared the PRAM, and possibly the SMC Power Manager reset too?


    You'll kick yourself if a PRAM reset "fixes" the glitches ... !

  • Martin Terp Level 1 (0 points)

    Both PRAM and SMC has been reset. The SMC-reset fixed my fan-issue, but the greyscreen is still not fixed.

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