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  • iXod Level 1 Level 1


    Thanks for your reply & generous offers.


    I have plenty of volums I can install SL and clone. I just need confirmation of my steps so that I can proceed with that method.


    I plan on doing the clone method and use Kathy Fasano's "tar" method to coy all the MacMinix_x.plist files directly from a ML volume and then apply NFG's kext installer.


    Do I have these steps approximately correct?


    And when that fails I'll contact you re. your offer. (c;


    Thanks again.

  • mesa3077boogie Level 1 Level 1

    Ixod, sorry I'm not familiar with the Kathy frassno method myself, I would have to do some digging through this thread.


    In regards to The clone I offered.  I was offering you a fully functional clone of SL V10.6.8 that will run on your mini! All the hard work has been done.  I was not merely offering a clone of the snow leopard disc..


    Are we on the same page?

  • iXod Level 1 Level 1

    Cathy Fasano's technique:



    scroll down...


    Yes I do understand your offer of a full clone on memory device. I thank you very much for that offer. If I can't do this in 24 hours I'll probably take your offer.



  • iXod Level 1 Level 1

    OK, It looks like it worked. Mostly.


    I get Geekbench score of 7366 after all the .plist and .kext transfers.


    But I still cannot get QE/CI functions to work: no screen zooming by Ctrl key and mouse scrolling, and the maximum resolution under SL is 1600x900.  I followed NewFoundGlory's instructions and applied his .kext file installer.


    NFG said to be sure at least version 1.6.42 is used of these 2 files:





    They are of that version.


    Any suggestions how to get the display resolution working?



  • iXod Level 1 Level 1

    OK, some data & a few questions:


    I have a 2011 mini dual i7 2.7 GHz. This has the AMD Radeon graphics chip, not the Intel HD chip.


    The quad i7 mini has the Intel graphics chip so most of the work here (NFG and others) is focusing on kext and other work to get that combination working.


    Looking in the ML 10.8.4 extensions directory I see these AMD-related files:







    The SL 10.6.8 volume I have built (with instructions from this thread) has these same files also. Can't know the version of the files -- not sure how to get that information...


    Any idea which should be copied to the SL partition to get this graphics system (specifically QE/CI) fully working?


    So, mesa 3077: re. you offer to send me a clone, if your wife's  mini is the i5 2.3 GHz model this won't help me bacause it uses the Intel HD graphics chip. But if it is the i5 2.5 GHz model, it uses the AMD Radeon and would probably work for me.


    Please confirm the model of your wife's mini.



  • mesa3077boogie Level 1 Level 1

    Crap man, it's the 2.3.


    Would it be worth pulling the kexts out of my sl clone and sending them to you to experiment with? It's been a while but as far as I remember the folders that I worked with had kext files that supported multiple processors and video cards.  I remember wondering why some of the Mac book pro video kexts were in the folders.



    Also I do remember screwing something up way back when and getTing similar video results as you with the 1600x900 deal. I moved  something around and fixed it. However to this day my Sl boot is getting 1920x1080 actual resolution but their might not be a"1920x1080" option in system preferences. I will have to check.

  • a1mixer Level 1 Level 1



    i've spent the last 2 days reading 42 pages.  very exciting.  i may have missed it but can this be done only on the server model or can this go on any 2011 model?  are the 2011's that much better than just getting a 2010 which still runs snoleo?  i now have a 2009 mini. 


    thanks for all the detective work.



  • Jesionblue Level 1 Level 1

    hi guys

    I've got mac mini server 2011 i7 2.0ghz with two 750 hdd and I'd love to downgrade to SL as I run mountain lion now and can't run pro tools 9 on it:(

    any one can help me how to do it please  or maybe someone has tailored version of 10.6.8 SL to share or to sell

    let me know please

  • mesa3077boogie Level 1 Level 1

    I can do one of two things for you.


    I have 10.7.5 as an uninstalled backup cloned to a backup drive that I made and I have the same machine (and drivers) as you.


    if you send me a jump drive or SD card by mail, I can clone this image onto that drive for you. And once you get the return package you can clone it onto your internal drive and merely boot from it. this is the only way to ever revert to a previous operating system on a Mac.


    once you boot from it it will be as if your computer was born with Lion 10.7.5.


    I can also send you my clone of Snow Leopard as well, but unlike like most people in this thread I cloned it without Rosetta.


    this will solve all of your problems so that you don't have to upgrade to Pro Tools 10 for $300, just let me know what you want to do.

  • markfromsherman oaks Level 1 Level 1

    I have a modified disk for the 2011 Mac mini server.

  • mesa3077boogie Level 1 Level 1

    What does you're disk contain? I'm assuming your reply is to jesionblue?

  • markfromsherman oaks Level 1 Level 1

    Modified Kexts as explained before by another user.

  • Jesionblue Level 1 Level 1

    hi lads

    thanks for such a quick response! hey mesa3077boogie Im not sure what you talking about or maybe you don't get me:) Im not a computer geek Im not interested in 10.7.5 at all as pro tools 9 wont install or run on top of it:( Im looking for SL 10.6.8 for my mac mini server 2011! and markfromsherman I think you've got what Im looking for!:) what way I can get that modified disc? get back to me please

  • Jesionblue Level 1 Level 1

    and I run os x 10.8.4 at the moment if that makes any difference

  • Jesionblue Level 1 Level 1

    hi mesa3077boogie

    I just read your response again and googled few things to understand what do you mean;) and yes you've got what I need I think:) I wont need Rosetta in SL and I can run pro tools on top of Lion 10.7 as well so I'd love to test both systems if there's a chance;) thanks a million! please get back to me with your mail details

    thanks in advance