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I really want to add some radio stations to it. Apparently, the list of stations that comes up is on an Apple server and is static.

But I question this because on my list of stations is an obscure radio station that I had found on my own and that I had never seen on Apple's station list in iTunes before. But it was on the Apple TV station list.

I wonder if that station was harvested from my iMac when I first connected the Apple TV 2 to the network, played some iTunes music, and the other stations were already on the default list?

Also, one of the NPR stations near me does broadcast for Mac in one of the formats. But it does (did) not show up.


Finally, I have to say that the one thing Apple is not succeeding at compared to Roku is variety of content. I wish Apple would open up Apple TV 2 in the way it has for App developers on iPad/iPhone for new content. Basically, this is what Roku has done. A Roku is more like an iPhone (in a way) for new Channels (what Roku calls its apps) and Apple TV 2 is, well, kind of like a Nokia (using the same metaphor in reverse)!

Apple - please add more variety and let people develop more chanels for Apple TV 2! You can police them just like apps and, indeed, I want you too for relibility, interface, and technical compliance.

BTW: Roku has many more channels than in its channel store. There are "private" channels too, which one can subscribe to. But the reliable ones are in the channel store.

AppleTV 2, iOS 4.3.2
  • Joseph Coates Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    The only solution (and the cheapest) for adding unsupported radio stations to an Apple TV 2 is to use a smart phone/iPhone or pad with TuneIn radio or get a Roku with TuneIn radio.

    That app has a far larger selection of radio stations.

    But I wish Apple would expand the radio stations on the TV 2 and/or let the user load any kind of station on to a list - no matter the format. Or add TuneIn to Apple TV.