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Basically my process


  • Use image background
  • take pictures of me posing
  • delete out all the space around me using pixlr.com
  • move those over to miniturize me and animate me ontop of the background
  • add effects
  • put into imovie


Now this works fine and dandy, but I've been disheartened by many times working for 4+ hours and then seein the final product and it *****.


So questions.  I used to use After Effects but a friend just recommended me Motion.


  1. Does Motion 5 allow me to delete all the  stuff around me posing against my wall?
  2. Does M5 really have all the problems the people on the boards are complaining about?
  3. Can I add some decent photo effects like I do with http://pixlr.com/o-matic/


Thanks guys

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