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    So glad it worked!  My apologies for not mentioning doing a red button reset on the DVR or a reset on the DCCK (using a ball point pen and the tiny button on the back).  Your post will be very helpful to all the people who are forced to solve their DirecTV issues on their own.

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    Sweet mine is working now too, so glad I don't have to call directv again.  Brilliant

    Thank you thank you

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    Who are the numbskulls at CIsco who don't know about strong passwords?


    Let me get this straight: if there are ANY special characters [  ~`!@#$%^&*()_+=-:;"'<,>. |\?/  ] in the SSID or network password the DTCCK will not work properly? Is that correct?

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,354 points)

    Don't know about passwords, but in spending a few minutes with this helping a neighbor who was having difficulty getting things appears that DirecTV does not want to see anything other than letters and numbers in the wireless network name......with no blank spaces in the name as well.


    My neighbor's wireless network had an apostrophe in the name.....which Apple uses by default when a user sets up an AirPort router. After removing the appostrophe, the DirecTV wireless adapter connected up on the first try.


    Probably safe to assume that the same "rules" would apply to the password.

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    Not quite...there can be no special characters in your wireless network name.  This thread has covered both Apple Time Capsules and Airport Extremes; not sure about any other routers.  There can be spaces.  For example, Joe Smith's Network won't work, but JoeSmithsNetwork or Joe Smiths Network will (so they clearly don't care about correct punctuation).  I can't speak to the password for the wireless network as I changed mine to all numbers and letters and removed all special characters prior to changing my network name (and at that point DirecTV still wouldn't recognize it).  Hope that helps.  It was almost a frustratingly easy fix after all the hours spent with the DirecTV tech in my home and on the phone with their customer support.

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,354 points)

    We tried a space or two in my neighbor's wireless network name...and it did not work. When we removed the space(s), it did work. Did not spend much time on this though, as the neighbor was happy just to be connected after trying for a few hours the previous day....and he was doing the typing, if that means anything. i suppose it is possible that he hit some key other than the space bar.

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    That's so strange; I removed the apostrophe in mine but kept the spaces (Joe Smiths Network) and it worked.  I guess the takeaway is that either can be tried, and hopefully one will work!

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    Thanks to everyone for all of the information! We had a combination of all of these problems, but it is working now!

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    OMG!!!! I was on the phone with Directv for over an hour with there so-called tech support! She didn't know anything and was reading the manual along with me! After a long period of frustration and not getting the screen to accept my security key, she sceduled a service appointment. After hanging up, I went online and found this discussion. YOUR ADVICE WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!! I took the apostrophe out of the name of my router and BINGO, it accepted the key! Uhm... why in the world doesn't Directv support know this?!!!! It's a simple fix! UGH!

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    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

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    Worked for me too!  And I had a Directv tech at the house on the phone with his Tech Support, and they had no idea what was causing the problem, only that a "fix" was due to come out soon.   And when. Called DirecTv Tech Support WHILE they were still at the house, the first thing I was told to do was reboot the system, which would have wasted about 15 minutes while the guide downloaded again.  


    So, while waiting, I Googled the problem and found this post.   Glad I did!!!!


    Thank you.

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    YOU BOTH ROCK!!! After spending hours on the phone YOU had the answer! I stopped listening to them when they told me to change my password to hex (0-9) (A-F) and told me to change my Airport Extreme & Airport Express (used as extension of the base Extreme) from WPA2 Personal to old insecure WEP. This told me that the solution to the problem is UNKNOWN to DRTV technical personnel.

    Red Button reset of DCCK.

    Red Button reset of HR-24 HD-DVR.

    REMOVING the apostrophy from the Network name (i.e. People's Network to Peoples Network) was key. Space didn't matter.


    Thank you (genuflect)

    Thank you (genuflect)

    Thank you (genuflect)

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    Just to make sure my understanding is correct, after hours of attempting to resolve using Airport Express ( not Extreme ) 7.6.1 w/ DIRECTV Cinema Wireless. Setting: WPA/WPA 2 Personal changed per the suggestion of Apple Tech as of July 5th


    Below, correct or ?


    *** An apostrophe in the Network name will cause the password to not be accepted by the DIRECTV device


    Example:  Joe Smith's Network is incorrect

                     Joe Smith Network is correct


    In my situation, the Airport Express did establish communication with DIRECTV Wireless, since my Network Name with an apostrophe was displayed on the TV screen. Then because it is a protected wireless, DIRECTV asked for my password ( which is 6 lower case alpha and 2 numeric ), then rejected it as an invalid password. Changing the network name without the apostrophe resolves the password problem.


    BTW, the DIRECTV installer on July 3rd, I used the ordering option " with professional installation " , had no guidance from DIRECTV on problem resolution, terminated the installation and then departed with the DIRECTV Wireless Device


    Still waiting for DIRECTV to reply to my July 3rd inquiry


    Since I used the option of "professional installation " I cannot test until I reorder the Cinema Wireless Kit and the installer comes with the kit for the 2nd time.

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,354 points)

    I agree with the Apple tech that an apostrophe (or any other symbol like a "@", "*", "$", etc) in the wireless network name will cause the password to not be accepted.


    That is why I recommended using lower case letters and/or numbers only with no spaces in the name.


    In my experience,  I believe that you will further increase the chances of a correct connection if you limit the wireless network name to 20 characters or less and use lower case letters and/or numbers...with no spaces.


    If Joe Smith Network works, that is great.


    If it does not, I would try  joesmithnetwork or    jsmithnetwork

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    If it does not, I would try  joesmithnetwork  or jsmithnetwork

    Caps are ok.. spaces are not.. SMB will try but spaces mess the name.


    JoeSmithNetwork is fine also..


    Short, (generally a name should not need to be long) 8-12.. but can be longer.

    Pure alphanumeric.. mix of upper and lower case plus numbers. It is case sensitive so that adds a lot more security to mix case in passkeys or passswords.. because same rules there..

    No spaces.