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     This is a potential temporary fix for those users of Lion who are unable to fix the reversed mouse scroll wheel issue. I myself have a Microsoft Arc Mouse (not the touch version but the original version) and when I went into the mouse system preferences there was no checkmark box option to return the scroll wheel to its original configuration. When I called Apple about it I was told it's an issue with Lion not recognizing the mouse as being able to reverse the scroll wheel and that Microsoft will need to update the firmware to allow for this change. On a whim, I tried out my wife's Logitech mouse (can't remember the model but it's a fairly recent one) and checked the system preferences. This time there was the checkmark box to allow the scroll wheel to be returned to its original configuration and I could use the scroll wheel as normal. When I plugged my Arc Mouse back in, the scroll wheel had reverted to its original configuration of rotate the wheel down for down scroll and up for up scroll.

     So, for those of you who are unable to correct your scroll wheel through preferences, you might want to try plugging in another mouse, making the correction in system preferences, and then plug your original mouse back in.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), Mouse scroll wheel
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