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Hi there,


My local library is now offering audiobooks. I have downloaded one, that went fine - I have the file and can listen to it. The problem is that I can't seem to transfer the WMA Audiobook to my iPhone using this software they provided (OverDrive Media Console), even though their website says that it can be transferred to apple devices (including my iPhone) and the library site says that this particular audiobook is permitted to be transferred to apple devices (including the iPhone).


When I try to Transfer using the OverDrive Media Console, I get this error:


"The OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard is not able to connect to iTunes. If you intend to transfer content to the iTunes Library and/or a supported Apple device, please note that iTunes v9.0.2 (or newer) is required. iTunes is available as a free download from Apple; visit to download iTunes. If your system meets this requirement, please close any open iTunes dialog boxes then attempt to transfer again."


I have read that others have had the problem, but there are few solutions emerging, from what I can see anyway.


I have went to this website ( in my Internet Explorer browser and upgraded the Windows Media Player security version. OverDrive says my security upgrade version is


My iTunes is up to date as far as I know. iTunes Perhaps the recent update is something to do with this problem? I don't know. I am using Windows 7, and the OverDrive Media Console version is


I have changed my iPhone settings to "Manually manage music and videos", as OverDrive requests this.


When I try to put these protected WMA Audiobook files into my Automatically Add to iTunes folder, I get an error message saying:


"One or more of the songs being added are in the protected WMA format, including the song "examplesongname01.wma", and could not be converted.

iTunes can only convert unprotected WMA songs. If you have the original CDs for these songs, you can import them using iTunes."


I have restarted iTunes, OverDrive Media Console, and my computer countless times. My home network sharing is turned off; I mention it as I saw someone had suggested that as a solution.


The two suggested solutions I haven't tried yet are:

- convert them to MP3

- uninstall and reinstall iTunes & OverDrive Media Console again.


I don't really want to uninstall iTunes. I have a lot of music and audiobooks; it takes half aday for iTunes to load them all up again. As for converting to MP3s; I don't know if this is legal. Plus, I don't know if these protected DRM files can be converted like that.



Ok, well I hope someone else was in the same boat & solved it. Otherwise it'd be a real shame if we couldn't get these protected WMA audiobooks onto our iPhones.


Hope you can help.



iPhone 3GS, Windows 7
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