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I recently purchased an LG blu-ray disc player, model BD670, and it comes with a disc with a program called "Nero-home media" for streaming movies/music/photos off my computer and onto my TV. The only problem is that the program is WINDOWS only (according the the unhelpful pass-the-buck-to-Mac tech support guy). Is there a download I can put on my laptop that will allow it to connect to my DVD Network player? The built-in installation guide says I can use CIFS instead of Nero, but honestly I don't know what the heck that is or how to configure my computer to connect to the player using CIFS.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • Kippen Level 1 Level 1

    As long as you are not using Lion, you should be able to see your Macbook from the LG "Homelink" screen if you enable "SMB" in preferences>sharing>options. You also have to turn on "File Sharing" in the same preference panel and select the volumes you want to share. When you do all that, your Macbook will show up as a server in the Homelink screen on your DVD player.  When you click on it you'll get a "CIFS Login Screen". . . .then you enter your user name and password and you should be able to see the folders/drives you enabled in the File sharing option in the "Sharing" control panel in mac preferences.

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    What is wrong with Lion? I was accessing my shared folder; after updating the OS, the LG started throwing "network access error"?


    Any solution yet?

  • jpfrancoeur Level 1 Level 1

    I can't see "SMB"... When I go to preferences>sharing there is not "options" option. I can show you a screen shot if you need. I'm using Mac OS X ver 10.6.8.


    I do see my computer in the home link, but I don't know what CIFS is, so how am I supposed to know which username/pw combo I need to enter? I searched CIFS on my finder and it directs me to sharing, but I don't see it anywhere on the sharing page. Is it the username and pw of my network perchance?


    Thanks for your helpful info.

  • Pondini Level 8 Level 8

    hakkiocal wrote:


    What is wrong with Lion? I was accessing my shared folder; after updating the OS, the LG started throwing "network access error"?

    Many NAS makers haven't updated their software to be compatible.  See  #C16 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.

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    Thank You Pondini!

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    First go to your System Preferences>Users and Groups anhd create a new user. If you are using the remote control's up and down arrows to enter text on your external device (blu-ray player, then create a user with a name like A or B.. And a password like Z or X. Create a folder on your HD and make it shared. Assign your new user to this folder and give hppim read and write privileges.


    Now go to the external device and select Home Link, you should see your Mac. Click on it an your new shared folder will be seen. Click on it you will be challenged with CIFS ID anhd PWD. Enter them.. You will be there. If you get an network error message, see my message and Pondini's reply below!

  • jpfrancoeur Level 1 Level 1

    I'm beginning to think we are using different software. From my main Systm Preferences foloder I see no "users icon. Under system I have an accounts icon. Should I click on that/

  • hocal Level 1 Level 1

    OK.. You may have an earlier version of the MacOS. On MacOS X 10.5.8, at the office I also don't have users and groups but only the Users icon. I don't know if it stems from the OS difference, or because the "user privileges" your account has. I myself is only 10-month-old Mac User (Ask me anything on Windows!).


    Click on the Users; and click on the padlock icon on the lower left corner.


    And create the the new User A or B.

  • jpfrancoeur Level 1 Level 1

    I have 10.6.8. Here is a screen shot of my prefs:


    screen shot prefs.jpg

  • hocal Level 1 Level 1

    Our Mac guru in the office says this user is not probably an admin. He must have limited account. Can you login as admin if this is the case?

  • Pondini Level 8 Level 8

    The Accounts preference in Snow Leopard and earlier has been renamed to Users & Groups in Lion.

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    HI everyone..same problem here with LG blu ray player.  I've done all the steps above, found the folders I want to share, even found the list of movies in the folder (that's housed on an external hard drive from our G5 tower).  Here's the problem.  I select a movie to play and it just loads....and loads...and loads.  Then finally the Blu ray player turns off.  Any hints?


    The folder I'm sharing is the itunes folder that houses our music and movies, FYI

  • hocal Level 1 Level 1

    I recently installed Twonky Media Server. Otherthan the hassle of turning it off before shutting down the computer, I works with LG, iPad and iPhone!

  • lgreen407 Level 1 Level 1

    Have you found a solution for Lion file sharing with LG Blu Ray player? I am having the same issue.

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