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I am getting wrong event dates in FCP X when importing my movie library from iMovie. I have some movies that I have imported from a DV camera to iMovie and the dates are correct, but when I import my iMovie library to FCP X the event dates are wrong. It seems that FCP X looks for the date that the file was created and not for the iMovie data. Does somebody know how to correct this? Is there a way for FCP X to consider the iMovie date info? Is there a way to change event date on FCP X? Many thanks.

  • Martin Bolsinger Level 2 Level 2 (240 points)

    Check what dates or range iMovie says for the event (appears if you select an event to the right in the middle bar). If you have strange dates there, you can try to fix them with <adjust clip date and time> from the file menu.


    I found some weird problem: it gives me the date range in rverse order. I therefore assume that there is a bug in the time format conversion (US to Swiss format).


    Hope this helps.

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    I'm getting the same thing. AVCHD video was imported into iMovie with correct dates. Dates were not changed in iMovie (they were correct as imported). After importing iMovie events into FCPX, many, but not all of the event dates are wrong.


    Typical example is iMovie file is clip-2008-07-31 17:44;55 and the FCPX date is Dec 16, 2009 12:32:44 AM. The iMovie date is correct; I have no idea why the FCXP picked the December date.


    Any ideas?

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    I have the same issue.


    I have footage imported from three different sources in imovie. These are stored as events in Imovie. I imported them to FCP X using File> "import Imovie events" and the dates were incorrect once imported into FXPX.


    here's what I have found:


    1. Footage imported from a mini DV camera had correct dates (capture date) in imovie. Has Creation Date in FCPX when imported.


    2. Footage imported from VHS via Elgato video capture. Dates were altered manually in imovie. Has creation date in FXPX when imported.


    3 Footage captured with camera phones has correct capture date preserved in FCPX from Imovie.

    This is annoying as I have already correctly identified the date on many files in Imovie and want this to be preserved in my £200 copy of FCPX.

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    I have the same bug importing my TBs of clips from iMovie to FCPX.


    FCPX changes the original date of the clip (which is shown correctly within the clip name, see "Captain Rocky") and changes it into the date when it was captured from the camera into iMovie, which is the creation date shown by the finder.


    iMovie shows the correct date, so it's a bug within the import function of FCPX. FCPX not fully reading the data base of iMovie!


    It should be easy for Apple to fix this bug, but I'm wondering, why this bug is still in the latest version 10.0.5.


    I'm testing the trial version of FCPX but with this bug I defenitly will not buy it!

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    Still no fix for this in latest version of FCP