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I used to be able to open the print queue/information of a printer and see the IP address it was using.  Now, although all my printers on the network work fine I have to go to the printer itself to find the IP address.  There are a few printers where a "utility" tab shows up and I can find it there, but all other printers list only the name I gave them and the driver version.


Any ideas where else I could look.



Helga Wright

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    Under the General tab of Options & Supplies for a selected printer, the print queue URL was displayed on 10.6. This feature was removed from 10.7 so now you have to open System Information and select Hardware > Printers to see that same information.

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    I have looked in my system, there is only "library".   I have searched spotlight for "hardware" there is only my graphics folder.  How exactly do I find this "hardware"?  Thank you!

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    System Information is the Lion name for the old System Profiler. If you open Applications > Utilities you will see System Information. Open this and under the heading of Hardware in the left column you will see Printers. Select this and you will get the information you are after.

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    Thank you so much.  I found it.  Appreciate your efforts