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I'd really like to ditch Outlook for Mac 2011 because i'm having reliability issues.  The only thing stopping me is that I need to be able to email everyone on the invite list for meetings.  I can't find a way of doing that in iCal, which means I need to use Outlook for my calendar.  Any ideas?

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    Greetings Jimbo,


    There may be a more elegant solution than the one I use but I'll tell you how I do this (I do it all the time).


    When I want to email my entire list of invitees for a meeting I double-click the event with all the invitees in iCal, click in the invitee field, do a command + A (select all), a command + C (copy), go to my new email window and click in the "To" field and do a command + V (paste).  All done.


    I use the keyboard commands to make this a very quick process.  One can of course use the commands in the Edit menu should you prefer that.


    Hope that helps.

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    Hi MadisonP,


    Thanks for replying.  It just struck me that it must be possible to automate what you're doing using either Automator or AppleScript.  I'll post a topic and see if anyone knows how to do it because i had a quick look at Automator and couldn't figure it out.




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    I tried this solution, but it pastes all of my contacts as 1 string instead of seperating them.  Has anyone else seen this?  Seems like the list of invitees should be delimited somehow.