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    Mountain Lion 10.8 has fixed the problem on my MBP 15". It's a 6.2 version, medio 2010. Just installed ML as an upgrade. I'm probably going burn the installer or make a USB restore thingy and do a clean install. (Clear out a lot junk on the disk).


    No more login freeze - yeahhhhhh :-)

  • nxspam Level 1 Level 1

    10.8 fixed mine. (MBP 15" 6.2 2010).

  • Terry Mahoney Level 1 Level 1

    nxspam: Thanks for letting us know. I'll pass it on to the new owner of my MBP6,2. I have just finished downloading and installing 10.8 onto my MBP8,3. It doesn't look much different from Lion ... I was hoping they'd at least change the gray-fabric Login Screen to make it clear that 10.8 is NOT LION any more. I'll hold my breath for a while.


    IMO, after a whole year of Lion SNAFUs, Apple should GIVE Mountain Lion Away, as penance for Lion's faux pas.

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    Mac OS X

    I don't have 10.8 (late 2008 15"  MBPro) but the previous update to 10.7.4 seems to have prevented all my problems from starting up again, like they did before even after I would reformat! After the last reformat and updating, the freezing stopped, and my permissions stopped being corrupted until my own computer stopped allowing me to use it! It was nightmare for months after installing Lion. I felt like I should just be back on Windows for a lot less money. Now that things are running smoothly, I am in no hurry to install Mountain Lion and risk rocking the boat. I also changed my mind about purchasing a new MBPro until I've ascertained whether this drop in quality and customer service is going to be the new status quo because I'm not willing to pay a premium for it if it is. In the meantime though, I'm happy things are back to running more smoothly.

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    Just a head's up on this issue for users upgrading to ML 10.8. I am now encountering SSBOD after waking from Sleep. I can login alright (and it's fast), but as soon as I use Finder for any task, I get the beachball. A hard reset is the only option. This is on a clean install of ML (over Lion, mind you) on a brand new MBP mid-2012.


    I've tried everything I know of --- zapped SMC, PRAM, deleted sleepimage, turned off hibernation. Also cleaned out my system thoroughly after Migration transfer. Still no love.


    Waiting for a call from Apple Support in a few minutes.


    Of note my MBP is lacking the Power Nap option. Though there are firmware updates for the MBPr and Air, there's nothing for the MBP. Curious if this might be related.


    Otherwise, ML is smooth. I skipped Lion. All other machines are running Snow Leopard (god bless its stable soul).

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    @slackerbot: Interesting! I have also installed 10.8 (over OEM 10.7.4) on two MacBookPros (MacbookPro8,3 - 17" and brand-new MacBookPro9,1). They are BOTH quite stable so far.


    However, I did have some issues with sluggishness and Long-Spinnng-BB (but not SSBOD). I "fixed" this by using my copy of DiskWarrior (on an external drive) to rebuild the index(es) on both 10.8 drives, plus, for good measure, rebooted and ran the 10.8 vintage of Disk Utility to "repair permissions". Having done this,10.8 (M-L) runs like an olympic cat.


    For the record, DiskWarrior's graph of the installarion of the 10.8 downloaded package showed about 31% of the index was out of order. In comparison, subsequently downloading the latest version of XCode left about 5% of the index out of order.

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    No SSBOD on 10,1 with Mountain Lion so far. All good at the minute

  • brianwilson71 Level 1 Level 1

    ... apart from the crying baby

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    ...still no official acknowledgement or statement from Apple regarding the OS X 10.7 debacle


    – great to hear that Disk Warrior is still ready and able for current OS X duties


    p.s. don't you think Apple would provide a free copy of 10.8 for all those MBP 2010 owners

    who went and bought a copy of 10.7? To me, it would be the right thing to do.

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    @Terry — I think it's a hardware conflict with my OCZ Vertex4 which is mounted in the main bay. Apple has been making "tricky" SATAIII drivers as of late that have the custom build community wringing their hands... it's hit or miss. I finally found some threads on crash from sleep that speak to my situaiton:


    Problems since SSD install


    Crash on waking


    2012 MBP Optical Bay SATA Issues



    Crucial, OWC & (some) Samsung appear to be better suited. However it looks like Apple needs to write new firmware for the mid-2012 MBP, which is missing Power Nap from the Energy Saver prefs in System Prefs. I wouldn't be surprised if this was connected to the SSD issue. Basically, some SSDs are being *unmounted* during Sleep, so you "wake" the computer only to see what is an *image* of the Desktop --- without actual functionality. It looks like a Finder crash, but actually nothing is running at all. This is also why the Console log shows a gap in system processes upon wake (indeed power:WAKE is missing from Console entirely).

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    @slackerbot: Thanks. Useful info, since I will very likely put SSDs in HD bays of both machines and move the original HDs to the Superdrive bay, but not until the dust has settled. I was unaware of "fragile" drivers. I had read OWC's info and was leaning toward the Crucial. One local Mac retailer stocks Kingston. I have yet to decide. But I do want at least 240 GB.

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    Metalizer: Good to hear from you. I should have added that my DiskWarrior is Version 4.4 (to rebuild the index of the 10.8 internal HD while booted into 10.8 on my external drive).

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    @Metalizer: an item of curiosity - I've just discovered that my brand-new MBP9,1 cannot boot from the 10.6.8 partition on my external HD. But my older MBP8,3 still can. (Both laptops have 10.8 installed on their HDs). Different firmware, I guess. Not a serious problem for me (yet) because I have alternatives. But definitely a caveat to consider before rushing out and buying a current-generation Mac.

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    Using a Macbook mid 2010, for the moment I do not have any trouble using ML, but using Lion I had a lot of problems with my SSD's.

    I would like to know if anyone has crucial ou plextor, that uses another crontroler than sandforce, by the way they use a Marvell chip, and if they had problems with macbook pro mid 2010 and 17" early 2011.

    I have 2 SSD and using kintston Hyperx works perfect, but if I use corsair the machine do not start and even to install the Mountain Lion...

    If I use a Seagate Momentus XT, and use it in optibay do not work perfectly, but if i change, and put the HDD in the original place and at the optybay use the SSD kingston works perfectly...the same doen't happen with the corsair SSD force GT.


    Any help?

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    I have to say that I've been using ML since DP3 and that developer preview was far more stable than Lion ever was on my MacBook Pro. The current OS X 10.8 release 12A269 has been very stable as well and more usable than Lion ever was as of version 10.7.4. I am really happy that Mountain Lion rectified the Login Screen freeze issue and so far this OS X release is shaping to be a very stable one to the level of Leopard when it was first released. I think that in a year from now we will have a very stable OS (not to the level of SL which is still my favorite OS X) that blows Lion to pieces.


    I will unsubscribe from this thread now. It has been quite a ride and one that put dent in the reputation of OS X and Apple (at least for me). I hope that I can recover some of the confidence with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and so far it seems to be a very good operating system and a worthy sucessor to Snow Leopard.


    So glad to be off the OS X Vista wagon!