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This morning I updated to iTunes 10.4. and also updated Pages on my MacBook (SL 10.6.8)  to version 4.1. My iDevices are all recognized in iTunes and all is going fine except for this one thing. I created a Pages document on my Mac and I sent it to my iPad using file sharing with iTunes. I edited and finished the document on the iPad and then used the "send to iTunes" feature and prepared to sync back to my Mac. The document appears to transfer over - and I have tried sending it over again and again - but it never appears in the file sharing Pages documents window after I sync. When I try to send it from the iPad again, the device tells me that the document already exists and asks if I want to replace it, so it must be transferring somehow but I don't see it in the window.


This only started after I updated both applications. I've been using Pages and file sharing without any issues at all until now. The really ironic thing is that I can create a Word document on my Mac, send it to the iPad, edit it there and send it back to iTunes and it appears in the window like you would expect - but my Pages documents do not. Word documents work fine but not Pages documents? Documents created on the iPad seem to be going back and forth fine but not Mac created files.


I've tried everything I can think of, restarting disconnecting the iPad reconnecting the iPad, hard reset .... Any ideas? Is there something that I am missing? Anybody else experience this?

iPad, iOS 4.3.2, 32GB WiFi