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I tried Lion but I was very disappointed. Since I am planning to buy a new computer I would like to know if I can have Snow Leopard on it. On the Store I see "Lion included" everywhere and no option to have the previous OS version.





Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    of course I wanted to write Thanks

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    Does anyone know how to get Apple to refund the purchase cost of Lion? It is an unmitigated disaster. It adds no useful functions and disables all kinds of programmes on which I rely. Warning to others thinking of buying: don't - unless you are ready to endure hours of frustration and unsolved problems.

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    I must say Apple Support refunded me, upon a simple polite request. This was very serious and professional from their side.

    I believe they understood Lion was the Apple version of Windows Vista (heavier, with no useful features and a lot of useless "special effects"). I only hope next OS will not be comparable to Windows7...

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    If Apple isn't selling machines with SL anymore, your only choice is to buy older mchines from a reseller or eBay.  You can't install a version of Mac OS X earlier than what came with your Mac.


    What disappointed you so much about Lion?  Thus far, the problems I've seen expressed with Lion are 1) incompatibility problems with older software, 2) major problems caused by something being wrong with the machine before the installation or 3) interface differences.  In some cases these may be insurmountable - such as when you rely on software that has not been updated by the developer yet.  In most cases they are not.  Let us know what your problems are and someone may know how to fix them.

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    Thanks a lot Thomas. That's unbelievable and it is really disappointing.

    To answer your question what I did not like was:


    - not to be able to customize the interface (e.g. up/down buttons in finder scroll bars, uncustomizable finder's side bar)

    - useless new features (e.g., launchpad - I do not need to use my laptop/desktop as if it were an iPad)

    - loss of programs (e.g, front row)

    - mission control is beautiful, but expose was helpful and I need the latter

    - versions and automatic save are not needed to me but I did not find a way to disable them. It looks they make my system slower

    - my macbook became generally slower, but I could cook eggs on it. Unfortunately I need a fast laptop and not a stove


    I hoped I could downgrade the OS, but it is not the case, so this time I am going to buy a Linux box. Hopefully next OS will be better.