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I've noticed that ever since the OS X Lion update, webpages in general are pretty laggy when scrolling.  I let the page completely load and when I scrollthere is stuttering and lag.  It is made most apparent when I use momentum to scroll a long webpage.


It seems to happen mostly with more complex pages (which makes sense I guess).  For example, some parts of doesn't have much lag when scrolling.  But most websites (like mine: are pretty laggy.  I know I use a background image and use special fonts, but I never had this problem before the Lion update.  Many other sites lag too:,, etc.  It seems like any time there is an image, there is stuttering.


I have tried setting the zoom level to default (command-0) just in case, and I have exited unnecessary applications and everything.  The lag is still there, regardless if I use fullscreen mode or not (though on some sites it is not as noticable in windowed mode).


Any clues?  Thanks!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), 27 inch, Mid-2010. 3.2 GHz i3
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