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I thought Purchases would be a godsend. I can now re-download music I purchased! At last.


Then about a week or two ago, I started noticing two things.


First, I've been using iTunes Store since it opened, so a lot of my purchases were the original FairPlay-protected .m4p 128kbps files. I upgraded as many of them as I could to iTunes Plus using the 30-cents-a-song upgrade process when iTunes Plus first came out. When Purchases first rolled out, my list involved songs in the current iTunes Plus 256K DRM-free format.  As of right now, though, it's defaulted to the original 128K protected files.


I could understand that, but then what about the iTunes Plus versions I paid the 30 cents a track to upgrade? I can't access those; although, a couple of times, BOTH versions show up in the downloads, but if I download the Plus track, I get the Protected track, and the Plus track vanishes from my Purchases.


The second thing is, I've started seeing music in my Purchases I know I didn't buy.


This is not even going into purchases saying I purchased this on some other account, when I've never had another account—unless it's counting the .Mac to MobileMe transition, which I had no power over.  Note that none of these problems happened before the iCloud transition.


I'm passing this on to both iTunes support and to Apple via their contact form. Just posting it here for discussion's sake.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), iTunes 10.4 (80)
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    It is a beta version.

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    Then I better get crackin' on that feedback to Apple then!

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    I second your problem.  Ditto for me on the Purchases.

    I'm in the middle of an email exchange with iTunes support.  About 5 exchanges so far with responses that clearly show me, the person at the other end is using some form of pre-written template answers and not reading my email or understanding the problem.


    In the end, they just initialize your purchase history to re-download all your songs, with the warning that this is a "one time" event.

    *** ? What's the point of the new "Purchases" feature then ?


    In addition to your problem getting mixed m4p & m4a files for the same song from old purchases, my "refresh" of my entire purchase history just caused a very recent (2 week old) purchase that was never upgraded but bought in iTunes Plus 256kbps format to revert to the older DRM protected 128kbps!!


    Clearly there's something mixed up in the way they're handling their metadata ids and customer references. 


    I've sent a slightly stronger worded (but not rude) email to their support asking for some form of escalation.

    It's one thing for years old files that I originally bought in m4p format not to have ever been offered for upgrade to be redownloaded the same way, but another thing entirely for recent DRM-free purchases to be reverted to the DRM protected format and then have the existing good files trashed.


    Good thing I have backup copies, but it's quite annoying to have to spent hours on searching for mistakes and fixing currently 800+ purchased song files.