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I plugged my iPad into a power supply as usual to recharge it when it was down to approx. 4% (I've plugged it in at 0% before now and not had a problem!)   On this occasion the battery sign appeared, followed by the Apple icon on a blank screen after a few seconds.....not what normally happens when I recharge as it usually shows all apps and folders on the screen.  I don't think it was charging and I couldn't get it out of just showing the Apple icon, even though I tried pressing and holding the home button and the close down button at the same time.  After a few hours of it just sitting there showing the Apple icon I tried plugging it into my PC.  The iTunes window came up eventually but no sign of my iPad on the list to the left.  However, it showed Error message 0xE8000001.  Can anyone tell me what to do to get my iPad back to normal and showing everything that is stored on it?

iPad, Windows 7