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I upgraded to Lion recently and it seems that the Mail application struggles with the Exchange interface (although it was already the case for Snow Leopard).


Bottom line there are some email messages in my Mail inbox, which in principle mirrors the inbox on the Exchange server, which are not on the server anymore but still appears in the Inbox. The main problems is if I want to delete such message, I get an error message saying the the "message can nto be moved to Trash". Logically, since it is not on the server it is by extension not in the inbox, but it seems that a duplicate of messages gets stuck in the Mail application. Problem is that now they can;t be moved.


I restarted the application to restart the synchornisation, and still messages appears on my Mac but do not exists even on the server.


Has anyone has tips on how to get rid of these emails?


Thanks in advance

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)