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I am so thoroughly disappointed that Apple has decided that the ESC key does not return full-screen video playback to the separate window used prior to going full-screen. Why does the ESC key have to close AND stop playback when in full-screen? And what was Apple's reason for removing some of the playback options from the preferences pane? This is just the beginning of finding issues with version 10.4.


I would like to thank Apple for making their proprietary media playback software even more unappealing to me. Lately it seems that every 3-4 months Apple has to make changes that drastically alters common user functions. I'm disappointed that Apple developers are so blind to their user's requests to leave some things alone.

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    Apple doesn't ever explain why they change something, and not all user requests submitted to http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html are adopted or even acknowleged.


    The video playback options are now found in the View menu > Video playback > [Options].  If you are using full screen, you can still access the menus by moving your cursor to the top if the screen and you can select another playback option without pausing your movie.


    It might not be what everyone prefers, but it is what it is.

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    Downloading podcasts has become a joke.  You get exactly ONE download per podcast - the most recent one, and that is whether or not you want that particular piece.  However you might as well enjoy it, because that one crammed down your throat is the only one you are going to get.


    You are NOT able to "update all" or even select other podcast titles within a series to download them.


    I usually avoid updating with a new version of iTunes, not sure why I decided to go ahead this time but NEVER AGAIN.  Except of course for whenever the high lords at Apple decide to give me back the functionality that means my iPod is actually a functioning, useful appliance instead of a brick.


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    Update 104.1 fixes this issue, lets download it and see if it works...



    Apple’s release notes are as follows:



    iTunes 10.4.1 provides a number of improvements, including:



    - Fixes a problem where the media keys on some third-party keyboards work inconsistently with iTunes

    - Addresses issues with adding artwork to songs and videos

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    Yeah, I just tried out, I selected a song, created an mp3 version of it, and the album artwork didn't embed the cover art, 10.3 was working great for me, if only apple hadn't stated that it fixed the album art problem i would never updated to 10.4.1, *****.


    Sorry all for that, so, do not update to 10.4.1, it doesn't fix the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I use itunes a lot for sorting play-lists as part of my work and am constantly editing id3 tags.


    10.4 removed the auto fill from the library view when editing an 'artist's name' (for example)

    Now with 10.4.1 auto fill works again but is glitchy and wont allow any variation.


    This was remedied by using 'comand i' and going into the information window for the track and editing.


    Over all not impressed with 10.4 or 10.4.1 and frankly sick of updating programs all the time.

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    I found this issue same day as the 10.4 update was released, and I was also able to find a work around for groups of songs/albums for me within a week after updating.


    Use the Get Info option for the songs, and then go to the Info tab. First, check the box next to the artwork preview at the bottom. Second, either paste the artwork or click & drag the artwork file to the preview box. Third, click Ok. This seems to be the only way I could get artwork to stick for songs/entire albums that had this issue.


    This also worked for imported TV shows and Movies that had this issue. Today I updated to 10.4.1 and have not tried my work around since updating. I know my work around was valid as I got my friend to use it when her album artwork wasn't sticking using any older method.

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    I just downloaded iTunes 10.5.1, did some tests and it seems to work now, I added a .jpg to a song without artwork and it appear in Finder just fine, the only thing I noticed was that I couldn't drag the pic when in the little box "Now Playing", I had to go to "Get Info"/"Artwork to drag it to my desktop.


    Another thing is that when I added the pic it didn't show in the box, I had to play another song then go back to the one I fixed and it appeared, the same thing when you delete an artwork, it stil shows until you play another song go back to the previous and then it gets deleted.


    Oh, and also some other songs that I downloaded and never showed artwork in Finder, after 10.5.1 they showed the artwork in Finder just fine.


    So, after all that, is nice to see that the file in Finder shows the artwork, but, they fixed something and messed up something else, but I much rather have the problems of 10.5.1 that the previous bugs in 10.4, 10.5.