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I'm about to migrate my account info from my Snow Leopard MBP to a new Lion Mini. This account has been with me since the first 17" G4 Powerbook came out. In fact my Home Directory is called "Powerbook", which has moved from a 17" to a 12" to a 15" over the past 8 and from I think Panther all the way to SL. I've always wondered a couple of things... 1) am I losing some new OS zip by not having a clean install and then reinstalling everything, and 2) how do I get rid of "Powerbook" in my home directory (note my user account is different, it's my name) which really won't make sense on the mini


I really don't want to reinstall everything. I would like to clean house some though and start off Lion with a good of an image as possible. Should I just use the Migration Assistant, or would you recommend trying something else???


Is there any way to get ride of the "Powerbook" in the home directory?