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  • bragi56 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree that not having 'Save As' is BAD for workflow and freedom.  I urge Apple to put the 'Save As' function back into lion ! ! !


    That being said, one can get around it a bit (at least for TextEdit): Go to system preferences under 'Keyboard' and select Application Shortcuts.  Make a global shortcut for the command 'Duplicate' (command + shift + s for example).  Whenever you whant to 'Save As' you first press 'command + shift + s' and then let go of the 'shift' button and press S again.  So you press 'command + shift + s'  and then immediately after you press 'command + s' to save with a new name and choose location.  This is almost as fast as using the 'Save As' command (about 1/10 of a second longer).



  • maplevshoney Level 1 (0 points)

    Just wanted to add myself to the 'petition' here and say-


    Shame on you Apple for the dumbing down of so many great products.  Losing "Save As.." is just the cherry on top of a myriad of new 'long cut' solutions to what once made sense.  Making more steps to duplicate a document, while losing the ease of a keyboard shortcut is not progress. 


    "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" ... that's Apple's new motto apparently.


    The really disappointing thing is that the system isn't designed anymore to support the customer base- Apple sees how many people BOUGHT the product, but they don't see how many people wish they could RETURN the product.  There is just no system in place to ensure that they hear our complaints.  And so, sadly, things will probably continue like this for a long, long time.

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    I want Save As back and a way to disable autosave. I really hate it. I use it to make invoices and I use old ones as templates as they already have all the names and numbers. It's just a dumb design choice. Save As is one of the most useful things in every OS I've worked on.

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    "Save as..." seems to be back!  My TextEdit, with Lion 10.7.1, works just like it used to.  There is no Duplicate on the file menu.  And there it is...  Save as...   right underneath Save.


    Is it possible that the first upgrade to Lion fixed this issue?  TextEdit on my Mac is version 1.6.  What do the rest of you have who are complaining about no Save as...  ?

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    I still see "duplicate" on my 10.7.1 

    but I’m not on an US Mac Os. Maybe the change will be implemented in other languages after. Or you have some special config.

  • gpiccolini Level 1 (70 points)

    same here... 10.7.1 spanish. Still have Duplicate and not Save As

  • rikinva Level 1 (0 points)

    Boy, don't I feel dumb.  What happened is this...  When I was still running Snow Leopard before Lion came along, I had created a subfolder of my "Key Apps" in my applications folder, and I put this folder on my dock.  (My regular applications folder was just getting too large.  I wanted to limit what I saw on my dock to the apps I used on a regular basis.)  This subfolder included


    When I installed Lion, it also installed the new TextEdit (v.1.7), but my older version of TextEdit (v1.6) was still in my Key Apps folder.  So, when I open my TextEdit app, it is the old version.  When I double-click on a txt file, Lion defaults to the NEW TextEdit, with no Save As...


    What I did this morning was use the Spotlight to locate all versions and shortcuts of TextEdit, then I deleted the new Lion version 1.7, leaving me with only the older 1.6 version, which continues to have Save As... in the file menu. 

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,685 points)



    Your view is the same as a few folks in this long thread on the same subject. Because you like the new workflow, everyone else is automatically wrong. You cannot change the minds of those who prefer Save As by constantly repeating that Duplicate/Versions/Autosave is better.


    1) It takes more steps to do the same thing Save As does. When you work on dozens of files a day where you want to break off into a new direction with a current file, those extra steps add up to a lot of lost time.


    2) It's a monumental resource hog. Have you seen the posts by people using Final Cut Pro X? Essentially, the new paradigm is Time Machine applied to the desktop on live data instead of only complete, changed documents. Users are having to wait constantly as Lion's system backs up (yet again) a half gig version of an FCPX document that they've made even just a simple change to. This is not only causing the spinning lollipop to prevent the user from continuing to get work done (besides automatically rendering every single thing you do), it is eating up a ridiculous amount of disk space on versions you don't even care about yourself. I know when I want to save something I consider important. The OS cannot possibly do that. It is just saving everything at the expense of chewing up reams of disk space and often preventing you from working.


    I work in Photoshop every day on large files. I can't begin to imagine how much this would slow me down if I couldn't turn this stupid system off. Please, PLEASE let me decide when and how I want to save my data. I've been doing just fine like this for over 20 years.


    The good news? It appears that vendors DO have the choice of giving users the option to use Versions/Autosave/Duplicate. The makers of Graphic Converter have already updated their app for Lion and by default, have the new system turned OFF. If they have any brains at all, Microsoft, Adobe, Quark and everyone else will give users that same CHOICE. You like Duplicate/Versions/Autosave? Fine, I have no problem with you or others who prefer it. But don't patronize those who don't as if they're wrong, or dinosaurs. We have darn good reason to dislike it.


    I personally am very glad I don't use a single piece of Apple's software for getting any kind of work done, as they are currently forcing everyone to use the new system with any apps Apple writes. If Apple has any sense, they will allow users the choice between the two workflows as they update Lion and its apps.

  • baltwo Level 9 (62,215 points)

    Well stated!


  • Dashwd Level 1 (0 points)

    Please Mr. Cook bring back the 'Save As" ability in Text Edit.


    The "new and improved" way is not an improvement, but a hinderence.


    Rather than being productive and doing my work, I have to stop, come here, log in and create this post.


    Please bring back the "Save As" ability!


    Thank you

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    That's one great thing here --- at least we can copy TextEdit 1.6 to Lion and use it.  In other applications, Apple puts "spies" in the "open" command that prohibits the use of prior versions of the application.  One way to work around those is to launch the application via Terminal by burrowing down into the app wrapper to the MacOS/ directory and launching the actual executable that is there.

  • MauiTechnoGeek Level 1 (0 points)

    I should add --- the reason I tried to run TextEdit 1.6 on Lion is the new "Find" fields that replace the "Find" panel.  There are advantages to window-local Find panels, in that each window has a separate memory for the text strings.  But if you want to use the same text strings on multiple windows, now it's a royal pain.


    I actually found this thread looking for one I could vent about the changed Find panel, but I didn't find one.  Perhaps I should start one?


    I think a better solution is to have both local and global Find panels.  This is what Acrobat Reader does - each document window has a little "dumb" Find field, but you can also call up a global "smart" Find panel with much more functionality.  That could be added quite easily.


    I object to the general "dumb down" philosophy behind these GUI changes, that users should be protected from too many windows.  This philosophy has really trashed XCode 4, making it try to be like iTunes and very difficult to navigate.

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    What this is about is controlling UI.

    I want to be able to map my keyboard: iTunes hijacked my play button for other audio apps, assuming I use that app, which I don't. Apple will not let me assign the play button to the app I want, OR let me turn off "launch iTunes when this button is pressed"


    I want to "Save As": I use text edit between word/email docs and my code. Stip things out. It comes in RTF and leaves plain text. First version is RTF and that's how I like it. Then I make it plain text for HTML, remove fancy quotes and such, and save as a .txt file. Apple has decided for me, changed it for me, and won't let me un-change it. Calculated move to control my UI, not improve it.


    A glaring example of this forced change is the scoll direction in Lion. As all of you who have installed it know, Apple decided to change the direction to scroll on the Mac OS to match its iOS UI. Fine, whatever, you suck but at least I can turn it off. Sure you can, but Apple has branded this new feature "natural", thereby admitting everyone else has had it wrong since the beggining of the mouse! You must uncheck "natural" to choose the scroll direction that best suits you (translation, the one that is natural to you).


    I must admit, my nephew has never owned a computer, only an iPad, so I'm sure when he sits in front of a computer and uses a mouse, he may "naturally" go the other direction. I see it as incredibly insidious. I see it as a sign that Apple is ready to be replaced by an open system (the future sandboxing of all OSX apps is a sign of the apocolypse) that allows to to use things like FLAC audio, lets you map your own keyboard and let's you program a program that some suit may not find acceptable to their brand.


    You are dead to me Apple.


    First computer was an Apple IIe.


    My 1st Mac? I won a Mac Plus at the Apple Invitational at Maples Pavillion in front of Steve Jobs shooting hoops at halftime at the age of 12 and have been using one ever since.


    I am really diggin Ubuntu. Inkscape, GIMP, WebStorm, Clementine. As a professional, there's nothing I can't do on that computer that I can do on a Mac.


    The days of successfully arguing that we "think different" or that creatives must use a Mac are over. Creative if you like auto Ken Burns effect on your iMovie! (Did they add auto Ken Burns to the new version of Final Cut Pro?). Creative if you think 128VBR AAC is a great way to transfer you CD collection to iTunes!

  • doesntcare Level 1 (5 points)

    I applaud your effort to find a work around but work arounds are something you do on windows systems and even notepad is better than the new texteditor. I will be reverting to Snow Leopard and moving off iCloud to yahoo for mail, contact and calendar syncing.

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    Is there anyone found a way to get "Save as" back?


    I can't find any positive points to that Lion change, based on the way I work since nearly 20 years on a Mac.


    Anyone tried to install the old Text app to get rid of that weird new idea of "locked and duplicate"?

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