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I've read other posts that say there is no imovie Trash and that it's the regular trash or it's in the Finder.  Not sure if that was referring to older versions of imovie.  I deleted clips from imovie.  My regular Mac trash is empty so they are not there.  I dont see a trash in the Finder.  And if I click MOVIES, I only see folders for Movie Projects and Movie Events.  So where do deleted movies go?  Is there a trash anywhere visible to the user?  If not, does that mean that if  you accidentally delete a movie, it is gone forever?  Ive tried the imovie help menu but it doesnt say where the trash is ; it just guides me to File to put something in the trash.  I must be missing something

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    There was a time in the past when iMovie kept a separate trash from the Macintosh System level trash. Now, when you delete and put stuff in the trash, iMovie moves it physically to the Trash icon you see in Macintosh Dock Bar (metal waste bin).


    You can sometimes retrieve stuff out of that icon by double clicking it to see what's inside and dragging them back on to the desktop. However if you 'Empty' the trash, that's it. But the one case where this isn't true is if you have Time Machine turned on and can go back and retrieve it from the Time Machine Backup. Time Machine may show the items still in the trash before you emptied it.

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    Thank you for responding.  The problem is twice yesterday I deleted movie clips, but THEY WERE NOT IN THE OVERALL MAC TRASH.  I looked each time to see if it was in the trash - The trash was completely empty but the movies disappeared.


    I don't know Im  having so many problems with my Mac; its been more of a headache in 4 weeks than my relic of a 10-year-old desktop.  Even my friends who pushed me to get a Mac cannot believe all the issues I keep having. And Im constantly getting rainbows also when I only have Safari open and nothing else even downloaded onto my system.  I dont get it; Mac was supposed to make my life easier.

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    They may not have been put in the trash. Sometimes when you delete a clip it is merely 'rejected' or is labeled rejected. In cases like this, it's only labeled and this happens when you highlight a clip and hit delete. Rejected clips are not deleted as such but given a red stripe across the top. To make the rejected clips visible in imovie, go down to the Event Browser and just below that area is a pull down list that is labeled Favorites and Unmarked. This is a sorting list that filters out different clips based on how they are labeled. If you click on that pull down list and choose Rejected Only, you might find your clips are in that list and have not been sent to the trash.

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    Thanks for your response.


    Making progress.  Yes I see when I go into REJECTED ONLY in the drop down menu, there are some clips there...but when I try clicking MOVE REJECTED TO TRASH, nothing happens.  I've also tried highlighting a clip, and nothing still happens.  I briefly see the barbershop thing on the top of the screen for a mili-second, but nothing happens...It like just comes and goes and the clips do not move.



    Do you know if these clips are in iphoto, if I have to move them to imovie?  Can I delete them from iphoto so they are only in imovie?  These were old clips from my PC and they got put into iphoto from the data transfer...but I dont want them in iphoto and imovie; I just want them in imovie.  (I also noticed when I tried making a video in PHOTO BOOTH, it gave me the option to save it in iphoto but not imovie)

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    It may be that those video clips are from the iPhoto Videos icon under the Event Browser. What does the title bar above the clips say? If it's an iPhoto Video that will be at the beginning of the title followed by a - then whatever the event name was given to the video in iPhoto. I've run into this same exact situation recently with an old clip I had no intention of keeping. You are 100% correct in observing that iMovie disables the ability to delete the clips once they are rejected due to the fact they are actually iPhoto Video clips instead. So I looked up your question and found a discussion thread on the MacRumours website here: It seems like the best course of action is to pull the iPhoto videos out of iPhoto altogether and then import them into iMovie so that you can manage them completely within the iMovie database itself. So I guess what we can conclude is that iPhoto Videos in iMovie are only 'readable', not 'writable' in the sense cannot delete or cut into them in any way.

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    Thanks for your help & suggestions. EVERYTHING I currently have in imovie is an Iphoto video.  I did a 1-1 training on imovie but the trainer sucked and she didn't teach me anything..and the main thing I wanted was to have the movies out of iphoto and into imovie!


    Im so confused by all this stuff because so far, every time an Apple employee - in-store or on the phone - has told me to do something, it was wrong and screwed up my system.  Ive wasted dozens of hours of work; spend every weekend on the phone with Apple techs for 3-5 hours...I even had to be in the store for 8 hours while a tech tried to fix what these people had done.  And yet my one month old computer is constantly freezing up, having rainbows, needing to be restarted...thats why I got a new laptop!!!  (and I cant figure out how to work all these programs)

    I had a 1-1 training in imovie and the tech really couldn't explain the whole videos in iphoto and what you should do with them - do they need to be moved to imovie? deleted from iphoto? etc.  I really dont want 'deleted videos' to be in imovie...especially since Ive been trying to get rid of all these duplicate photos and videos that were caused by the data transfer.  But if you delete the video from iphoto, will it delete it in imovie too?  Is it the same video or a copy?


    I want all the video clips in imovie- not iphoto--- Im just not sure how to do that..and make sure I can trust someone that I'm doing it right.  (Im not even sure how to tell which video is which since there are a lot of dupes, but Ill try to see if maybe I can delete one of those from iphoto and see what happens...but even in iphoto, it wont delete untl you delete that whole iphoto trash and I havent done that yet because Im still trying to organize my iphoto library)

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    I think you're on the right track as far as understanding where things are sitting on the hard drive. The iPhoto Videos only exist as a single copy inside of the iPhoto Library and folders. And iMovie 'points' to those videos sitting over in iPhoto. This is confusing I realize, and it may not be what you were intending to do, but it can be undone. It sounds like what you want to do is pull the vidoes completely out of iPhoto altogether (move them, not copy them) and then re-import them into iMovie. That way you are managing all the video clips within iMovie and not just pointing to them as they sit over in the iPhoto library.


    To figure out where they are located currently in the iPhoto Library, right mouse click on a clip and choose "Reveal in Finder" that will open up a new window that contains the actual iPhoto Video clip you are clicking on right at that moment. Get a pencil and some paper and write down that location and folder name. Then you can drag that video clip(s) as necessary to the desktop. Organize them into folders. When everything is sitting on the desktop or some amount of it, import it into iMovie. To make sure iPhoto 'forgets' the old video clips, hold down the Apple key and launch iPhoto. It will ask you if you want to re-index, re-catalog all the stuff in iPhoto. That should force it to realize the videos are no longer in its possession and it should essentially erase them. If there's any left over artifacts from the videos you have moved it should be easy to delete the stuff that's missing from iPhoto, by clicking once and hitting the delete key.

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    ok, Ill have to look at that..seems a bit complicated....You're right the 'so-called original imovie clips' are in iphoto when I look at the Finder pathway.  I did start creating some of them into imovie events (which are in movies) but if I delete them, then then I probably would delete all the work I did organizing them into events so I knew what the clips actually were. 


    Maybe will see if I can do that with an Apple trainer in-store although most of them don't seem to know what they're doing.  Just so frustrated about doing stuff like this because this is a similar situation to what I had in itunes and Apple guided me the wrong way at every step and created a nightmare.  I ended up wasting 20-30 hours of work, 6 hours on the phone with Applecare, 3 hours instore and then had to beg a manager to have their best employee take a look & fix all the crap that the Apple employees had done to my brand new computer. That took another 8 hours with him in-store.  I dont want a repeat of that!  But it looks like that will have to happen.


    Such a mess again!  I honestly wish I never got a Mac; Ive had so many more problems with this than my old PC desktop.  Thanks for your help & suggestions

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    Good luck sajam, Having someone watch what you are doing wil probably be helpful. And I think ultimately if iPhoto doesn't manage the video clips you will be happier in the long run. Another thing you can do to avoid any future problems is to turn off iPhoto's launching automatically and importing videos into it's library.


    In iPhoto, go to the iPhoto menu at the top and choose Preferences. Under the 'General' Tab there is a setting titled: Connecting Camera Opens: (Drop down menu). This controls whether or not iPhoto launches and starts importing video/photos into it's Library. You can turn off this behavior by choosing "No Application". This means when the Mac sees the camera connected, it won't launch anything automatically. Which means you can then go to iMovie and do the import directly through it's import menu instead.

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    Thanks.  I assume this is an issue that most new people have because PCs dont have iMovie so I would assume everyone's videos get imported into iPhoto. I didn't have them grouped any special way.  Its probably best to do it in store with someone walking me through it; I just dont trust them because so far every thing theyve told me to do or done themselves has been wrong.  But I guess I have no other choice...and just make sure to backup everything so that if they screw up, hopefully we can use Time Machine to get everything back the way it was

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    You're absolutely right, it wasn't always the case in the past the iPhoto would attempt to suck in all your video clips either. What happened I think around iLife '08 was they wanted people with still photo cameras that could also shoot video to be able to empty their cameras of EVERYTHING they might have on the camera whether or not it was video or still pictures. The side effect of that is iPhoto just assumes it supposed to manage everything on your behalf. But in fact in your case and in others you really want iMovie doing all the work.


    I read up a little more on this and found out you can also drag the clips from the iPhoto Videos folder into other Events in the Event Library. So there's another way to do the moving of videos and it might be more straight forward than the complicated scheme I came up with previously. Here's what I'm thinking of:


    1. Create a new empty event in the Event Library (File > New Event) Give it a name describing what clips will be going into it.

    2. Go to the iPhoto Vidoes folder in the Event Library. Hold down the Apple key and start clicking once on each clip you want to copy to the new Event within iMovie. Once you have a good number (maybe 10-12) drag them to the new empty Event you created in the previous step.


    This will NOT delete the originals, but merely copy them. Once they are safely copied into Event Folders using iMovie, you know they are safely there for you to use.


    Downside to doing this is even though you have a copy, you haven't deleted the original videos sitting in iPhoto. So the second step in this process is to delete the videos in iPhoto once you have made copies of them. It's going to be tedious to do the book keeping to know what's been copied over and what hasn't. But you could also just do 'Select All' when you are in the iPhoto Videos folder (and that means it would select everyone in one shot) then drag all of that into the Events folder you created at the beginning. That would ensure everything got copied at least once into iMovie and that you still have the duplicate or back up vidoes sitting in iPhoto which can be deleted at a later time. What you choose depends on which is easier for you to manage. I think Select All is probably easier, but you might want to split things into new events as you copy them from the iPhoto Videos folder in the Event Library.


    And again, do what you think is best I just wanted to include this as a smaller number of steps alternative to my original advice. Good Luck and may the Geniuses be with you.

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    I appreciate your trying to help me with this.  Once again, Applecare (that I am paying for!) has been useless.  The rep (whose number and email I have ) did not call me back or respond to my emails.  Either Applecare ***** or Im having the worst luck of any new Mac customer.


    I had already put all the videos into a separate album in iphoto, but I lost you after that.  I think I will try to go into the Apple retail store but I don't have much confidence in that since the last time they tried to help me, they created a disaster that required an 8 hour in-store fix. My experience so far at the retail store is there are about 2-3 people who really know what theyre doing; the rest are hit /miss.  In the last week alone, Ive had three issues that they said couldn't be done and within minutes after posting them on here, someone gave me the correct answer.  That doesn't inspire a lot of faith.


    I guess I also need to figure out if I take new videos with a regular camera, is there a way to get them to go directly into imovie and not into iphoto?  Otherwise, I will continue to have this problem.  (I noticed the same thing in Photo Booth- when I took a video, it gave me a choice of importing them into iphoto - but not imovie?)  Maybe you just have to live with it but it seems silly to not be able to delete clips you dont want.


    Also in imovie, I created Events to organize the clips that were originally imported. But is there a way to change the iphoto video titles on the right side of the screen?  I dont know if you understand what Im asking...but I basically want the Event Titles I created (which organized the clips so I know what they are) to match the raw video titles on the right side of the screen?  Otherwise, it's still very confusing as Im looking at apples and oranges...and I want all apples.


    Thanks again.

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    I had already put all the videos into a separate album in iphoto, but I lost you after that.


    That's fine, getting them into one spot is a good first step. The second step is to go back to iMovie into the Events Library and copy those videos into a new Event folder. Then they are fully under control of iMovie, you can reject/delete as needed.


    I guess I also need to figure out if I take new videos with a regular camera, is there a way to get them to go directly into imovie and not into iphoto?


    You will need to do it yourself, by using iMovie to import the video clips. But first make sure iPhoto's auto-importing has been disabled. That's the setting in the iPhoto preferences, General settings: Connecting Camera Opens: No Application. That turns off iPhoto and it will not launch the program the next time you connect your camera. Once that's disabled iPhoto wont' leap into action and suck everything off of the camera before you can do anything else with it.


    Also in imovie, I created Events to organize the clips that were originally imported. But is there a way to change the iphoto video titles on the right side of the screen?


    If the videos are still in the iPhoto Videos folder in the Event Library, they cannot be changed. You would need to drag them from the iPhotos Video folder into the Event folder you created. Then the Event folder can be renamed to match whatever you want to type in. In the Event Library double-click on the Event name to select it. Type a new name and press Return. That will rename the Event as it appears in the Event Browser, what you call the right side of the screen.

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    Im at the Apple store right now and luckily got the tech that has helped me before (when he spent 8 hours cleaning up with other Apple people had mistakenly done on my computer)...


    Since I had already organized my Apple movie clips into iMovie events, I was then told to delete the versions that were in iphoto.  That would not delete the imovie copies because they were residing in the Events.  I didnt have to import or export anything.  It just cleaned everything up; deleted it from iphoto, and deleted the copies I didnt want from imovie...So now everything is cleaned up and is in Events on the left hand side of the imovie screen with nothing on the right side.  Now I just need to find out how to copy vids from imovie to iphoto if I need to AND to save new vids to imovie instead of iphoto...but if not, I now know to just create it as an imovie event and delete it from iphoto!


    Thanks for your help but i lucked out getting the one store employee who actually knows his stuff and has always steered me the right way.  Other employees have told me to do the wrong thing or they didnt know...and once again, it was a simple task that others were over complicating!

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