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    Fantastic - THANKS!

    Yes, I'm usually late to parties.

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    I must have been sleeping when this was posted. I was about to order Word again.


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    Best to do it using File>Save As

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    "Best to do it using File>Save As"


    Right you are, Csound1. Fingers outracing brain there,

    Still needs the option key, though.




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    I just upgraded to OSX mavericks and have now the new version of Pages and there is no 'save as' button... please Apple, bring this feature back. Why did you remove it? It doesn't make any sense. It was such an easy way to work... why don't you keep the good things, what works and is helpful to users?

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    This is the latest version of Pages and this is a picture of the File Menu, complete with a Save As command.


    Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 1.47.18 PM.png

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    Did you use option or any other key?..

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    Since mountain lion... I use control+alt+shift+S

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    I meant command+opt+shift+S

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    I'm using the newest Pages on OSX Mavericks and 'save as' only appears when I press the alt key... then it allows me to save as. However, I heard that on Mavericks 'save as' would appear in the file menu, but it is not the case for me: only if I press alt at the same time...

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    Save as... does not appear in any of the iWork apps without pushing the Option/Alt key.



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    Yeah, the got that one wrong big time.


    Especially with people who have been using Macs from near the beginning and have the Save/Save as keyboard shortcuts ingrained in their brain. You just get into the habit of creating documents by opening an existing one, doing save as [new name] and then working away. The duplicate business is a long way round by comparison, especially since most programs still have save as anyway – so its not uniform.


    Time to quit the mavericky stuff. Move on to Sandy Beach, or Waikiki - it worked in 2008!

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    I can't stand auto save apple style.  I like auto save in open office which does not overright anything...


    I hope apple listens to us.  Their software has more and more junk now.  They were so focused in iOS that I would not be surprise if they have all the power in Apple's internal politics..

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    The new Pages isn't junk if you want to have the same stuff on your computer and on your tablet, and you don't care about semi-professional layout. I think what has gone wrong is that Pages '09 offered something unique: it is the only easy-to-use and affordable substitute for the likes of InDesign and Quark Express, on any platform. A certain community seems to have grown up using Pages in that role, and I think Apple have either not paid attention to that or they just don't find it important. Maybe they just decided that you can't develop Pages '09 any further without inevitably slipping into the kind of feature bloat and inconsistency that makes Word the **** that it is.


    Maybe someone else will create an Apple App that works as a kind of Pages Pro or InDesign Lite. There are a couple of possible candidates in the App store (Swift Publisher, iStudio) but the reviews haven't persuaded me to try them yet.


    Whatever. The problem isn't so much that they have made a defeatured piece of software but that they have announced it as an update of Pages. It just isn't a continuation of Pages; it's a different program for different purposes. It would be an RTF word processor, if only it could save RTFs! If they had just given it a different name and not made it kidnap files which are full of stuff that it can't handle, it would have been fine.


    I should just go back to my usual policy of being a late adopter or abstainer and only pick up things that I know I want for some reason.


    And in the bigger picture: focusing only on the customers who are avidly buying products in the short term is not special to Apple; it's the way business works at this juncture in history. The customer who only buys something occasionally, but prefers to stay true to a supplier for decades, is seriously out of fashon. Unfortunately, the world may have to go through a real depression (not the mild premonition of one we had in 2008) before we all get back to sober and human business values.