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Apple has been, in my opinion, somewhat ignorant to their Mac users.


The all-new Mac OS X Lion brings many features, which is great. But was it necessary to change the gestures?


The new gestures on Lion is really confusing and even there is conflict in gesture setting where I cannot use one gesture if I enable the other. I much prefer Snow Leopard's gestures than Lion. Lion's gesture is not really friendly with hands with disabilities.


1. Now everytime I want to select multiple files on desktop, I had to hard press the trackpad instead of double-tap to drag it.

2. Why enable 'eye-catchy' and normal back/forward navigation at the same time on Safari. Any option to enable just one gesture?

3. I cannot use two-finger swipe left/right navigation in Finder, it's now three-finger (this gesture gets disabled when I enable 3-finger drag)

4. Sometimes Mission Control aligns all the windows to the centre. It piles up so I cannot see what's behind each window. A glitch or what?

5. Graphic glitch in Mission Control when video is playing (A blue selection edge becomes larger than the size of window)

6. Documents stack is defaulted to display its icon as 'Stack' not 'Folder'

7. External disks/drives and network drives are not shown on Desktop by default (forces you to open Finder then select one)

8. Resume feature opens 5+ Pages documents upon launch if I do NOT close each document before exiting the app.




Lion seems it's targeted at novice or first-time Mac user, with intention to make more user-friendly computing experience. I'm not having any user-friendly experience here, instead I'm frustrated. Nice.


I'm going back to Snow Leopard...


Feel free to agree with my frustration and/or criticise.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    well, first thing i would do is update to 10.7.1 see if that helps at all

    also right click on the doc. folder and get yourself to SHOW VIEW option

    see if everything there is checked to assist in the way you want things


    i don't claim to be any kind of expert but, i would strongly suggest checking all your preferences..customization seems to be a pretty strong suit in Lion

    in system prefs there are a lot of places to check/uncheck as far as gestures!!

    also read some of the tips from TUAWB & Cult of Mac..good tips there

    good luck! don't give up New is always a pain at first, but think how great you will feel having mastered this new process!!

    Here's a reference for the other ones:

    BTW, i changed the scrolling from opposite to same direction scrolling

    ( check/uncheck Scroll direction / NATURAL) also found in prefs

    1 Finger Gestures


    Tap to Click

    Cursor movement     Up/down  Left/Right


    2 Finger Gestures


    Scroll                          Up/Down  Left/Right

    Secondary Click -       Tap

    Zoom -                        Pinch / Spread

    Smart Zoom -             Double tap

    Rotate -                       Rotate

    Forward/Back Pages - Swipe Left/Right


    3 Finger Gestures

    Look up Definition -    Tap

    Drag                           Drag


    4 Finger Gestures

    LaunchPad -              Pinch

    Show Desktop -         Spread

    Mission Control -     Swipe Up

    Expose -                  Swipe down

    Swap Desktops -     Swipe Left/Right


    * Some Definitions can be Changed in System Preferences


    The following options are now in System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse and TrackPad tab > Trackpad options….


    Double click speed

    Scroll speed

    Scroll with inertia

    Drag Lock

    Ignore built in Trackpad


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