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Lion installed on a MacBook Pro without problems. I created a partition in Lion for Snow Leopard. Using original MacBook Pro installation disk, started to install, but I quit when I was not sure whether the install would overwrite Lion or give me an opportunity to install in the partition. It had not yet asked me where I wanted to install. As I continue, will it ask me where I want to install Snow Leopard, or will it simply reinstall Snow Leopard eliminating Lion?

iMac & MacBook & iTouch, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I will answer my own question. Yes, you can create a partition on Lion to be used for Snow Leopard, and your original install disc that came with the computer is used to install it into that partition. And the last question before beginning the install asks where you want to install it.

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    This sounds like it would solve my main problem with Lion, it killed an important app that the vendor hasn't solved yet. I need it fixed ASAP. I have searched how to do this, but can't find anything about it. Is there a resource you used to figure out how to set this all up?

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    It is quite easy. In your Lion applications, go to "Utilities" then to "Disk Utilities". In the upper left hand corner click on the topmost disk, and the menu bar on the right will have "Partition" as an option. Click that, and it will show you your current disk partition. Click on the "+" in the lower left corner to add a partition. You can name it what you like. Snow Leopard requires about 6 GB, so set the partition size at at least 10GB. I am told this is enough if your are only running several programs, but if you have adequate disk space you can make it a little larger. Once you have done this, you can close everything out.

    You can now shut down your computer, and insert the original installation disk that came with the computer. When you start up, it will boot from that, and will install the Snow Leopard. The last question it will ask before installing is what disk/partition do you want to install it on, and you can choose the partition you have just created. This should do it for you. Let me know if it works successfully.

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    Thanks, this is great info.  I have a couple of follow up questions being a Mac newbie.  Once you set up the partitions, are both OSs running at the same time when you start-up?  How do you switch between Lion to get to programs that need to run on SL?

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    No, as far as I can tell, you have to run each OS separately. You go to "System Preferences" and under "startup disc" you can choose which OS you want to run.

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    Can you run snow leopard in VMWare or Parallels?

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    No. OS X Snow Leopard runs in a Mac environment, and VMWare and Parallels are PC environments. However, I don't understand why you would want to, as you can create a partition in OS X Lion and install Snow Leopard in that as discussed above.

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    I don't want to have to reboot into SL to use Quicken.

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    I completely agree on this, but this was the only solution where I didn't have to pay Intuit again for a version of QuickBooks that I had recently bought. I would note that Parallels runs just fine in Lion, and my current version of Quicken runs the same as before in it.

  • Robert Lewis Level 2 (330 points)

    So, are you saying that you can run Quicken in Parallels?  And you don't have to reboot to run Quicken?

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    I haven't tried it yet in Lion, but the latest Parallels runs just fine in Lion, and I have been running Quicken in Parallels for several years with no problems. I don't think there should be any problems. Intuit makes a version of Quicken to run on a PC, hence it runs in Parallels. There is also a version that runs on the Mac, but I have not checked to see if the current version runs in Lion or not. I have had to run it in Parallels, as my bank does not support the Mac version.

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    Hi, so I created the partition but I'm not really sure how to intall SL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    No problem. I have described how to do this in my July 25 note above. And my July 31 note describes how to switch between Snow Leopard and Lion. You can install programs in either OS just the way you normally would. I have found that Snow Leopard takes more space than expected, so I would make the partition at least 20GB.

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    I have had a very different experience but the one difference is that am using a Snow leopard install disc rather than the disk that came with the computer. Also the only way i knew how to partition the disc on my computer was to boot off a old back up and use disk utility on it.


    1. Snow leopard install disk straight in to lion = Disk comes up saying it can not be used with this version of OSX


    2. Used a Snow leopard backup drive as the boot disk, inserted disk and pointed install to the Partition I made for it. = Install starts until the Reboot then Kernel errors and a DOS type screen sating it can not find a OSX version.


    3. Tried to Carbon copy my Snow leopard back up drive to the partition = The same Kernel error when I try and reboot on the new snow leopard partition.


    4. Went to Google, found a article saying that the OSX Lion Recovery partition can cause havoc not allowing you to install from a disk. Answer was to make your mac boot in firewire mode whilst using another mac to run the install disk and direct it to the correct partition this was tested on a mini mac server with two hard drives in it no on a single drive with a partition. I am currently  trying this but when the disk restarted the machine it just sits on the Grey apple and has done for the last 30 mins yet i had this before and apparently its the computer scanning all the different disks connected I am hoping the install will finally restart :-s ???


    I am out of ideas.

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