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I am writing to ask for advice on my iPhone.


I get 750mbs of data a month and permanently go over my limit however I do not know how.


My data reset on the 18th July and already I am down to 423.28.


I use Facebook and the internet on my phone, however I connect to Wifi as often as I can, and and permanently connected to wifi whilst at home and friends houses.


If anyone could provide me with advice as to why I may be going over each month I would be grateful as it it costing me a bomb with Vodafone (I end up spending an extra £10 a month... this is a lot when I am a student and my price plan is £50)


Thank you so much

iPhone 4
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    Try closing off multi-tasked apps as some of poor designed may be constantly using data to fetch information. The default Apple official apps (Phone, Mail etc) should be safe.

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,320 points)

    Do you use any streaming audio apps? If so, you need to know that unless your phone is connected to a power source, it will switch to 3G data when it goes into standby/sleep mode.

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    No, not really.

    Thats silly about switching back to 3g in standby!


    Does receiving emails eat up alot of data do you know?

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    Receiving emails is very minimum. If a specific email is bigger than a certain size (a few hundred KB), it doesnt get downloaded unless you click the button.


    It's most likely streaming apps which is using up 3G during standby.

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    I've just downloaded an apps to track how much data is being used.

    within about 3 minutes it had clocked up 2.7mbs..!! and I'd done nothing!

  • John Hammer1 Level 4 (2,805 points)

    That does seem odd. I'm in NYC in the USA and I generally use between 15mb and 80mb a month of cellular data from AT&T. I'm paying for the 2gb/month plan, but I guess I'm wasting $10/month because I have never, ever gone over 200mb in a month - in fact, I've never gone over 110mb.


    I have usable wifi most of the time; at home, at the office, at the homes of most friends and family, and even at many shopping centers and restaurants. Most of my cellular data use occurs when I use Mapquest or some other GPS/mapping app while in the car.


    I have a feeling KiltedTim is on the right track with cellular data kicking in while the phone is screen locked, even if you''ve got a wifi connection at the moment the screen locks.

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    I am interested to know what i get up to by the morning... I've used 10.4 mbs of data and have zero apps running apart from this app (dataman)

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    Well, you said you have Facebook. If you have notifications enabled for Facebook and a lot of "friends" it can use a huge amount of data.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    soph239 wrote:


    No, not really.

    Thats silly about switching back to 3g in standby!


    Not silly at all. If it didn't your battery would be dead in a few hours. WiFi requires a continuous "handshake" with the router which eats up power, unlike 3G which only uses power when transferring data.

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    How many email accounts do you have setup? Are they set to Push, Fetch, or Manual?


    Also, some Location Based apps you don't fully close out of tend  to contineue to use data, since they're sending and receiving loc data, even when locked. One of my favorite games did that for 2 updates till fixed.

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    I have four accounts and are all set to fetch


    i get most emails on one account and hardly any on my others but are mainly the important emails

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    if you have an iphone 3gs or 4 here is one great thing you can do. ffirst you double click the home button to your multi-task menu. then you touch and hold one of the icons until a minus appears and the are all moving. what you want to do is hit the minus button on all your apps. this does not delete apps but what it does is when you are not using the apps it stops them from continuing to transfer data through your service provider. i had the same problem as you, did this and it helped my plan get back on track real easy.

  • imanog Level 2 (395 points)

    iOS: About cellular data usage