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I can't get an iPad2 to pair with the wireless KB that came with my iMac (mid 2010 model). Anyone have any suggestions?


If I go to Settings on the iPad, and turn Bluetooth on, it searches (spinning icon forever). If I turn the keyboard off then back on during the search (I see the Apple Wireless KB name show up, but it tells me it's not paired. I read a few posts in the Support Archives, but didn't see a final solution.

3.06 GHz iMac i3, 4 GB Ram, 500GB HD, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 60GB iPod Photo, hp all-in-one j6480, ext. HD: 750GB Seagate
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    Would I have to shut the iMac down to unpair it first? - I'll try that and get back on it

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    I got it to work after turing the iMac off. Even though it was in the next room, it must have still been paired with the iMac

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    The correct answer clarified


    Be sure to un-pair the keyboard from one device before trying to pair it with another device. I was pretty far away from the iMac but it was still paired with it. The keyboard would not pair with the laptop because it was still paired with the iMac. I shut the iMac down and it paired with the MBP immediately. It's likely that turning bluetooth off on the iMac would have worked too