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This morning I updated to iTunes 10.4. and also updated Pages on my MacBook (SL 10.6.8)  to version 4.1. My iDevices are all recognized in iTunes and all is going fine except for this one thing. I created a Pages document on my Mac and I sent it to my iPad using file sharing with iTunes. I edited and finished the document on the iPad and then used the "send to iTunes" feature and prepared to sync back to my Mac. The document appears to transfer over - and I have tried sending it over again and again - but it never appears in the file sharing Pages documents window after I sync. When I try to send it from the iPad again, the device tells me that the document already exists and asks if I want to replace it, so it must be transferring somehow but I don't see it in the window.


This only started after I updated both applications. I've been using Pages and file sharing without any issues at all until now. The really ironic thing is that I can create a Word document on my Mac, send it to the iPad, edit it there and send it back to iTunes and it appears in the window like you would expect - but my Pages documents do not. Word documents work fine but not Pages documents? Documents created on the iPad seem to be going back and forth fine but not Mac created files.


I've tried everything I can think of, restarting disconnecting the iPad reconnecting the iPad, hard reset .... Any ideas? Is there something that I am missing? Anybody else experience this?

iPad, iOS 4.3.2, 32GB WiFi
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    I have the same issue, after the update I no longer see any pages documents listed in iTunes where you normally transfer them to the iPad. I also get a dialog when moving documents into iTunes saying that they already exist and if I want to replace them, documents are visible in the iPad when using copy from iTunes.

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    m3lt wrote:

    I also get a dialog when moving documents into iTunes saying that they already exist and if I want to replace them, documents are visible in the iPad when using copy from iTunes.

    I get the same dialog but are you saying that iTunes says they are visible or are you sayning that you CAN see them in iTunes. I get the message but the documnets are nowhere to be found. What really slays me is that Word files work flawlessly back and forth - no matter where I create them - or no matter where I edit them - file sharing works great. Just not with Pages - now that makes sense doesn't it?


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    I see them on the iPad when I open up pages and select Copy from iTunes, gives me the list of documents that I dragged into iTunes, but no documents are visible in the iTunes interface on my iMac. Which means I can't get my documents from the iPad into my iMac unless I email them to myself or use other methods of transfer avoiding the iTunes interface.

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    Your experience is identical to mine. Kind of a bummer really. I have read of others who have experienced Pages issues with file sharing very similar to ours. All that I can suggest right now is to submit feedback to Apple and report this is a bug. I submitted my own feedback this morning. I have to say that this is the very first real "issue" that I have had with my iPad and/or iTunes upgrades since I have owned my iPad and it is almost nine months for me.


    Here is the feedback link. I urge you to report this as well.


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    I submitted the feedback and I've also spent an hour with the apple support on the phone to explain the issue, since they were unable to use their existing solutions for this case they requested screenshots and some further details which I sent them and they will call me tomorrow so I can talk directly with more knowledgeable support.


    I'm wondering if I should try and do a clean reinstall as I'm not sure when my iMac was reinstalled, it could have been upgraded since Leopard and something might have gotten messed up along the way. I'll try and wipe out the iTunes preferences and fixing permissions before, I'd hate to spend my time reinstalling everything...


    I'll add any information Apple gives me tomorrow and incase I can find a solution on my own.

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    I am as upgraded and updated as I can be with my iPad (4.3.4), Pages on the iPad (1.4) and Pages on my MacBook (Pages '09, 4.1 - I think - going from memory). My Mac is running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I am not ready for Lion yet.

    I like to wait until a few of the bugs are ironed out with any new OS.


    I will be interested to hear what you find out.

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    I too am up-to-date on Lion, but it's good to know that you're on SL, that narrows it down to iTunes 4.1, you said word documents worked so I tried and they have the same problem, nothing shows up unless I drag an existing one in which I get the replacement notification, this happens with word files created in Pages 09, 08 and Microsoft Word, so the Pages update should not be the problem.


    So far I've wiped my iTunes preferences, repaired permissions and ran all the usual maintenance scripts, cleared caches, all the stuff Onyx does to clean the system... No luck so far. Tested the same thing on my MBP which also has Lion and is up-to-date, the same thing happens with the documents in the iTunes UI.


    I have tried to revert to the previous version of iTunes from Time Machine but that is not possible as Lion considers it part of the OS and it's locked. I'm not yet going to try and force the older version through the Terminal until I've talked to Apple Support.


    Let's hope Apple support can solve this quickly.

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    I could swear Word files were working for me but I just tried again. I created a Word doc on the Mac, sent it to iTunes - it shows up in Pages on the iPad fine - open it, edit it - send it back to iTunes - and even though it tells me it's heading over - it never shows up in the list. I must have been using existing Word files before as you suggested.


    This is my first expereince with Pages. I bought the SL boxed set about four months ago to upgrade from Leopard and I thought I would give the iWorks suite a try - in anticipation of upgrading to Lion. My ancient version of Word (2004) will not work under Lion and I understand at some point you have to upgrade your software as well - hence the move to Pages '09.


    So far, I'm not real impressed. Keep me posted, please.

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    I talked with Apple support today and they had me do a couple of things to troubleshoot so they can get a clear idea of where the problem is.


    They will contact me again this week and said they usually take about a week to fix something like this.

    I can't say I'm happy waiting for this to be sorted out but I was expecting this answer.


    What I find odd is while searching google for this problem nothing but this thread comes up, I'm sure there's a lot more people using Pages on iPads and if this would affect everyone there would be a lot more talk about it.


    Since I need to get the iPad/Pages workflow sorted ASAP I'm going to turn on webdav and try skipping iTunes altoghether, either that or attempt to revert to the previous iTunes version which will probably break more things than fix :)

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    Actually, I have been involved in a couple of very similar threads. One of which where the user had every one of his Pages files disappear. So I can state that others have experienced this ame problem. I never had any problems until I updated iTunes to 10.4 and Pages '09 to the 4.1 version - both on the same day.


    I think I bookmarked the one thread on my Mac at home. I will try to find it and share it with you. The bottom line is that the user had to aquire a third party software to identify the files in in his iPad backup and then he was able to restore them somehow from his backup. If memory serves me correctly, th apple Genius was part of this fix for him.

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    Found the thread but you can't edit a post on the iPad ...


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    Just thought I'd add my solution, I decided to go with WebDAV and I think it actually works better than the iTunes way, the steps are pretty much the same but avoiding the iTunes interface just makes things easier and faster.


    I followed this guide but it does have a small mistake in the httpd-dav.conf file, on line 2, where it's WebServer/WebDAV">, it should be <Directory "/Library/WebServer/WebDAV">.


    The tricky part is setting permissions which if wrong will give you errors when connecting with the iPad, I opted to set all to Read&Write since my home network has a hardware firewall. Another convenience was to add an alias to the webdav share on the Desktop.


    I'm still expecting the call from Apple but even if they fix the iTunes I'm sticking with WebDAV, atleast until I see what's new with iOS5 and iCloud this fall which should bring true sync for documents (I'm hoping that they will offer encryption with my own keys, if not, then I'll probably keep using WebDAV).