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Hi all,


how long normally takes the database repair of the iPhoto Library?

My Library ha 60000 Photos and is 300 GB Large.

Sunde hours it is at 71% and nothing happens.


Can I stop that? Suizid I wait?


I iPhoto the right Tool for so many Photos?


Thanks for helping me.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,945 points)

    iPhoto is good for 250,000 images so you've plenty of headroom yet.


    Force Quit the  repair as it has hung.


    Why were you repairing? If you can answer that we can decide what to do next.






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    Hi Terence,

    stopped and the Fotos are still there :-)


    Why do I repair. I have the following Problem:


    We use one MacBook Pro with Lion and iphoto 11.

    My wife and me have our own Accounts.

    I stored the iPhoto Library at the Systems HDD. Not in any folder.


    The Problem ist, that sometimes - after importing new fotos either me or my wife see the proview of the fotos but not the foto itself - there ist a large "!" in a black window.


    I can see the fotos - my wife not.

    Or she imports fotos - she sees them but I get the "!".


    So i tried to "repair" the Database and rights.


    We both have read and write rights on the Library.


    Ragards Markus

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,945 points)

    It should be in the Users/Shared folder. That's what that is designed for.


    The only way to be sure to avoid these permissions issues is to have the Library on an external disk formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and set to ignore ownership and permissions.


    You could try repair the permissions with BatchMod, as indicated here



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    How can I Move the Library instead of copy it? I have Not enough Space for a 2nd copy.

    External hdd Takes to Long. 300 gb Library Size.

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    Hi Terence,


    next problem!

    I copied the Library to an external HDD.

    I deleted the Library from my BakBooks HDD.

    I deleted the trashbin.


    When I look at the internal HDD information 472 GB are free.

    When I open the OSC HDD tool, only 156 GB are free!!


    My Library is 300GB large and I can not copy it, because an error tels me - there is not enough space!


    How can that be???

    How can I get the "real" free space to copy my Library back to the internal HDD.


    Please help!




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    found the problem!

    The file is still in .MobileBackus !!!


    What a mess.


    Now - how can I delete that!?

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    found it !


    I deactivated Mobile Bsackup - now space is free!!!