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    Companies have been and ever shall be motivated by one thing:how to convince a potential customer to become a current customer and have that customer continue to give them money for the longest period of time.


    IBM would make and sell an abacus if they thought someone would buy it, and they'd keep making it until **** froze over so long as the money they made from selling them was more than it cost to make them.


    Apple, under SJ, has a slightly different mind set.  SJ is quoted as saying he didn't want to be the richest man in the cemetery, he just wanted to make something cool.  I hope I got the paraphrase close and I hope he actually said it.  Even if he didn't, I think it sums up the Apple mindset while it has been under his control.


    Choosing to abandon the PPC is like choosing to abandon the steam engine.  There will always be some who want to keep the steam engine but at some point, someone has to say here is the line and the buck stops here.  That’s all Apple is saying.  Apple is saying it’s time to move on, they aren’t saying screw you!


    This is not to say Apple hasn’t irked me. This whole “do to my way or don’t do it with Apple is really starting to push my buttons.  They could throw a guy a bone once in a while, but they really stick to their guns.  Apple wants you to have an Apple “experience”and they don’t care much for your opinion.


    How do we change that? There is only one way and that is to stop buying their product.  I have little faith that such an action will materialize.  ****, I’m about to go out and buy an iPad right now even though I think the devices are useless.



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    To g_wolfman : No it's not. 

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