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Internet etiquette lesson:


Seriously, people- quit being lazy.


There are easily 100 posts regarding the laptop battery issues, another couple hundred about login issues, another 50 about not being able to download, etc.


QUIT BEING LAZY AND LOOK FOR A POST OF SIMILAR TOPIC TO WHAT YOU'RE POSTING ABOUT.  When you start to type in your question, Apple actually searches for posts similar to what your typing.  It's not hard to click on one of those before clicking "Post your question to the community."  Maybe it's just me, but it seems we really have become the self-centered community the rest of the world paints us out to be. 


If you follow internet etiquette and post to similar threads/ questions as yours, this will make it MUCH easier for Apple to address our problems and send out a patch.  The current system of just posting your question without looking means it's going to take that much longer for a techie at Apple to read through each and every individual post and address it in a future patch....  Think about it.  Would you want that job?! 


And, don't just post in the first forum you see at the top of the screen with a completely unrelated problem to what the rest of the discussion is talking about.  This will not help us or you to solve your problem.


Thank you!!


This needs to be made a sticky that is always at the top and managed by admins to get rid of posts that are spam or unrelated.

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    You right is a caos.

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    I agree. It is a mess. But I also think that is inevitable because apple is now more "consumer-based" than ever. Everyday more and more people comes to the mac platform from their iphones and ipads with the twitter ways of communicate so is only logical that they take this support forums like a big mall or something caotic, everybody talking at the same time. That's the price you pay for incremental market share, I guess.

    Anyway, hope people listen and behave. But I doubt it.



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    Well, that's an interesting idea. Is Apple reading all this gorp and then addressing problems with patches? Someone @ apple has the job of reading all these posts and making recommendations to the development team? Would love that gig! Wonder what that job title is...iGorpMeister?


    But seriously, the discussions here are self moderating. After u get enough points (level 2), you can report any abuse of the system. However, I am not sure if stupidity is an actionable offense. But at level 3 you get to zap posts, and at level 4 you get to zap zappers. No, I just made that last part up. However, we are all here based on our best behavior - which isn't saying much at this point (see the FCPX discussion for more detail).


    As for stickies, well, that would be a good idea if it were a sticky of known problems and solutions that users could read first before posting (even if you know that will never happen). And that would require this iGorpMeister that you elude to actually exists. I don't believe it, but I also don't believe in unicorns, so I could be proven wrong at any moment.




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    CooCoo- LOL  No, I'm not suggesting that there are people from Apple actually responding to these posts as this is the community part of their website (so, it's dependant on us, the users, to help other users), but I am suggesting that there are people at Apple who do actually try to read these and change our experiences based on what they see here.  Steve Jobs has said at the last couple of Developer's Conferences that they are listening to us.  I figure if they know that we want customizable backgrounds (which obviously someone didn't think was important, or it wouldn't have been an issue for us to scream at them about as users), they have to use something to get that kind of feedback.  Communities is a great way for them to do that, if they use it for that.  Otherwise, why create a forum just for Lion users?


    I agree- a forum for "Known Problems and Solutions; READ BEFORE POSTING" type of forum would be great!

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    Ha, glad u are ok with me yanking ur chain. But is he listening to us? Go ask FCP users, and see what they tell ya. If the "us" were accountants, I would believe. Anyway, not to say too much (this thread will may get zapped) but cheers to you for trying to bring order to complete chaos.

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    Well, I figure someone's gotta' try