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Hi I bought a used Ipod Touch (4th). It was wiped clean when I got it except it had the prev. owners apple Id still on it when we went to download an app.so I went in sign it out. then created a new acct with it under my apple Id. I have an Iphone 4 (the ipod is for my Daughter).I can download apps, Music etc. But when I do, I get an email from apple saying a device has downloaded a song etc. that is not recognized with my acct.I also when I plug it in to my laptop it does nothing, does not show up on my device list, no pop up to add it,no DING nothing.I take and plug in my Iphone(using the same cord) and Ding there it is..Anyone know how to add this new one to my act so I can use itunes on my pc. and not get the emails?  Also it has been updated to the IOS 4.3.4..Thnxs

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3