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  • alec1 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a MacBook Pro and like many here just upgraded to Lion 10.7.1. Prior to the upgrade, my WIFI was working. Upon reboot, I lost my WIFI. The WIFI icon in the menu bar was greyed out and displayed a message "WIFI - no hardware found." After reading through this discussion group, my solution was to turn off my Bluetooth mouse before booting up. With my Bluetooth mouse off and booting up, WIFI came back and everything works fine. I couldn't believe the upgrade would affect my WIFI. I thought my wireless card failed.

  • devondev Level 1 Level 1

    I just bought a brand new iMac yesterday which came loaded with Lion.  When I restarted it this morning it had the same issue.  It's our second iMac and we never have problems like this on the old one running Leopard.  Without your posts it would have been on its way back to the Apple Store.


    Thank you.

  • Ricardo.Mississauga Level 1 Level 1

    iMac 27" 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5



    Same issue occuring, cold startup with wireless devices turned on puts iMac into safe mode(wifi no hardware installed). Currently turning iMac on first then wireless keyboard, mouse and trackpad.
  • lani273 Level 1 Level 1

    I encountered this same problem for a few weeks and had to restart my macbook repeatedly and out of 10 restarts, 1 would successfully have wifi.


    Eventually, as my macbook was 10 months old, I went to the service centre.


    They replaced my airport card and it seemed to solve the problem .... for1 or 2 days ... then same problem of not getting wifi resurfaced.


    I sent the macbook back again. This time, they changed the entire LCD display to a brand new one and explained that the airport card is located inside the LCD display part of the macbook. And now problem solved.


    Thakfully, my macbook is still under warranty and the servicing was free. But I would have been willing to pay to get the problem rectified.


    Perhaps its worth sending your machine to apple service to get it fixed .... May be a better solution in the end.

  • macdata Level 1 Level 1

    I was geting the "no hardware installed" message for about a week (this time). As has been recommended several times, I turned off BT, restarted and had wifi back. BTW, my MBP was not booting in safe mode.


    @Gordon Martin Jr - I have been using Macs since 1986 and will never switch to a windows box, so Apple is highly reguarded in my house... but... "I'm sure Apple is working on an update" is way too optimistic, even for me. But... I hope you're right.


    I support @atgrazi in his statement "Also everyone from this issue should take the time to call Apple Care or email the feedback department." Burn that bandwidth and remind them that they have a problem we need fixed soonest!

  • WDWDSGNR Level 1 Level 1

    I had the problem an iMac 21" (current model) dropping to Safe Mode everytime I started it. After reading the posts I tried keeping the keyboard off until I see the apple logo - it worked. But being disatisfied with this solution I kept investigating. The iMac was in Bluetooth Discoverable mode.


    When I disabled the Discoverable mode, as is usually recommended unless you are actually connecting a new device, it worked normally and properly. I left the wireless keyboard and mouse on, shutdown the iMac and waited for 30 minutes (just to be sure). This time after pressing the power button it started normally.


    I repeated the test several times all with successful resuts.


    I recommend if you are seeing your iMac (Lion) dropping to Safe Mode (progress bar shows up during the initial part of boot up) then check to see if you have your bluetooth setting in "Discoverable" mode.


    Of course keeping the keyboard OFF until you see the apple logo also works - but it just doesn't feel right. Mac's should "Just Work" no hastles like those other guys.

  • macdata Level 1 Level 1

    Update: If the mac is not dropping into Safe Mode, try this procedure - shut down the mac, disconnect from power source and remove the battery. Hold the start/shut down button for 5 seconds. reinstall the batery and restart. I have found this technique works on my pre-unibody MacBook Pro 17.

  • OJHornung Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem. Apple needs to address this. I have to double-boot to get Lion to work, using a wireless keyboard and Wacom Tablet (wired). Getting pretty annoyed.


    Mid-2011 iMac, only a few months old. Ordered in June.

  • BarkingGhost Level 1 Level 1

    Before finding this discussion thread last Sunday, I had purchased a 27" iMac, took it home, did the intial setup, shutdown and cold-booted the unit and experienced the exact issues (and more) as described in this thread. On re-boots, the problem do not arise, but being new to Apple computers I followed both the manual, and the in-store instruction, which tells users to power-on the KBM before the iMac.


    Well, after the first unit experienced this problem, I took it back and swapped out for a second unit. I setup the second unit in the store with two employees watching me and got the same results. The store employees were stunned, and no solutions, and I did a return for full refund.


    Then last Sunday I found this thread and today went back and purchased a third unit, but it turned out it was on Snow Leopard and the issues did not exist. Unforutnately, while trying to do a setup in the store SL refused to update. Enter the store manager, swap unit for iMac #4 which wa on Lion, explained the past issues I've experienced AND this thread, and demonstrated.


    Even though I disabled the Bluetooth Discoverable option, if I powered the KBM before the iMac I would have the problem in its full glory. On the other hand, if I did noting and waited until the login screen appeared, the KBM and Magic Mouse were already working and all was good in the forest. I took iMac #4 home.

  • dogweather Level 1 Level 1

    I can confirm the problem with Lion 10.7.1, on an iMac purchased this week.


    The workaround (turning off the bluetooth devices) worked, and updating to the current Lion 10.7.2 seems to have solved the problem permanently.

  • marco__ Level 1 Level 1

    WIFI ISSUE MACBOOK (late 2010) "solved" for my case!!!


    I noticed, that after adding a new network (WPA2/WPA - encrpytion) I got the hardware issue (wifi: no hardware found after booting)

    So after deleting the network under systempreferences -> network -> wifi -> advanced

    I could use again Wifi connection...

    I have a Lion 10.7.2 clean installation... Hope Apple will be able to fix this issue.


    Just a litte bit dissappointed after having so many problems with my apple or with Lion...

    Hope this help some of you guys.

  • NoiseTracker Level 1 Level 1

    I would like to add my voice to this discussion. I recently started running into the same issues as described here after doing a system update to 10.7 (10.7.2 by the time I caved and upgraded). I originally thought this was due to the addition of a data doubler I added, but after reverting the system to factory spec and testing all the parts I found it to be of the same nature mentioned here. I have bluetooth powered off and it will remain so until further notice, if this solves the problem for me I will follow up so that others might know for sure. Lastly this problem has occurred in both my bootcamp of windows 7 and mac os.

  • devondev Level 1 Level 1

    I'm just updating the situation here.  Since I replaced the wireless mouse and keyboard back in September and updated to 10.7.2 I have encountered no more incidents of this problem. 


    On the other hand my wife's older iMac running Snow Leopard now has a much worse version of this.  After switching from a Windows Vista partition under bootcamp the OSX partition refuses to start, it just sits on the grey screen with the gear spinning.  Removing all peripherals and several reboot attempts have not fixed it.  It has no trouble restarting bootcamp or the Vista partition.  I think the next step is to reinstall Snow Leopard and deinstall Vista.


    Apple really should invest a bit of time in fixing this problem, before Lion becomes their Vista.

  • panosgtviper80s Level 1 Level 1

    10 days ago I bought an imac 27 i7 and I paid 2500 Euro hope
    I got a better computer.
    Unfortunately I was disappointed seeing the start going into safe mode and also not recognize the wireless network
    I was also disappointed to apple they see as a serious company.
    I do not know if the problem will be solved, but the important thing is finally apple kyttaxei to save even slow her dignity

  • panosgtviper80s Level 1 Level 1

    I think I found the solution to the problem

    Those upgraded memory to 16c

    replace original memories and do a clean install.

    Once you notice that your computer is working properly to load, turn off the computer and reload the memory upgrades startingfrom top left to right, then what is the same or less.

    Also I would suggest after clean install that I outlined above do not install any cleaning program

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