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  • ben279 Level 1 (0 points)

    Did you need to "accept" the apps or anything like that? Or did they just show up in your purchased list?

  • cantab01 Level 1 (10 points)

    I followed the instructions above and the only differences were that where it says to input your Apple ID under Users and Groups, the correct ID was already in - so I just clicked 'change', left it as it was and re-typed my password.

    Then, where it says to click on 'Sign In' on the right in the App Store, it was already signed in, so I clicked on 'My Account', and entered my password again.

    Then I clicked on Updates, and Update All - and it started Updating.


    Only after that did I try clicking on Purchased and saw that they are listed there with today's date listed as the purchase date. Didn't need to click Accept or anything like that.

  • shayes287 Level 1 (10 points)

    THIS WORKED! thank you so much

  • OldDuder Level 1 (0 points)

    Contact Apple, They just fixed my problem yesterday after about a week of waiting.

    They gave me 3 redeem codes, one for each, and then I was finally able to update them and basically "own" them.

  • Taristin Level 1 (0 points)

    ebasan thanks!


    I don't know how that worked, but it did.  Like everyone else my MBA was already linked to my account, but the dots for the password didn't seem to match my Apple ID.  I reset the password in Users and tried the appstore (without even logging out of it) and the three programs updated!  Finally!

  • Paul Hutchings Level 2 (155 points)

    ebasan wrote:


    Fix Step by Step


    1. Click  > System Preferences

    2. Click "User & Groups"

    3. Click on Your account and look for "Apple ID" under Full name

    4. Click "Set..."  and sign in your account apple id

    5. Click  > App Store..

    6. Click "Sign in" under Quick Link tap (right side)

    7. Click "Update" tap on top

    8. Click update your app


    Hopefully this will help.

    Thank you so much!  They're updading now.  Three week.  Why on earth Apple Support don't know this is beyond me.

  • Sirolway Level 1 (0 points)

    Fantastic! That worked a treat on my wife's new MBA

    Thanks - that's saved us a heap of time & grief

  • Feoen Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked.  Thank you dearly.  I am the author of the other major thread on this issue, and it was puzzling us for the longest time.


    Finally relieved to not have that 3 on the App Store anymore!

  • Tim Maud Level 1 (0 points)

    Yey it works!




  • SweetBoss Level 1 (10 points)

    Got the same problem with a Macbook Air 13 inch bought last week. I contacted support 2 times and both times was directed to senior advisors. It took 5 days for iTunes support to respond to the email I was asked to send email to. Several days of communication and attempts later they finally gave me 3 redemption codes. That was 8 days after I first contacted Apple. Since somebody posted a solution I tried it first, a few times actually, but it did not work for me. I ended up using the redemption codes, updates downloaded and they are showing up under the purchase tab as purchased. I am still concerned about this issue though. When I went to the Genius bar last week the technician could not even reinstall Lion from an external drive after 2 attempts. He told me that the problem was a file on the computer and that I should return it. They would not exchange it at the Apple store since I bought it from an Authorized dealer. That chain (Futureshop, owned by Best Buy here in Canada) is out of stock since almost day one they received them, hence the reason why I continued to find a solution. I think I will try to do a fresh install of Lion to see if there is any issue. If there is one I think it is better to return the MBA and wait until they have new ones in stock, otherwise I will keep it. Not sure what will happen with iLife, not even sure if I can backup the apps, or just reinstall them using the App store since they are considered purchased now.


    Any thought about what is the best way to reinstall Lion (HD recovery mode or internet one in order to get maybe a non "corrupted" version of Lion)?


    ps: I have not been very impressed by Apple's responsiveness or willingness to really help, I had to push to get a solution and felt like both senior advisors dropped the ball, just like the Genius bar technician. Finally, Apple stores had/have in stock Macbook Airs and they refused to replace a defective Apple product (as told by the Apple technician) because bought at another (authorized) store. Not a good experience.

  • nbasch Level 1 (0 points)

    Amazing! This worked for me as well.  I have to say after hearing such good things about Apple I am quite disappointed in their support.  Its been weeks since I contacted support, had multiple calls where they weren't able to resolve the issue.  Finally they were supposed to send me redemption codes over a week ago which I never received.  I switched over from a thinkpad because Lenovo's support was terrible but Apple's doesn't seem much better to me at this point.  I'm glad I didn't spend the $300 on applecare if this is the best they can do.

  • petemoor Level 1 (0 points)

    This is my first MBA 13" I7, I have been a PC user since they were invented (yes I am old).  I have followed all tips in this thread and no luck for me.  I have read a lot on this issue and the only consistent thread I have seen that works is when Apple Support issue redemption codes for the 3 affected products.  I have had 4 different Apple support people suggest everything from an OS re-install, to try again next week !!!  This is very poor form for the IT company that has the highest value in the stock market.  I have put up with this for nearly 2 months now, I feel like writing an open letter to Stev Jobs !!!

  • DPerl Level 1 (0 points)

    For all those who have been tearing their hair out over this problem, a "real " fix seems to have been found, involving a simple deletion of  one .plst file .


    Here is the link to the forum.  Look for Sauls post on August 27th..

  • paleshadow Level 1 (0 points)

    This problem just became more urgent with the updates to iPhoto for integration with iOS 5.  However, the "solution" linked in the previous post doesn't work for me.  I get the following error messages when following those instructions:


    "These apps cannot be accepted on this computer.  Future updates of these apps can be found through Software Update."


    "We could not complete your request.  There was an error in the App Store.  Please try again later. (18)"


    However, the version 9.2 update of iPhoto does not appear in Software Update.

  • Neville Mayfield Level 4 (1,305 points)

    Several points here.

    1. The App Store servers have been 'run off their feet' which might be the reason for the message.

    2. Items originally bought from the App Store must be updated through the App Store, hence Software Update won't show updates for those apps.

    3. The update is available from Apple's software updates pages at

    Downloading this file will probably update your iPhoto but I'm not sure because I haven't tried under this new Apple system. I do know that you can download it there. (It is on the second page of updates in their list.) My copy of iPhoto was from a purchased box set bought before the App Store existed in its present form.

    4. Items bought other than through the App Store can't be updated through the App Store unless the update is a pay-for update I understand. This iPhoto update is or should be free.

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