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I've installed Lion on my iMac (24-inch, Early 2008, 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM) and it has become INCREDIBLY slow. I've heard many people saying that the machine would return to its typical blazing speeds after indexing finished, and it has — I've left it on overnight a couple of times to make sure everything finished, and it's still much slower than it was while running Snow Leopard. Virtually every application hangs — when typing in Finder (for example to rename a folder) the text lags several seconds behind what I'm typing. Mission Control is terrible — the graphics lag behind and it takes several seconds for the animation to finish. Often the animation doesn't appear at all, and it just flickers between frames awkwardly until the mission control display finally appears.


I'm working on backing up all my data and doing a clean install … I'll see what happens, but if it doesn't work I'm going to have to roll back to snow leopard, because this is ridiculous. I've never seen an OS change slow down a machine so much since Vista … hopefully it's fixable. Any thoughts on what might be the cause?


(Oh, and activity monitor scans look normal … nothing's hogging the CPU, and there's slightly less than 2GB of RAM free almost all the time.)

iMac Core 2 24, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • earthman3 Level 1 (5 points)'ve summarized my dissatisfaction very well. Additionally, I can no longer mount my external NTFS hard drive (not sure if it has to do with this drive being connected via USB when I downloaded/installed Lion).


    Basically, every application is running much much slower or just crashing (e.g. Firefox, Word, Finder, etc.)


    Sadly, I'm seriously considering using Time Machine to revert back to my Snow Leopard system from early Thursday morning.


    : (

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    Ok guys I had the exact same problem but I think I found a solution. I just did it about 30 minutes ago and since then my MBP is running just like it used to with snow leapord. No gaurantees that i fixed the problem but this is what i did. I went to Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility. I then ran a verify disk scan and found that there were many problems with me Macintosh HD drive. It said I needed an install disk of lion to fix. Since there is no disk I thought I would experiment and this is what I did.

         1) shut down my computer and then started it back up while holding down the alt key. (this should bring up two disk options to run your computer)

         2) I chose the second option (I believe it is called something like "recovery disk" but dont quote me on that. you want to select the one that is NOT Macintosh HD)

         3) It loaded and then gave me four choises of what to do. I clicked disk utility.

          4) From there I ran the verify disk scan again then clicked repair disk.

         5) I then ran the verify disk perrmissions scan and then repaired those as well.

         6) then I restarted my computer and spotlight indexed the computer (i let it do its thing without running any programs) once it was done my computer worked so much faster and for the first time I can say, I AM GLAD I HAVE LION! I hope this is a permenant fix. Please let me know if you try this and how it works for you

    Good Luck!!!

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    I am new to this forumn thing so I dont know if you get notifications that says I posted earthman. So just incase I am writing this as a reply to ou telling you to look at my above post and try that out.

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    I  couldn't agree with you more!  After installing Lion, it's like I have gone back in time to when I saw a sluggish PC with Windows!  Ever single application I use is slower - the graphics are so jerky is horrible, saving files is OpenOffice is slow, surfing the web with Chrome you name it!


    Could this be due to severe disk fragmentation after two OS upgrades (Snow Leopard & Lion)?   To me this is doubtful as I have only used 25% of the available disk space but perhaps it is.   "Disk Utility" gives no information about disk fragmentation though.


    So what is it?  I have plenty of memory and disk space so there's only one thing left: CPU.  Did Apple forget to turn off debug mode?  Is it the new security enhancements which slow down every single OS function call?


    There's definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark...  And I really don't have the time and energy to find out what!

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    I seem to have fixed the problem on my MBP i7. I shut down the computer and booted it while holding down the OPTION key. Then, select Recovery HD and click on the arrow. Select Disk Utility. When it's openend, select your Mac HD. I first clicked Repair Disk. As it went through this, it reported that my HD was fine. I then went to Repair Disk Permissions. It found a fair number of problems during this process and repaired them. After it finished, I restarted the computer and it seems much better now. I hope this process works for others.

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    Thank you so much!  This seemed to have worked on my Early 2009 White Macbook.  Hopefully Apple will have an update soon to fix the slowness in other areas.  Did you notice your Preview even being slow?  Mine was terribly slow before I did was you said, xraydoug.  I was constantly getting the spinny wheel of death when I would switch through the pages too fast in Full Screen in Preview.  Fortunately, doing this helped a lot!  Thanks again.

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    Well I was quite doubtful about this strange sounding procedure but in desperation I tried it!   It works!   I am now a happy camper!


    Thanks very much!

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    Thanks for the responses, everyone. I found disk permissions errors as well, but I will never know if that was the problem since I had already transferred all of my data off my machine to do a clean install, so I took that route anyway. The clean install fixed EVERYTHING! My machine is smoother than ever now. If none of the above works, install from scratch using a DVD with Lion on it (you can find instructions on how to burn a Lion DVD virtually anywhere now) and your problems should disappear. Enjoy Lion

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    Hi xraydoug - Thanks for the info. Did exactly as you said but to no avail. Still very slow and getting the rainbow wheel nearly every time I browse. Prior to download everything was excellent. Looked at most other users who have now found their mac to be much slower when Lion downloaded. Will try and wait to see if apple come up with some solution. Thanks again


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    Hi Guys,


    I experienced loads of issues with my os x Lion install - my 2.53Ghx i5 was just crawling. I tried repairing disk permissions with little effect.


    Then i disabled quicksilver. I knew it wasn't compatible but since it has been running on my macs for 5 years I was reluctant to get rid for some reason.


    The SECOND that I quit it from the menu bar my computer was instantly more responsive.


    A complete guess would suggest that since it indexes the machine, and it's not set up to run under os x Lion yet, it was getting stuck and being a memory hog?


    Perhaps you haven't had quicksilver installed, but just try and disable all background running apps before you take the drastic step of reinstalling.


    good luck!


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    Hi APierce24, Thank you for your help ... your experiment does work for me as well ... yes, found some disk issue, repaired ... disk permission issue and repaired ... notice improved performance after i completed all the steps ... whew!! now the Lion is back!! enjoy  

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    Lion OS is slow for me too.  2.4 Intel core with 2G of RAM.  Totally disappointed.  Will retreat to snow leopard.  First time they got it wrong. 

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    Thanks for all the information here, I tried everything suggested still same problem. My Lion is extremely slow. When I restart the system, for the first 5 mines it works fast then it starts dragging and eventually it becomes so slow that I have to retart th esystem again. I checked on eh Activity Monitor to see what coud cause this and I can see abot 50% of the CPU is being used by DaemonManager. I wonder if this is what the cause is.


    Please Apple, find a solution for us!!

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    After having wrestled with this for quite a while, repeating what I described above often, as the problem kept returning, I finally did a clean install of Lion. It has worked perfectly since. I think there is something funky in the upgrade installation path. I highly recommend installing Lion to a clean drive.

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