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I Had a Question about Safari & 1Password




in Safari where it say's Empty Cache & Reset Safari & Private Browsing





i am using 1Password & I Have The little 1Password icon on My Safari so I Install The 1Password Safari Extention in Safari & I Click it & I Enter My Password in there to open up 1Password so I Can just click The 1Password in so I Won't have to type & E-Mail Address's & User Names & Passwords all the time cause I Have everything Saved in 1Password so I'm able to put in My 1Password in the 1st time to get it to work when I 1st install it but after I Reset Safari & I Click Empty Cache & go back in Safari & want to open up 1Password i try typing in My 1Password to open 1Password so I won't have to type in My User Names & E-Mail Address's & Password well when I Want to open up 1Password in Safari I Can't open it after that cause I Empty out My Cache & Reset Safari & I Wanted to know how to keep 1Password open in Safari all the time so I Won't have to be entering it all the time in Mac OS X Lion in Safari, Mac OS X Snow Leopard was more Easyer cause I Did not need a 1Password Extension in Safari, Mac OS X Lion in Safari has a 1Password Safari Extention when I Put 1Password icon logo in Safari but when I Reset Safari & Empty The cache in Safari I Can't seem  to be able to open up 1Password in Safari, I Have a Hard time opening it the 2nd time around when I Reset Safari & Empty The Cache is it right that I Do that? & how much data does it keep in My iMac? & am i'm suppose to Remove it? & Remove the cache? will it take up memory & disk space in My iMac & how much? what can I Do to keep The 1Password Safari Extention when I Type in My Password in 1Password & it opens up in Safari in Mac OS X Lion I Want to always keep it open when i open up Safari so 1Password does not have to close all the time when I Reset My Safari & Empty The Cache, am i'm suppose to do that anyway? & is it a bad thing to Reset Safari & Empty The Cache? there is only 1 Safari Extention i'm using & it's only 1Password, for those of you who use 1Password & Have Mac OS X Lion do you know what i'm talking about cause I Need help with something?

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