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  • vea1083 Level 3 (695 points)

    Thanks for the reply,


    Same here NVDA: OpenGL channel exception, followed by the dump GPU restart message.


    Did you also suffered from unrecoverable spinwheel freeze in Safari? I remember that the spinwheel would appear and the whole UI would become unresponsive as a result. The only way to recover was with a force restart.

  • diogoenoque Level 1 (0 points)



    The new Safari from lion seems to be using OpenCL a lot to render the pages. Which means that safari starts using GPU to render, that's why it seems opening faster the pages, but it ended giving some users unstability states.


    Sometimes spinwheel on Safari, sometimes no recover from suspension, and sometimes freeze when using some programs, small ones. Mail crashes, Preview on Finder with space causing crashes, Photoshop not working if opengl was enabled at preferences, Finder giving spinwheel when moving files with drag'n'drop. iCal reset, making me lose all the calendar for no reason. Dashboard open giving spinwheel, Fullscreen space change - also spinwheel, login freeze. Activity monitor using more cpu that ever (50%), iChat closing for no reason, Finder crash and restart after drag'n'drop from Mail.


    For all that, the only solution was force restart and wish your MPB had not broken your files.


    So after that little, not so nice, experience with Lion, I reinstalled Snow Leopard (saved my files on external HD) and formatted the whole HD and installed SL as the factory intended. I didn't use Time Machine because I wanted no trace of Lion on the installed Snow Leopard.

  • crapplestout Level 1 (0 points)

    I can confirm that LCC was a nice temporary fix, but the issue has resurfaced with a vengeance. My iMac is now freezing multiple times throughout the day, every day. With no acknoledgement from Apple, I feel like we are left to do nothing but pay for the OS patch they're labeling Mountain Lion. I love Apple products, but when there is an outstanding issue such as this and no word is being said from Apple acknowledging the fact that they even have an issue, it is the furthest thing from encouraging. On top of this, the iMac WiFi issue that I had before, that hundreds of users experienced has completely come back. I'm now draping a CAT6 cable through our hallway so it will have a constant connection.


    I have never been so absolutely dissatisfied with a brand new Apple product before.

  • Terry Mahoney Level 1 (35 points)

    diogoenoque: The "NVDA: OpenGL Channel Exception log message" is interesting. I found this link on a Hackintosh X86 users' group. It's dated way back in Sept, 2009, and it suggests that NVidia posted a driver update that fixed the problem.


    It's at least encouraging to think the there are alternatives.

  • food2prep Level 1 (0 points)

    This is the worse experience in computing that I've ever had.

    Lion still freezes. I want to post this apple article about the 10.7.3 combined update fix.



    About the OS X Lion v10.7.3 Update

    Additional Information

    What's included?

    The OS X Lion v10.7.3 Update includes Safari 5.1.3 and fixes that:

    • Add Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and Ukrainian language support
    • Address issues when using smart cards to log into OS X
    • Address compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows file sharing
    • Address an issue printing Microsoft Word documents that use markup
    • Address a graphics performance issue after sleep on some earlier iMacs that use ATI graphics
    • Resolve a Wi-Fi connection issue when waking from sleep
    • Address an issue that may prevent Safari from opening before joining a wireless network
    • Fix a potential issue authenticating to an SMB DFS share
    • Include RAW image compatibility for additional digital cameras

      Directory Services
    • Improve binding to read-only Active Directory Domain Controllers
    • Improve binding and login speed for Active Directory users in a domain whose name ends in ".local"
    • Improve reliability of Dynamic DNS (DDNS) updates by Active Directory clients
    • Allow login with an Active Directory username that contains a space
    • Improve compatibility with Active Directory schemas that have been extended with the "apple-user-homeDirectory" and "apple-user-homeurl" attributes
    • Fix home directory Dock item for Active Directory users with mobile accounts
    • Allow NIS users with MD5-hashed passwords to log in

    For information about the security content of this update, please visit:

  • Neos76 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with you!


    It's not acceptable that a high-end laptop purchased less then 2 years ago doesn't work with Lion.


    I tried all the proposed solution I found on the web but nothing really worked; as final decision I reinstalled Leopard and now my MB looks like the faster laptop in the world, and this is the only good side of Lion.


    The contonuos freezing while the cpu and disk are doing nothing look like some kernel issues (a kind of deadlock in my opnion) and I'm very disapponteid that Apple did nothing about that.


    I spent one week making a backup of all my data because the I/O was so slow... I left my MB turned off 24 hours for seven days to complete the transfer.


    I was ready to buy the new Ipad 3 but now I'm not more... I cannot spend hundreds of dollars for a device that won't work with nexr iOS version; my experience with Apple is going to finish; They do beautiful products but I cannot purcahse a new laptop every 2 years to have the latest iOS.



  • technicalwizard Level 1 (5 points)

    i agree with not upgrading to lion, total failure to adress the freezing problem.


    <Edited by Host>

  • stbrown Level 1 (0 points)

    This freezing is killing me..Im not getting the black screen originally mentioned in this thread but just random lockups where I get the spinning beachball and then everything frozen except the cursor.  I already had apple replace my logic board, i have tried my factory HDD and ram (as apple said they wouldnt help me again unless i went back to defaults and replacing my logic board was an exception) and installed a fresh copy of Lion without restoring from my backups..I almost want to go back to SL


    I know its a software issue but its hard to tell what is causing far whats working is not leaving iTunes open and I turned off time capsule automatic backups (also cleaned my cache using cleanmy mac but i doubt this has an effect since i did a clean install and it still froze)..2 days and still going without crashing but sometimes i do go days without random freezing

  • Courtlandmcdonald Level 1 (0 points)

    Terry: I still have the Freeze problem at any login: Hulu, Netflix, etc. Except that Netflix and Apple support logins are auto-filled w my UN & PW and I dont get the freeze. I'm using Google Chrome Browser but  I don't recall telling Chrome to save UN & PW's. I don't mind it and only wish I could get all sites to auto - log me in.


    Strange thing happened about a week ago. Finder was asking for permission to move a file to the trash and wanted my password. Of course the system froze. My "fix" is still to tap the power button a few times and wait til the "Are you sure you want to shut down your computer" window comes up & then press cancel. This usually works but sometimes I have to wait 10 minutes for the window. In the meantime I get up and go for a walk rather than throw the MBP through the window.


    I repaired permissions and that solved the problem for a while. When it happened again I downloaded and ran OnyX (free open source) and executed  everthing the maintenance script threw at me. My MBP is screaming fast now but I still occasionaly get the freeze. I also tried, prior to OnyX, Lion Cache Cleaner - and went through all of their maintenance scripts with no permanent fix.


    So I was about to send in my $100 and get an OS X developer certificate to download the unmentionable summer 2012 successor to 10.7.3 but, got an email of a post here that indicates that is not a fix. I'll sit tight and see what happens in the next few days. Apple is still willing to look at my MBP free of charge because, they tell me, it may be an issue with Lion which I upgraded to less than a year ago.

    Before I do that I thought I might go through this thread again and pick out all the trouble tickets and submit to the genius along with this MBP.  Cheers

  • Terry Mahoney Level 1 (35 points)

    Courtland: Good to hear from you, and many thanks for your latest information. I truly appreciated the recent post from technicalwizard (before it was so unhelpfully "<Edited by Host>", essentially rendering it useless to this discussion-thread). But at least we have the emailed record of the original reply. (Ostritch-like behavior?).


    I too decided against paying the $100 for the privilege of downloading the developer-beta. IMO - they should pay me - since I might uncover information that could enable them to zero in on fixes.


    I have resolved to stick with my current software configuration: One MBP8,3 (now) reliably running Lion 10.7.3, its graphics are AMD Radeon 6750 & Intel HD 3000. One Snow Leopard 10.6.8 iMac 11,1 with (solo) ATI Radeon 4850 (which I have booted and run from an external Lion 10.7.3 LaCie Rugged, just to test, with no problems; and a 10.5.x-based, Lion-capable MacMini (Nvidia 9400M), in mothballs, which I have no plans to upgrade.


    Since the AMD/ATI hardware seems to work without problems, I suspect that part of the problem is due to NVidia/OpenCL incompatibilities. But I would bet that that is not the only bug.


    I also have an iPhone 4, for which I am refusing the prompt to upgrade to the most recent version of IOS 5. I intend to abandon my iCloud account in July unless Apple either fixes Lion or provides reliable access via a Snow Leopard update. (Unfortunately I've migrated from MobileMe - and can no longer sync my calendars and contacts to anything but Lion. Mail continues to work just fine.)


    One thing I do not use much is iTunes and the App Store. The latter might be useful if I could search for things that I'd like to try. But the disorganized, catalog/categories apporach is not useful to me.

  • BasementJack Level 1 (30 points)

    I just wanted to pipe in, as I'd had a bit better luck then some here.


    A while back I had 2 issues - both seemed to surface with Lion.


    I really, really believe one of the problems was caused by bad ram.


    I had been experiencing a bunch of lockups (usually the "gray screen of death")


    It was really frustrating.


    So heres how I think I figured it out.


    I had bought a crucial 8gb kit for my 2010 i5 MPB


    After I put it in, I had some random lockups, almost always associated with VM ware running off an external disk. For a while I thought it was the external disk, but it seemed to "get worse" over time.


    It was really hard to pin down, I tested everything, reinstalled the OS, nothing worked.


    I ran every memory test I could find, they all said the memory was fine.


    I was lucky in that I had looked at the kernel dumps in Applications -> Utilities ->


    These only stick around for a few weeks so I started copying them off to another folder.


    I noticed a pattern.


    They all said there was some failure and I kept seeing the same memory address.


    I thought about that and thought, hmm, I bet that address is bad, but it's probably not always bad.


    I knew from my experience running memtest on windows servers, that often I'd run a test once or twice and it'd be fine, but if I ran it repeatedly for a weekend, it would turn up an error. Once I knew the location of the error, I could test that repeatedly and sure enough just a few hours of testing would turn up the error repeatedly. 


    Unfortunately, I haven't found any tools that test ram on a macbook with that level depth. So I wasn't able to test my macbook the way I would a new server at work.


    But based on my hunch I replaced the ram with the factory ram and the problem went away. I then ordered a new 8GB kit from another vendor and I have never, ever, had a gray screen of death since.


    My other problem was what this thread is all about - I had the spinning wheel in lion.


    Now from what I remember, that logon beachball only affects those of us who don't use the "auto login" feature - ie the small handfull of us who've changed the default in OSX so we HAVE to enter a user ID and password.


    In my case, I also almost always use an external monitor. Which as we know, FORCES the use of the NVidia card, making the auto graphics switching code not really an issue.


    So you can hopefully see that I had a wierd combination of circumstances - I only saw the login beachball bug when I took the laptop to work (no external monitor there) and when I waited to log in. And for a time that was overlaid by the RAM issue.


    The kext fix posted here worked for me with the beachball on logon issue, and my Mac has been crash free, beachball free for months now.


    For those still having issues beachball issues, try turning off auto graphics switching - if that fixes your problem, try the kext fix if you want to turn the ags back on.


    If it doesn't fix it, try replacing your ram - even if it's tested ok. Ram is really cheap now. For what it's worth the kit I bought that didn't work was a crucial 8GB kit. I replaced it with a samsung 8GB kit, and I haven't had an issue.

  • Terry Mahoney Level 1 (35 points)

    BasementJack: Great suggestions, Jack. I really like your patient, step-by-step approach. I can definitely go along with it.


    Have you any thoughts as to why this SBBoD glitch only shows up with Lion and not Snow Leopard?


    And, as I've noticed (but maybe this is pure coincidence in my case), only with my Nvidia GPUs and not the AMD/ATI ones?

  • BasementJack Level 1 (30 points)

    Hi Terry,


    I think we've seen that the AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext had some changes between 10.6 and 10.7


    The old values worked, and on my mac, the new ones did not. Those values are on a model by model basis (remember we had to find the section MacbookPro6,2 so there are different settings in that kext for the nvidia vs ATI/AMD cards. 


    So I feel like that explains why it shows up in Lion, but not snow leopard, and also why it affects the Nvidia cards and not the ati.


    I don't have one to try, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone with an ati video card went in and messed with the kext values, I think they could probably get an ATI based MacBook Pro to exhibit the same behavior.


    As far as my ram problems, I had a theory about why it showed up on lion, but its just a theory and could be wrong... I am guessing that the address that was bad was farily high up (in other words, maybe the first 5GB of ram were good, and the error was in the 6th gb)  I think in Snow Leopard, all the system stuff got loaded staring at 0GB and working upwards, which meant that most of what I ran was in the "good" ram.  When I ran a Virutal machine in VMware that took a lot of ram, part of that ram ended up in the "bad" space and thats where I saw crashing the most.


    think  I remember reading that in Lion, for security reasons, apple started loading things intp random memory addresses.  Windows 7 does this as well - the reason to do this is for security - if you always load the same code in the same memory address, then a hacker who exploits the system would know what address to poke an instruction into. When these are randomized every time they run, then they are never in the same place.

    I think the visible affect on me, was that my memory related problems started showing up more frequently with lion - all sorts of things started crashing, including the kernel.  If Lion ran programs in a random location in memory, whereas Snow Leopard did not, then this could explain why my memory problems seemed worse in Lion - 


    I don't know if I'm explaining my theory well enough or not, but lets assume my bad ram was bad at "mile marker" 5.01 Under Snow Leopard the OS might take marker 0-1GB, and if I ran itunes that got 1-2GB, and the mail took 2-2.5 and word took 2.5-3.25 etc... I'd have to run a LOT of stuff to ever hit the 5.01 location, so I rarely saw a crash in 10.6.
    the same thing in lion might look like this The OS might be scattered across 8GB of ram - some at marker 0.25GB, some at 1.25, some at 6.3, some at 7.9 etc. itunes might get loaded at .75 and maybe mail gets 5.0-5.6

    So for that bootup, mail is running with the bad ram, but since the allocation is random, it could be itunes the next time, or, worst, it could be the OS itself.


    So thats why I think the ram issue showed up in Lion far more than snow leopard.


    And to re-iterate my post for those out there still having problems, Good, Samsung (Same as apple uses) ram is under $100. Mine came with a money back guarantee. If you're at the end of your rope with problems on your macbook pro, and haven't tried swapping out the ram, why not give that a try?


    And as a side note, Before switching to mac, I used to build my own PC's. Part of my build included running memtest for at least 24 hours. You'd be surprised how much bad ram I found - I had to exchange ram for one of my machines twice! that's 3 sets of ram!  I really believe Ram problems are a lot more common than people think.

    (also, as a side note, that machine that took 3 sets of ram to get one that could run memtest for 24 hours without an error, that machine has never, ever, had the famous Windows "BlueScreenOfDeath" Not once.


    If you read this far and you're still having problems, I hope I've convinced you to at least try swapping out your memory!


    - Jack

  • Neos76 Level 1 (0 points)

    Your theory is interesting but I don't think it's right; It that is the case I think that sometimes runnin SL I should had some experiences with crash or freeze problems, and this didn't happen;


    Also, I tried Lion for weeks and I don't believe to have been so unlucky to load every time a piece of code in bad portion of ram (just a statistic consideration).


    I simply think that Lion is designed for the latest MB, a tipical Apple's behaviour.



  • Terry Mahoney Level 1 (35 points)

    BasementJack: Hi Jack (no pun intended) . I do understand what you are saying. And I agree 100%. Although I admit I have never built my own hardware - I have read enough about doing it to realize that you can have "flakey", inconsistent hardware behaviors - maybe related to power transients - that cause some of the logic-gates in the RAM (that may be borderline-spec) to occasionally fail. So your theory makes sense to me.


    And I also recall reading about the use of random (for security) load locations for code - I assume the address is hash-coded, onto the heap. So that makes sense: it might explain a some of Lion's odd behavior - in concert with flakey hardware.


    And yes - the AGPM.kext's info.plist in Lion is clearly and obviously wrong (in some cases). It makes no sense, to me, to add new parameters or change old ones if you haven't changed the hardware. But this is what happened with the MBP6,2. Kudos. ~TM

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