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    I have written Unsanity a few times already in the past few weeks. My last note said that the least they could do is let its followers now if they plann to upgrade windowshade for the new OS. I'm frustrated enough that APPLE made this change so difficult for many favorite apps but at least Unsanity to either keep up or sell its haxies back to Apple so that could develop them.

  • itasara Level 1 Level 1

    I for one am not happy with statement  "that is the way things are.". If you have  an old car you expect you can still get parts and service for that car for years after the technology changes.  To make such drastic changes to a system so that many people are left out in the cold is really not acceptible to me.  I tend to upgrade. Thank goodness I saved my previous system on an external hard drive before I upgraded. I bought some music online and then found out the music company could not send me the digital music b/c of the new LION upgrade. So I was able to boot up from my backup and finally was able to download the music. My husband has one of the first intel MACS. for some reason I don't understand, he can not upgrade at all to the last few upgrades. He wants to know why he spent $1500 dollars on a computer that is already obsolete. He gets ms word doc from work he cannot open becasue the end in docx. I can open them, and although I know they could send out the .doc documents from work,  he doesn't think the person who sends them out is interested in accomodating other employees or spending the time to learn how to do that.   So it has caused a number of problems for a number of people and one can say it is progress, but at what expense? I heard Steve Jobs original speech when he was young and said he wanted to develop a computer for "the rest of us" not just big business. He did a great job, but drastic changes are NOT for the rest of us.  OK, so not everyone has to upgrade, but I know that is going to cause problems. What if you have mobile me? it won't be usuable after next June.  The Cloud has already screwed up things and It already has for some. I had to erase my entire time capsule a few days ago and lost all my backups for the last year... maybe it was a combination of new upgrades, not just Icloud alone, but everything was working well great untilt I transitioned to ICloud and Itunes upgrades. And I still miss windowshade terribly. I don't like the new launcher..makes no sense to me, and I hate it when things save to the dock now and I can't find them unless I open the program again that I was using VERY inconvenient indeed.

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    Don't forget, windowshade use to be part of Apple's own system. I hear Apple is very specific about the third party apps they allow, so I do think if a particular App is very essential for many who use it, they need to look into the situation.

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    @ itasara


    Why should Apple support third party haxies that alter and modify the operating system or spend their time or money to make them work? That is not Apple's responsibility.


    No automobile manufacturer is required to allow you to mess with their motors computer system.


    Get over it  people, if windowshade is so **** important to your existence then go back to the operating system that worked for your computer perfectly and without problems before you stupidly upgraded to an operating that doesn't support third party extensions aka hacks to the operating system nor is that new OS required to support those hacks.

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    Windowshade hasn't disappeared. In fact, Apple still offers it in one of its own programs. Evidence? Open a new Sticky note from the Apple Sticky program; type in some material, then hit the top bar à la Windowshade. Voilà, only the menu bar remains -- just like Windowhade used to do!

    If Apple can do that with one of its own programs, why can't it facilitate it in other programs? There could be legal and ownership issues involved, but if Windowshade (and maybe Unsanity) is indeed dead, can't Apple for once offer to step up and replace it? How hard can it be if it's already doing it for one of its programs?

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    Any company, like Unsanity, who creates hacks to the operating system (software that uses undocumented and unofficial application interfaces) is always going to be at risk of becoming incompatible with any update to the operating system – even small updates.  With Apple's improvements to the system to make it faster, stabler, and safer, hacks always are at risk of becoming incompatible.  Through Unsanity's history, we've always experienced with regularity when its products become incompatible and thus fail.


    Unfortunately, it takes a lot of energy to figure out the new ways to hack the operating system.  Hacks often have to break through security features of the operating system, for example. This is why it usually takes Unsanity a long time to update their products.  It certainly took a long time to update for Snow Leopard, for example - so long that I stopped using their hacks and found replacements for almost all of them.


    1. Fruit Menu:  I use the Favorites folder feature - which is stored in the user's library to store aliases to my favorite applications and folders.  I dragged this folder (after changing the icon to a heart) to the right side of the dock.  There, I can pop it open in any application to activate my favorite applications or open my favorite folders. What is good about this replacement is that it is free and does not hack the operating system so will be available in any future update of OS X.  It is also easier to mouse to the Favorites folder since it is on the bottom rather than top of the screen.


    2. Labels X:  I recommend Path Finder.  It is an application which can replace the Finder.  It has many many more features than the Finder – including changeable labels, dual-pane Windows (allowing you to see the contents of two folders at the same time, so you can more easily organize the contents of each and copy or move items between each one). It also has the hard drives listed on top of the side bar rather than at the bottom like OS X Lion has (which is very inconvenient in Lion).  I turn on Path Finder generally only when I need it.  But you can use it all the time as a Finder replacement.  Path Finder is rapidly upgraded since it doesn’t hack into OS X like Unsanity’s products – thus you can expect it to be stable for years to come.  Path Finder is like a super duper replacement for Labels X.


    3. Menu Master:  This is the one I miss the most since it was so handy to change an application’s actual menu key.  This feature cannot totally be replaced.  But for nearly every situation, I’ve replaced it with Keyboard Maestro. Keyboard Maestro does more than Menu Master.  It allows you to create complex macros in OS X.  It has been very stable and compatible and has been rapidly updated since it uses official application interfaces and doesn’t hack into OS X.  There are other alternatives which are also excellent:  iKey and Quickeys.  But Keyboard Maestro is the one which has been most rapidly updated as OS X has been updated.  I’m pretty happy with it, even though I also bought iKey and Quickeys.


    4. Windowshade:  This is an OS X feature I also miss since in spots it can come in handy. Apple, unfortunately, decided that the Windowshade feature was not useful for the majority of people and overly complicated the user interface.  I bet Steve Jobs also thought it was UGLY to clutter up the desktop with partially closed windows - and I thought for years that it does look ugly.  For these reasons, Apple removed the Windowshade feature. Unfortunately, there is direct replacement for it.  I have instead accepted the fact that OS X will never have Windowshade again unless someone again hacks the system.  However, I have come to terms with this and have instead used these OS X’s features as a replacement:  1. Minimize to Dock: which minimizes the window to the right side of the dock. 2. Mission Control: which allows one to switch between applications and shuffle windows around. 3. Command-Tab to switch between applications (Command-Tab was originally from Microsoft Windows). 4. A Second Monitor (or more):  More monitors removes the need to use Windowshade since you can have numerous windows open at the same time.  With practice, these become second nature and just work.  Thus, since Snow Leopard, I haven’t found a need to come back to Windowshade.


    5. Xounds: I admit that I don’t use Xounds. When this feature first came out in Mac OS 9, I found it a distraction and turned it off.  It is, however, fun on occasion and I have saved the numerous sound files I had used with Mac OS 9 through the years.  If you want sounds for various system events, consider SoundNote 0.2.1 ( It is complicated to use but it can do pretty much everything Xounds can do and more – e.g. growl notification sounds. If you want more sound from your Mac, you can also turn on the VoiceOver utility in the Universal Access preference pane.  This will then tell you the contents of every window you mouse to.  Note that, unless sight impaired, the extra sounds are more a distraction than not.  Again, I bet this is why Steve Jobs cut system sounds out of OS X except for basic ones like the trash sound and alert sound.


    6. FontCard:  I tried this but found it slowed my system too much when it did work.  I use simply use Apple’s Font Book when I want to organize my fonts.  It will forever be updated and supported in OS X.


    7. Shapeshifter:  I miss themes in Mac OS 9.  But I have come to terms with simply using what Apple gives us.  Note having to decide the flavor of the day is missed.  And, one can’t wow your friends with a Sci-Fi look to your Mac.  But at least the interface works.


    8. Silk: With OS X Lion, there are no longer any PowerPC apps and carbon apps are dying away.  Thus, Silk is no longer necessary.


    9. Mighty Mouse: There is no direct replacement for this in OS X Lion.  OS X Lion allows you to enlarge the cursor using the Universal Access preference pane.  It does this much more nicely than previous OS X versions.  Other mouse utilities that do similar things to Mighty Mouse to strongly consider include:  OmniDazzle (free from the Omni Group),  iCursor (free in the App Store), Mouseposé (from App Store), Star Trail (from App Store), and HotMouse (from App Store).


    There you go.  I've moved on.  I've  found replacements for almost all that Unsanity does. So I no longer wait for them.  And I don't have to worry any longer about system crashes from a hack to the system.

  • Neil from Oz Level 2 Level 2

    Email today for those interested (editedd to remove advertisments, etc.)


    November 8th, 2011 - Unsanity LLC announces "Yes, we are still here,"  ****** on all haxies while we prepare Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)-compatible versions of our haxies.


    Currently, none of our products are enabled to work on Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion". The core APE part works, but that's useless without haxies. So it'll be a few weeks or a few months before we get these into beta.


    Some haxies require significant work to "fit-in" with the rest of Lion. As such, haxies that require significant work will *not* be a free upgrade.


    However, every person that uses the discount coupon (LION-PREPARE) on our store will not have to pay again on haxies that will require a upgrade charge. And there will be more than one haxie with an upgrade charge.


    We are also tracking the usage of the LION-PREPARE coupon discount code and which products it is applied to. We will release updates/betas in order of the number of times LION-PREPARE was used for each product. VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN!


    Again, *currently*, nothing we sell is enabled to work on Lion.


    You can follow the betas for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion progress by following @haxies or @haxiesbeta on twitter.


    We do not currently have a time table for releases. Our ETA is based solely on how often LION-PREPARE is used.. LION-PREPARE currently expires on December 1st, 2011.


    On another note, our products will likely never be on MAS unless Apple allows software that has its own installer, software that installs plugins, and software that asks for admin privs to install.. I mean, they allow the Mac OS X Lion installer, Xcode 4.2, and Final Cut X, which violates all of these, but that's ok, it's Apple doing it.


    Please to not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. But please note responses may be slow while we work on getting the betas ready for Lion.



    For more information on Unsanity haxies, please visit:




    Unsanity LLC is the creator of other popular haxies such as WindowShade X, FontCard, Mighty Mouse, Menu Master, FruitMenu, Xounds, Dock Detox, and Silk.  Unsanity is dedicated to providing quality software for the Macintosh community.

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    Assignment wrote:


    Windowshade hasn't disappeared... Apple still offers it in one of its own programs...Apple Sticky program;


    If Apple can do that with one of its own programs, why can't it facilitate it in other programs?



    A lot of people on the forum, including myself, have posted rants along the lines of "why can't Apple do this or that?"  Some of the things they do are so counterproductive that I have often wondered whether they use their own products.  In my fantasy I see the developers on Linux and Windows boxes.


    Anyway, I finally figured it out while watching a BBC obituary for Steve Jobs.  Imagine yourself on the board of directors with responsibility for making money for the shareholders.  Q:  Where is the money made?  A:  iPhone, iPod, iTunes and iPad.  It was then that I realized they care nothing for the old time Apple users who have supported them through the dark days.  I have had 50 Mac in my lab over the years, but not one single iPhone or iPod.  They could not give a second though to a user like me.  I just don't appear on their money radar. 


    The latest injustice:  My 2005 Intel Macbook Pro was quite simply worn out and coming apart at the seems.  I buy a new one that ships with Lion.  I don't mind that until I find that the hardware is configured to stop me installing Snow Leopard.  I am thus stripped of my PPC Apps, of which I have many:  for example Fuji Science Lab for processing the Phosphorimager files.  Selling me hardware that can't accept the version of the OS from six months ago feels like a gratuitous assault.  Of course, it is probably just that they don't care.


    If I am forceable stripped of my old software I may as well migrate to Windows.  99% of my computing time is no MS Office, which works much better on a Windows box than a Mac.

  • Neil from Oz Level 2 Level 2

    oxcart wrote:


    If I am forceable stripped of my old software I may as well migrate to Windows.  99% of my computing time is no MS Office, which works much better on a Windows box than a Mac.

    That is entirely your choice. You can always run aincent apps on an aincent computer at aincent prices as well. Buy an old G4 for 30 bucks on ebay.

  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8
    The latest injustice:  My 2005 Intel Macbook Pro was quite simply worn out and coming apart at the seems.  I buy a new one that ships with Lion.  I don't mind that until I find that the hardware is configured to stop me installing Snow Leopard.  I am thus stripped of my PPC Apps, of which I have many:  for example Fuji Science Lab for processing the Phosphorimager files.  Selling me hardware that can't accept the version of the OS from six months ago feels like a gratuitous assault.  Of course, it is probably just that they don't care.

    I wonder why all of those companies that are supporting you with that old software don't just give you a free upgrade to the new versions that work with Lion. Shouldn't cost them much to do that. I can't believe those companies don't want you as a loyal customer. Just leaving you out in the cold like that. 'Tis a Shame.

  • mortfe Level 1 Level 1

    I'll believe it when I see it. Where do you gety this 'coupon'? I've been with windowshade since it came out. Miss it.

  • Keith Richardson Level 1 Level 1

    As the originator of this whole enquiry, I'm very pleased to see how much interest it has generated. Thanks to all who have worked so so hard to make Unsanity aware of our wishes/needs. For mortfe and others, here is the link to the "LION PREPARE" coupon. Let's hope it doesn't take too long to get "our haxies" back. p

  • William Donelson Level 4 Level 4

    I ordered MenuMaster, FontCard, and FruitMenu


    I hope they come through.... especially given the 30+ unanswered emails over the last 12-18 months...

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    At this point I'm mostly interested in Windowshade.  I agree with the OPs and the designers of the current Stickies app that each individual user is the best judge of how big a window should be at a given time.   I've tried the other workarounds mentioned on this thread, with some success, but there's really no substitute for having the option to have large numbers of small but still recognizable windows  on the desktop, arranged according to the project's evolving needs.  The dock is not sufficient -- it is one-dimensional and not really big enough.


    - - -


    Neil, about the same material that you received in the recent email you quote appears in the blog portion of the Unsanity site ( no direct link -- -- chose "WEBLOG" at top) dated 11/8/2011.


    What this text proposes is incoherent or misguided -- I haven't quite decided-- maybe both. I hope that Unsanity's engineering will be better  than its communications/marketing strategy going forward.


    All: You can post a response below the blog entry.   Might be a very good idea to do so. 

  • Hen3ry Level 2 Level 2

    danged fingers!   correct link is

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