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    It worked for me, thanks Doug

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    I,m having the same problem with iMessages and iCloud. Unfortunately I'm not great with IT so excuse the question but where do I find

    Go to your system preferences → network → make sure WI-FI selected → advanced → DNS tab. Add to the DNS s    ervers.

    I can find nothing resembling this on the Ipad2

    Many Thanks


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    I had the same problem with iMessage.


    These days Apple IDs are mostly email addresses and sometimes you can sign in using your email address eg and password.


    the log ins of Face Time and IMessage on iOS 5 seem to assume this is the format you'll be using, but if you happen to have an earlier Apple ID where you use your full name or another user name, eg johnny smith OR captain america or something - then that needs to go in the ID line, rather than the email address that it appears to be asking for.Then your password, and then these apps can see your original account. After another region page iMessage asks for the email address and that's when you enter


    It took me a while to work it out in iMessage and I kept getting the "Unable o verify" message but it's easy, as long as you can remmeber your original user name/apple ID.

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    Worked. What a pathetic situation. They could care less about us.

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    Thanks for the suggestion James but I have always used my e-mail address. Glad it worked for Scudsbrother. I have contacted Apple support. They just said open another e-mail account and use that. This has worked but it creates havoc with messages you dont get all messages in I message you have to tell eveyone that you have  a different e-mail for imessage and you are forced to open an e-mail account that you don't want just to get Apple products to work (sort of).

    Apple support eas useless I knew more that the customer agent.

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    I am on a one-year old Mac laptop, and when I try to sign on to Facetime for the first time,  I keep getting the error maeesge, "Unable to verify email because it is already in use by another Apple ID."

    Someone said change the network DNS tab to but that did nothing for my problem.


    Why is Mac such a pain in the rear end?

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    Hi Sam,


    Thanks very much. That worked perfectly for me even though I had 2 DNS servers set up already.


    Much appreciated.



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    It works for me too" thanks!

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    I also had problems on some Macs and after reading this thread I discovered that I had both and set as Wi-fi DNS but for some reason they were overwritten. Both are the Google DNS DNS and more can be read here:



    thx again for reminding

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    Just got an iPad for Christmas, tried to 'activate' the FaceTime on it and got the same results; no email verification sent (or if it was, I never received it).

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    Was getting frustrated / about to create a new apple ID, worked like a charm - thanks!

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    Adding the andor the to my DNS didn't work for me, eithe on my iMac or on the iPad.  Still getting the "unable to verify........a verification email.....". Still haven't gotten the "verification email", even after numerous tries.

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    did you ever figure out how to use facetime? I have the same issue!

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    YAY! Worked for me too!  I have been trying to figure this out for days

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