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  • Vival Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the Software Tipp. I Know this Tool, but it is Not useable for me. Iam also using my Mac mini for tv Recording with elgato Eyetv. Normally my Mac Wake up automactically, Record the tv Show, then automacically go to Sleep.


    With your Tool, you only can say, Mac, go to Sleep After xx minutes. Wehn is say, go to Sleep After 30 minutes, and the tv Show Görs 60 minutes, the Mac Görs Sperling dring Recording. Bad idea.


    I Need a possiblity to say, if mac Idle is for 30 minutes then go to Sleep. The Tool have to check, if Idle is true.

  • Actuality Level 1 Level 1

    I've had the same...

    Listed by owning process:

      pid 21: [0x0000012c00000015] PreventSystemSleep named: "org.cups.cupsd"


    Deleted an old printer and suddenly there's nothing preventing sleeping.

  • chinarut Level 1 Level 1

    that was it!!   for me it had to do with "Printer Sharing"


    I used the "pmset -g assertions" and noticed there was 2 processes, one of them was cups (related to printing)


    I toggled "Printer Sharing" off and our iMac is able to go to sleep - hallelujah!  this issue was driving me nuts as rebooting the machine didn't make a difference - so it has something to do with the way the printer sharing settings carried over from 10.6.x


    I've toggled Printer Sharing back on and another "pmset -g assertions" doesn't show any processes and sure enough it's able to go to sleep.


    I'll see how long this lasts and at least know if it does happen again, that this is likely to be the culrpit.

  • jbuczny Level 1 Level 1



    Processing # pmset -g assertions and killing a PID which prevented from sleep when my computer was plug-ined helped.



  • Ali Hasan3 Level 4 Level 4

    Friends - I made a seperate post about this issue and then found this forum


    I have a MBP (SSD) that wouldn't wake up after sleeping if MagSafe was plugged in


    This solution worked for me -


    I went into SYSTEM PREFS and noticed that I had PRINTER SHARING active on an HP printer that I never use - in addition, I had 3 HP printers installed, but I never use any of them


    I deleted the three HP Printers, turned PRINTER SHARING off on all printers and also went into SECURITY SETTINGS and DISABLED INFRARED REMOTE


    Lastly, I also made sure that FILE SHARING and all other types of NETWORK SHARING were off, which they were


    Fingers crossed, I hope it stays this way!

  • jbuczny Level 1 Level 1



    Aparently the "sleeping" problem is usually caused by "active" printer or its drivers. This suggest a lack of full compatibility between Mac OS X and printers drivers. In my case the problem was associated with Brother printer.



  • Ali Hasan3 Level 4 Level 4

    jbuczny -


    Again, my solution could be premature, but the one BROTHER DRIVER I have doesn't seem to be causing the problem - deleting my HP PRINTER profiles definitely made a difference


    Anyways - many solutions to a similar problem - lol

  • LROCfromIndy Level 1 Level 1

    My problem was my iMac not wanting to sleep. I had just loaded Lion and also the October Apple update of all printer drivers.  When Sleep was clicked the machine shut down for about 10 seconds , then restarted.  If I just left the machine ON, it would sleep per the settings under Preferences-Energy Saving, but then awake again after about 15 minutes.  Finally I shut down the iMac, the printer and the scanner. Disconnected the usb cables.  Restarted the iMac.  Plugged in the usb cables. Turned the printer and scanner ON.  Made sure there was not a que of items to be printed.  After this, the iMac went to sleep properly.

  • Ali Hasan3 Level 4 Level 4

    Been one week now and everything is still awesome - the solution above worked well for me

  • Vival Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Ali. How die you delete your Printer Profile? Only by deleting the Printer entry in the System preferences/printers? Or somthing else, for example directly in the Lib Folder.

  • Ali Hasan3 Level 4 Level 4

    Viv -


    No need to touch your library folder


    Open SYSTEM PREFERENCES and click on PRINT & SCAN - your printers will be on the left-hand side - just delete whatever printers you're not using - also, click on SHARING PREFERENCES as that will be on the right-hand side, and I would recommend turning off any sharing that you're not using


    BTW - disabling the remote (the other thing I did) could also solve the problem outright - I just deleted my HP printers because I don't use them anymore


    Anyways - hope that answers your question

  • Vival Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Ali - thanks for explaining. Well, ok i made everything you did. It doenst work for me :-( Holy sh.., this Problem really is a pain.

  • LROCfromIndy Level 1 Level 1

    I did not fuss with anything in the system library etc. (I am too much a novice) but, I would think that because I downloaded an Apple printer update dated Oct 27, their download would have done some houskeeping.  See Apple downloads.

  • PaulHenderson Level 1 Level 1

    Ditto on the print queue problem here. Cancelled the a job left in the queue to a shared printer and now my MacBook Pro is sleeping as well as ever.

    Thanks all.

  • cingulomaniac Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately, my MBP is still not falling asleep.  Forcing it by shutting the lid or through the Apple menu works, but my Energy Saver prefs are not acknowledged, either plugged in or on battery.


    pmset -g assertions shows this:


    ChargeInhibit                           0

    PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep             0

    PreventUserIdleSystemSleep              0

    NoRealPowerSources_debug                0

    CPUBoundAssertion                       0

    EnableIdleSleep                         1

    PreventSystemSleep                      0

    DisableInflow                           0

    DisableLowPowerBatteryWarnings          0

    ExternalMedia                           0


    And I have nothing in my printer queues.  I have no File Sharing or any other preferences turned on that have been mentioned here.  This has been an issue since I clean installed Lion a few months ago.

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