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I upgrade to Lion my iMac Core 2 Duo and now when I lock the screen the switch user option is missing from the lock screen, you just have to cancel o renter as the original user, so that if another member of my family wants to switch and use the mac he or she cannot do it.


This is what I am talking about (image taken from a lion review): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/134544/forum/Schermata%2007-2455766%20alle%2011.05.12.pn g


The switch user option is totaly absent, I just have the cancel.


It that a bug or what?


Please note this happens only when I lock the screen from the screensaver, i.e. requesting the password to restart from the screensaver, if I get to the login windows all users appears correctly and people can switch back and forth.


Thank you.







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    I have the same thing.   Have you installed the iCloud beta?  I'm wondering if that might cause it...

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    Yes, I did! I have another iMac at work where I did not install the iCloud beta and the problem does not arise in it... Could that be the cause? Can we remove it somehow, even just for trying?


    Thank you.

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    Or maybe we can try upgrading the beta? I think I have the 3

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    Anyone get this working with the iCloud beta installed?  If not anyone know of a way to uninstall the iCloud beta without restoring from a TM backup or reinstalling Lion?

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    I just talked to apple support.  They said Lion doesn't support this feature.  They gave me a work-around, which was to disable requiring a password in the screen saver.  Then enable user switching so it appears in the top right of the banner.  Note that since the screen saver no longer locks the screen, in order to actually lock the screen the user must click on the upper right user list and select something like "Login user...".


    This issue has left me disappointed with apple for a few reasons.  Hopefully someone at apple will take note:

    1. Apple removed a useful feature.

    2. Apple did not provide a response to this thread which would have been the best forum to inform users of this change.  It would have saved me and apple one long phone call.