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I am trying to to do a remote installation of OS X onto an older iMac (PPC G4, OSX 10.4.11) from a newer iMac (Intel i7, OSX 10.7). I have the Mac Box Set Family Pack and want to upgrade from Tiger to Leopard on the older iMac (finally!). Unfortunately, the optical drive on the older iMac is not acting right so I would like to install it remotely from the newer iMac. I can find plenty of resources telling me how to complete this task - all mentioning "Remote Install Mac OS X" found in Utilities.


However, "Remote Install Mac OS X" is nowhere to be found on my newer iMac. (The Tiger version is on my older one). I just upgraded to Lion and I believe it is still supposed to be around. How can I get this utility?



Jay Womack

iMac (Intel i7), Mac OS X (10.7)
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    womackjm wrote:


    I just upgraded to Lion and I believe it is still supposed to be around. How can I get this utility?


    seems it's gone with Lion.


    instead, do this:


    put the install DVD into the iMac and reboot it into target disk mode.


    connect it by a firewire cable to the G4. then reboot it and hold option (⌥) at the chime. it will boot you into startup disk manager. one of the options there should be to boot from the DVD sitting in the ODD of the iMac. choose it and proceed with the install.

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    I just got off the phone with Apple (I still have extended warranty and Tech Support for the new machine). They confirmed that the "Remote Install Mac OS X" utility is no longer part of OS X with Lion. Their only suggestion was the same as yours: target disk mode.

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    I do not really want to physically move the older iMac but it seems that is my only choice unless someone knows another remote method.


    Does anybody know if OS X can be installed remotely by simply turning on CD/DVD sharing? Or does one need the "Remote Install Mac OS X" utility as well?

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    check out  this read.

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    Thanks - I saw that earlier today. I have no problem enabling the sharing or even getting the DVD to mount on the older iMac.


    However, when I try to run the install application, I get a warning that it must be run directly from the DVD. It seems the older iMac knows the difference between running an OS X install off a remote DVD versus one in its own optical drive.

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    HOw did you solve the problem after all my friend. I am trying to do the same thing, use my iMac(with Lion) to install a fresh copy of Snow Leopard to my MBA.(10.5.2)


    Any ideas as to how to use the iMac's optical drive for the installation.

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    I ended up having my dad bring me his MacBook that was still running Leopard (or possibly Snow Leopard). The "Remote Install Mac OS X" was available as part of his OS and worked without a hitch. So . . . if you can find a Mac running OSX pre-Lion that would be one solution.


    If you do not have that option, I would think "Target Disk Mode" should work for you. I have used this feature for moving large amounts of files from a hard drive but never for a remote install from an optical drive. They say it works . . . let me know if you are successful!

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    The thing is that i am not an expert with iMac technology. I 've just defected from PC's so i have no idea what target disk mode is!!!

    On the other hand i found an external optical dvd drive from a friend, connected with a usb. Do you think that it will be possible to use it and boot up the snow leopard installation DVD from it?


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    That should work, as long as your MacBookAir recognizes the optical drive. However, I would think it might be slow-going over a USB connection. Using "Target Disk Mode" with a FireWire cable connected to your iMac would definitely be faster. If speed is not an issue, go for it.


    If you are willing to try "Target Disk Mode", the first reply to my original question explains how to do it, albeit pretty succinctly. And while the linked explanantion in that reply may look complicated, just follow the steps and you should have no problem (just subsitute "optical drive" for "hard drive").

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    I was trying to restore Snow Leopard on my Mac Book Air (2007).  I have Lion installed on my iMac - the computer I was planning on using as the Air Disc. 


    I was very frustrated looking for the "Remote Install Mac OS X" utility on my iMac.  As you all have said it is gone in Lion.  However, I used my handy dandy Time Machine to restore the utility.  Once restored, it works fine under Lion.


    So, if you have Lion installed, and you have Time Machine backups to snow leopard days, you can simply restore the Remote Install Mac OS X utilitiy.  Have fun.



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    Absolutely . Copy "Remote Install Mac OS X" utility from a Snow Leopard machine onto a USB drive. Put USB stick into Mac running Lion and drag 'Remote Install Mac OS X.app' into the Applications->Utilities folder. You will be asked to authenicate it. Do so and away you go.

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    Yes Work, thanks!