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  • dimoe Level 1 Level 1

    I don't understand too much of it,

    but with "merging" the newest extensions, the mini is fast again with geekbench and the disk speed is faster than before

  • newfoundglory Level 1 Level 1

    Comparing the dates is useless, as its the kext versions you are after.  This was the problem I had when trying to make sure the OS had the latest versions.  Can you do a get info to compare the versions?  Most of them probably have the same version, even if the dates are different - but there may be a few with different versions.

  • newfoundglory Level 1 Level 1

    Quick glance, many of the ones which appear to be newer by date are in fact older by version (graphics drivers are 1.6.36, vs 1.6.42 in the pkg).  The backlight one is newer (strange)


    Might have to tweak the package installer slightly....

  • MickTonyG Level 1 Level 1

    Is there a way to install the Thunderbolt 1.1 Software Update on a 10.6.8 modified mini?  I am getting the "This software is not supported on your system" error.


    Thanks for all the help by the way.

  • dimoe Level 1 Level 1

    I am just a user and will not get into programming


    Whatever happened with newer or older kexts,

    I tried deep hibernation and it worked today!

    Geekbench is still fast


    Thanks newfoundglory!

  • apolony Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. A few days ago, I have acquired a brand new Mini which unfortunately camed with OS Lion. As I need to install Windows XP (SP3) in order to run some business applications (which can't run on Windows 7!) I have managed to have Leopard version 10.6.8 installed instead of Lion. I then tried to install Bootcamp for Windows XP. Unfortunately, without an installation disk, I can't! Could somebody please explain me how to download (and successfully install) the Bootcamp application for Windows XP? I am not an experienced Mac user, except that I'm running similar setup on a MacBook Pro! Thanks!!

  • dimoe Level 1 Level 1

    I tried the installer-package again,

    this time I had no problem with geekbench


    even a problem with elgato-turbo is solved


  • josefromaldea del fresno Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, first thousand thanks to everybody here . Also own 2011 macmini mod. 5.2 . Lion is working fluid and stable on my machine so far . All apps are Lion compatible ofcoarse. Mac usser since 2006. Still have a 20" Imac 2007 with core 2 duo and 13" macbookpro early 2011 model. Updated the pro with Lion when released after making latest TM backup. Didn't update my Imac with Lion, having it running with SL 10.6.8 perfectly , but because I started to notice problems with optical drive , clonned the HD with CCC.

    Like most of you here , not very happy with some of the new features. I miss rosetta , front row and don't like at all versions.Before reading this thread, already heard from apple that was not possible to downgrade the new mac mini to SL , but could still run SL with external drive , thats when I tried my external bootable drive I made with imac 10.6.8 clone with fire wire (OWC branded case). worked perfectly on macbook pro mentioned,bit slower but no issues and also worked perfectly so far with my brand new 2011 mac mini. OWC external drive case has also firewire 800 port. Still the more I try Lion , more I want to go back to SL. Following the advice from people of the community , I sent several feedbacks to apple with my opinion of Lion. Been evangelizing to family and friends to switch to mac os since 2007, now since Lion , just standing by. Still espect Apple listening to our needs and apply some changes. The latest I found is this thread and really happy to know that yes we can downgrade our 2011 minis to SL!!! Already coppied version 2 instructions but still have some doubts. I know some geniuos guys here in Apple store (Madrid, Spain) and before reading this thread I asked them if there was any way to instal SL on the new mac mini . Thier answer was a strait NO because if something goes wrong, machine will not be suported by waranty anymore. So I wanted to hear your opinion about this.

    Thanks a lot again to all.


  • Kasper E Level 1 Level 1


    I use my mini as a media center running eyetv and plex and as a fileserver for the family (mixed mac and pc). Lion did not work for fileserving it kept crashing and was annoying to administer. Particular the PC's had problems.


    I installed SL om my spanking new quad core mini and have never looked back. Now I am where I want to be - it just works and I dont spend time troubleshooting network issues. I really enjoy the power comming from core2duo to i7quad. Only thing is that its a bit noisy when straming diferent movies through plex to several devces.


    Just follow the instructions in this thread and happy.


    best wishes,


  • dimoe Level 1 Level 1

    I know some geniuos guys here in Apple store (Madrid, Spain) and before reading this thread I asked them if there was any way to instal SL on the new mac mini . Thier answer was a strait NO because if something goes wrong, machine will not be suported by waranty anymore.

    If you need the warranty or Applecare, I don´t think they will look into your system but test the hardware.

    And normally they will start your Mac from external devices with testing programs.


    Of course I have a Backup-Image of my original Lion, so I could reinstall it (but I would not)


    To feel save:

    Try Snow-Leo on a FW-800 harddisk, it will be as fast as the internal disk (of course not as a SSD)

    or partition your Harddisk for Lion and Snow-Leo


    I did not, because I also use Bootcamp.

    I have an external Lion for testing and Snow-Leo for working

  • josefromaldea del fresno Level 1 Level 1

    Ok , Thanks Kasper , thanks dimoe .

    Yes,  thats what I'm testing now , using external drive FW 800 with 10.6.8 clone of my imac 2007 model . Seems to work ok , Still not as fast as internal HD with Lion . Should I re instal 10.6.8 kombo mentioned on top? or just run  pkg mentioned here?  or both? Also wanted to mention something I experienced doing the oposite on my macbook pro early 2011. Running internal ssd with 10.6.8 and same external drive mentioned running with Lion . Working well generally but every time I booted with Lion on the macbook pro , when booting back to 10.6.8 had to reset SMC due to sound problems. Find Lion wierd any way so maybe I'll just keep a copy on external drive and follow instruccions given here , instal the reliable 10.6.8 as principal system.

  • dimoe Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe you have already done some points of the list:


    - start your Mini with 10.6.8 system on the external drive

    - install the comboupdate to be sure all drivers are existing

    - restart


    (- "geekbench" your system)


    - install the package of newfoundglory

    - restart

    - repair DiskPermissions


    (- "geekbench" your system again and tell us if anything is faster)


    How fast is your Lion in comparision?

  • josefromaldea del fresno Level 1 Level 1

    Hi dimoe,

    Done , followed all your instrucctions . Before geekbench , cheked all apps , including ilife everything working really fast for exception of safari didn't eaven start . went to my backup drive and replaced safari and there fast as lightning . Following : my geekbench scores: (My mac mini is model 5.2 running with factory ram 4GB)


    Lion 10.7.3 internal drive, 500 GB @ 5400 rpm

    32 bit mode : 6575

    64 bit mode : 7153


    SL 10.6.8 external drive , FW-800 , 320 GB @ 5400 rpm, before all settings

    32 bit mode : 1887

    64 bit mode : 2065


    SL 10.6.8 external drive , FW-800 , 320 GB @ 5400 rpm , After all settings !!!!! (10.6.8 build10k549 and pkg instal)

    32 bit mode : 6586

    64 bit mode : 7223

    Conclution : eaven faster then internal macmini drive


    Just to add more information, my monitor is a Samsung, 22", syncmaster (226cw) working pefectly, verified color sync profiles resulting all profiles OK.


    Thousand thanks again for your help . SPECIAL MENTION FOR NEWFOUNDGLORY.


    Best wishes,



  • dimoe Level 1 Level 1

    this looks fine

    enjoy it!

  • CarloBandini Level 1 Level 1

    Works for me too.

    All working and better Benmarch in 32 bit mode. I will try 64 bits soon.

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