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Does anyone know how to determine the true size of an iPhone app (including any content the apps may have downloaded within themselves)?


The Economist, for instance, shows that it takes up 3.3MB in iTunes, whereas in PhoneView (a rather limited 3rd party program) you can see that just the documents folder within the app bundle is over 150MB.


I know this is not a problem with The Economist app because I download the full audio of two full issues. Meaning the "problem" is within iTunes.


As you can see, the apps take up a lot of space on my phone (there are 359 apps) so I'd love to be able to better manage them, and PhoneView does show the contents of the apps, but in a very slow and tedious way where you have to survey each and every folder within each and every app.


-and as a side note, I'm familiar with the 'File Sharing' part of iTunes. All of the apps that are capable of file sharing are carefully managed (but the Economist, for instance, doesn't allow File Sharing)




iPhone 4, 32GB
Solved by Lost in Asia on Oct 22, 2011 9:32 PM Solved

Just following up on this a few months later: in iOS 5 this is now possible; go to Settings / General / Usage. After the wheel spins for a bit, you'll see a list of how much memory each app is using. Click on an app to get a breakdown of the "App Size" (what you can see in iTunes, and in the iTunes store) and then the separate "Documents & Data" (other material you've added). So, for example, I figured out that most of my extra memory came from a Chinese dictionary (which I won't mess with), but there were also a lot of scanned PDFs buried deep in an app that I'd totally forgotten about - and I got 1GB of memory back.


Thanks Apple!

Reply by wjosten on Jul 25, 2011 3:39 PM Helpful

The size shown in iTunes is merely the "installer", it includes no app data or the final size of the app once installed on your phone. App data is stored in only two places: on your phone, & as part of your iPhone backup.

Reply by wjosten on Jul 26, 2011 9:35 AM Helpful

See if this will do what you want:

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