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    File a bug report for lost functionality.

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 Level 8 (35,930 points)

    Is there anyone found a way to get "Save as" back?

    If you have Snow Leopard, you can delete Lion's version of TextEdit (using Terminal) and replace it with SL's version. You will have Save As back.


    Note that if you update the OS, it will revert the SL version of TextEdit back to the Duplicate method. So keep an SL version of the app on hand.


    Also note that someday, Apple may do something to Lion which will break the ability to use SL's TextEdit. But that's just a guess. It also may always work.

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    Thanks Baltwo, very nice idea and: done! It feels weird to get forced to this! Have a good one.

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    Hi Kurt lang,


    I will try that. Thanks. I lost today a long text based on that "new" feature. So I'm pretty upset right now.


    I hope there is a clever engineer who is able to make it work with both versions. Shouldn't be a problem.


    Have a good one


  • MittWaffen Level 1 Level 1 (80 points)

    Easy solution


    DELETE text edit its useless junk now. It does nothing and overcomplicates tasks.

    DOWNLOAD TextWrangler (free) and you have EVERYTHING you need to be done again.


    Get TextWrangler



    Apple is become more and more like HP and Acer everyday.....

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    Hi MitWaffen,


    Tahnks for the suggestion.


    I searched for a "hack" or option in, I'm aware that there are a lot of other options, but that is not my target. Thanks again for the effort.


    I had hope that I have just miss the hidden check box somewhere. I notice more and more that other applications have taken this nonsense in their applications. I have send a request to Apple.


    All the best



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    Bring it back! It's driving me crazy! "Save As" is a huge part of many people's workflow. Hitting Shift+Cmd+S is how I make new versions of new files... especially in TextEdit. It's such a pain now to Duplicate, Resave, and give a new name. Hiderance... not convenience. Why take it away? Why not leave it for people who need it? It's not hurting anything.

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    File a bug report for loss of functionality with Apple.

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    Yes! The lack of Save As has definitely been a huuuuge inconvenence. The new system, I feel, is a definite step backwards. It adds nothing to the user experience. Switched back to SnowLeopard version of text edit.


    Submitted a bug report as well.

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 Level 8 (35,930 points)

    Just to show that Autosave/Versions can be done right, download and install the Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta, which can be run as a 30 day trial.


    In the preferences, you can choose to turn Autosave on and off. With it on, you can even specify how much time it waits before saving a version so it's not trying to save every little thing you do.


    Here's the best part. Even with Autosave on, Save As is still in the menus. They didn't even bother with Apple's way of doing Duplicate since there has been a Duplicate feature in PS for decades.


    So you have the best combination of how this should work. Save As for quick change off in a new direction and still being able to use Autosave if you want to. Someone at Apple has a serious bug about how they think user's should manage their work, in regards to Apple's own apps. Adobe clearly, and correctly understands that it's up to the user to decide that, not the OS.

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    I really try to get used to it, against my better...


    So I open a file, it tells me I can't work in it, so I make my duplicate and start working.

    Well the file can't be saved after a while with a new name nor incremetely -- it just saves with -- "oldname' copy --

    I hope this is the last of surprises with this un-usable methode. It drives me nuts.


    APPLE wake up, this is not waht we want.

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    Thanks Kurt for checking that out. Sounds promissing.


    BTW: I had Cs6 shortly on my disk, but after noticing that nearly nothing has changed for 32bit/c work, I saw no reason to go any single step further. The complete update looks like a patchwork from the other suite apps +Lightroom. I expand here on that, as it looks like the industry runs out of real ideas to make our life better,... that was the initial idea, right?

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    Then, file a bug report for lost functionality.

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    That is done! Filed for each little detail one report, like I do in beta testing. So it stays clear. I hope it helps.


    It feels always funny to pay for an upgrade and have something missing then.