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    I gave up. I used Handbrake to convert all the video I really wanted into the Apple format. You can find a batch processor that will let you drag and drop any number of videos into it, then it uses handbrake to convert them to Apple format. Then I just added them to itunes and watch them using appletv.


    Sorry I couldn't help.

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    I have installed on my iMac with Lion a program called "Playback". It works with My LG BD670 and with my ps3 too... You can condivide all the harddrives...

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    Has anyone tried MediaTomb server with LG client?

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    I just installed Playback and it works great with my LG BD690 Bluray player.  I tried 6 other programs with no luck until this one.  Thanks.

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    I've had the LG BD670 for less than a day, so take my limited experience for what it's worth I bought this mainly to play video content over my home network without having to plug in a USB HD.


    I also have a recently-purchased Sony BDP S580 BD player that I'm testing and figuring out which to keep.


    I installed TVMOBiLi (a DLNA server) on my early 2008 MacBook Pro (core2duo) (OS 10.7.2), and after an update to the latest (beta) version of TVMOBiLi and a couple of restarts, was able to get it to work.


    The LG BD670 is able to see folders that I'd set up to share. Also, if you press the Red 'R' button on the LG remote, you can change the view of the file listings, which helps a lot. Video file compatibility seems pretty good


    So far, with the BD670, I've successfully played the following file types over a DLNA share: mp4, m4v, mkv, and avi. I wasn't able to successfully play .mov files.

    Encoding tested:

    Video: x264, XViD

    Audio: AAC, AC3, DTS

    (Note that for my testing, the above encoding schemes were listed as part of the names of the file I tested -- I didn't spend time independently verifying the encoding schemes)


    I'm impressed by the above, given that my old Oppo BPD-83 can't seem to play a whole lot of files through DLNA, though direct USB connection offers far better compatibility. The Sony S580 is also highly limited when it comes to being able to play video files over DLNA.


    Video quality for the above file types seems really good -- better than the Sony S580 -- subjectively anyway. Audio seems OK, and by that I mean that I downsized recently to a Bose Cinemate II system to cut down on clutter in my living room -- the system sounds good for what it does IMO, but just not great.


    Generally most of my content is 720p. So far, I've not played through 1080p content completely -- there is a pop-up message which states some content may not play correctly. In one case the LG BD670 crashed and restarted on a 1080p file.


    However, no luck with getting CIFS login to get to my SMB shares on my MacBook Pro. I keep getting network errors - not sure if this is the problem others are referring to as far as the LG BD players not being to 'see' Mac OS X Lion SMB shares.


    LG Dislikes:

    1. The LG player's UI seems a little sluggish compared to the Sony S580 UI. The LG UI has fewer items available, but forces you to dig a few levels to get to what you want. The Sony remote also feels 'faster' IMO, but I tend to like the Sony remotes in general.

    2. The LG also seems less graceful in recovering from file types it can't play. A few times, I got frustrated waiting and just pulled the AC plug from the wall.


    Hope this helps anyone trying to do the same thing.



    MacBook Pro early 2008 (OS 10.7.2)

    MacBook Pro 2011 (OS 10.7.2)

    2 - Apple AIrport Extreme, Apple Airport Express

    Oppo BDP-83, Samsung UN46B6000 LED backlit HDTV

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    I'm trying to do the same thing....trying to get the LG BX580 Blu ray player to see my iMac as a server. It sees my wife's PC, which lives upstairs - but not my iMac.

    I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.8, and have turned ON file sharing in preferences. I'm not sure what "enabling "SMB" in preferences>sharing>options." means. ...I don't see anything like SMB in my preferences.

    I'm just trying to see my Mac as a server on the TV screen.

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    Its been almost a year; LG did not updated its software; Apple did nothing about it.  I am using Twonky Media Server. It works like a charm. Only downside is that when I am shutting the computer down, it cannot because the server is running! I have to stop the server first.


    Good luck.



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    Thanks for the reply...Still trying to get my LG to even SEE my Mac. Just got a note from LG saying "Unfortunately there is no DLNA solution for the MAC OS." Not even sure what that means.

    However, in messing around with the LG's settings, I seem to have lost even my wife's PC that it previously recognized. I have the networking all done - it sees the wireless network, just no computers at all. Add to that, the LG now shuts itself off after 10 seconds of not seeing any servers. I hate technology sometimes.

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    Ok..managed to get the LG to see the PC. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I did download an app called MediaShare. I fired that thing up and then the LG lost the PC...I deleted the MediaShare app, and the PC reappears as a server on the LG.

    I'm still trying to find something that installs on the Mac that can make it appear as a server on the LG. I will see if I can get a copy of Twonky somewhere. I'll see if it's possible to get a 30 day copy for free just to see if it works,

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    Try TVMOBiLi for Mac (DLNA Server) - I'm running that on my early 2008 MacBook Pro (10.7). Works fine playing video files  with my LG BD670. I also have a longer post about this (above).

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    Playback definitely works streaming from my MBP to the BD670, running Lion 10.7.4. I had become obsessed with this wireless streaming thing since setting up my LG TV system 3 days ago, but I'd been thwarted until I tried Playback. It worked the very first time, and I'm a relative newbie with regard to wireless video setup. Thanks all, I wouldn't have known about Playback without this forum. ~Ghost

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    BD670 and Mac Mini running Lion 10.7.4. I can log into the Mac from the LG fine but when I try to access files from the LG BD670 i get 'Network Error' on the TV screen. I believe sharing is setup fine. When I try an access the Mac Console log shows..

    ' 15/07/2012 15:25:54.904 smbd: SMB client not supported - Unicode, NT Errors, Long Names and Extended Security are required'


    How can I fix this?


    I uploaded Playback and it works fine for music and pictures BUT, this is subjective, it is a horrible interface, clunky and awkward and difficult to organise mixing of pictures or music on the screen. I have an AppleTV but was hoping with the LG that i'd no longer need it but since the Apple TV is so much slicker to use I am thinking of keeping it, only I'd now have another box to power and yet more cables. Apple TV's drawbacks for me being it won't play Lovefilm or BBC iPlayer.

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    For those stuck with being unable to connect to your Mac, especially after upgrading to Lion or later, I would recommend the free SMBUp, which you use *instead of* Apple's seemingly broken (for public shares) Windows file sharing:

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    I just installed TVMOBiLi and my Sony BluRay player now sees my MacBook and I can access my music, videos, etc.

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    Like Geraldoh, I have the LG BD670.  So I installed TVMobili on my OSX 10.8 iMac and shut off the firewall for testing.  Unfortunately, nothing shows up on the BD670 server lists for either music or photos (both of which TVMobili reports as successfully shared).  Both nodes are on same subnet and I am able to telnet from my macbook to the iMac DLNA port 30888.  So not sure what to do next.  Any ideas?

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