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  • brian-oz Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi O'cts, maggie and all other ******-off iTunes user who have been screwed by this update. I tested Maggie's problem and encounterred the same issue. Sorry, O'CTS I'm not going to test your's out also. I deleted Safari from my computer and will not re-install until Apple come up with a fix. (my iTunes is working again after uninstall/re-install) I'm now using other well known and respected browsers. O'CTS, my suggestion is you follow a similar path and replace QuickTime. The customer service I received from Apple Australia was fantastic but in contrast, Apple America customer service *****!!!!!!!!!! After nearly 2 weeks awaiting a positive reply from Apple's American customer service, today I was emailed to ring their American Technical Support from my Australian phone and further advised that I could take a "payment for support" option - why would you bother for a "FREE" program????? Sorry Apple, but this is not the level of competence, service and support that contributed to you becoming a competitive and viable alternative to Windows! Admit there is a problem and fix it!!! Brian.

  • richardfrommill creek Level 1 (0 points)


    Thanks for the posting. This worked for me, and iTunes is functional once again.

    I'll stand you a Fosters when I get down under!



  • dellara Level 1 (0 points)

    Brian, you are a flippin' marvel!  I have looked at so many posts on the net telling me how to prevent my iPad backup from hanging and get my iTunes store to work and you have solved both of them.  All working now.  Thanks very much.

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    I had a problem with itunes awhile ago on xp, was told to download airport utiliy, and get rid of Bonjour....did this and it worked fine had the same problem with 10.4, noticed it has downloaded Bonjour.... i have uninstalled it and left Airport utility on and Itunes and the Store work perfectly noew and much faster than the last version...airport was from itunes i think...................

    hope this will help, im not good with pc's but usually write down how to do things and save but havent put were to get the Airport utility from

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    i have exactly the same problem ... progress bar freezes! why did they update itunes, if it does not work! i have contacted itunes several times, but they have been no help whatsoever. they don't really care if its a few isolated users.

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    I think it has got to be more than a few isolated users...anyway it's their loss as I am loving Google Chrome Maybe we should all e-mail Jony Ive....;)

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    the customer certainly feels isolated as far as apple are concerned. they do everything they can to confuse and bewilder you, so they wont have to make the effort to genuinly help. but as you say THEY are the losers in the end!

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    I've tried everything Brian posted 3 times, as well as everything Apple has listed for "itunes store error" troubleshooting. Absolutely nothing has worked. -______-


    Any new suggestions, besides throwing the ipod/computer out the window?

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    Add me to the list. The bar does not finish. Thanks Brian for the suggestion (this Brian) same name will give it a try after dinner. There is NO error message the bar just freezes trying to enter the store. But.... (see if you guys have this similiarity below)


    One possible cause not discussed.


    I was able to sign in and go to my account inforormation where I found that my credit card had expired and they wanted me to pay (which I did) for a single song I downloaded which was less than $2.00. Again there was no error message just that I could not enter the store and the bar frooze. I was able to log in to my account info where I found I owed them a minor charge since my card expired.


    Is it possible that to collect this they fronze my entry (and maybe your entry) to the store till I updated my credit card? I have no problem with that. But if that is the reason then at least I should get an error message "please pay back fee" instead I only discovered this by accident. The bar freezes when I try to get into the store with NO error message. I was able to sign in to go to my account info where I discovered this and paid their fee.


    But I still get the freezing bar!


    QUESTION: Could this whole thing be a programming error to block entry to the store until the a credit card is updated but they forgot to announce the block in an error message? But then again this could just be a coinincidence as I paid their fee and I still get the freezing bar except if I sign in and go to my account info. (they do list I paid) But that section is the only part of the store i have access to. No free podcasts, searches ect.

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    I have the same issue and am running Win 7 64 with SP1

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    Thanks heaps Brian, you may have saved me from an aneurysm

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    Just as a follow up to my previous post, the access to the iTunes store stopped working again as did the iPad backup that just hung.  iTunes froze the laptop and the only way to quit was via Task Manager forcing it to end the process.  I followed Brian's previous instructions and uninstalled in sequence and reinstalled and it's working fine again now, but I'm not sure for how long.  All very frustrating.

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    Hi all, Please do not install the latest prompt to update your iTunes! I thought it may have fixed the problems we have all experienced, but it didn't. I am back where I started, following my own instructions to get operational again. Are Apple deliberately trying to ****-off all their users?

  • dellara Level 1 (0 points)

    Brian, it fills me with dread every time I see notification of a software update.  I'm ignoring them all now until I see they fixed it.  It takes a long time to uninstall and reinstall everything each time.

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    Hi guys


    I have the same problem - after installing the update it won't connect - I've uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled - but no luck.  Are there any other fixes?


    I'm thinking or recovering my PC to an earlier state

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